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'Boss' puts marriage on the agenda [ - ]
by jasonc_wtbr
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Story Notes:
Author: Jefferson Graham
Source: USA Today
Date | Issue: 08/29/1991 | NA p.3D
Topic: Tony & Angela Wedding
Submitted by: mich_l81

'Boss' puts marriage on the agenda 

By Jefferson Graham

Tony and Angela will finally get together this season on ABC's Who's the Boss?, after seven seasons of mental foreplay.

And by season's end, they'll be married.

''This is our last year,'' says star Tony Danza, who plays housekeeper Tony to Angela, played by Judith Light. ''We thought this would be a nice way to tie up the knot.''

But would two people really wait seven years?

''They're both conservative people,'' says Danza, 40. ''Tony put his family ahead of physical desires. But I'm sure Tony Danza wouldn't have waited.''

The season opener has Tony telling Angela his feelings for her. Week 2 is ''the day after,'' with the wedding planned for midseason - ''That way, we can show the audience what it's like for us to be married,'' Danza says.

Once a top-10 staple, Boss is moving to Saturdays at 8 p.m. EDT/PDT, starting its season Sept. 28. Paired with Growing Pains, it's ABC's attempt to boost the fortunes of two series with sagging ratings.

Danza figures the declining viewership is due to age, competition from CBS' Rescue 911 on Tuesdays, and last year's story line, in which Tony and Angela adopted a 5-year-old, played by Jonathan Halyalkar.

''I'm not sure fans of the show wanted to see us as parents without being married,'' Danza says.

By midseason, research told the producers to reduce the parenting stories, and the boy's lines were cut back.

His parents pulled him from the show. ''Everybody said I threw him off the show, but it's not true. We left on good terms. We wanted to have him back.''

On the show, the boy has returned to live with his grandmother, whose illness had prompted his moving to Tony's. Halyalkar won't be returning for a transition episode.

Tabloids painted Danza as a tyrant on the set last year. ''So what else is new? I'm always painted as a tyrant, because I'm hard on people and hard on myself.''

But on ABC's troubled Baby Talk - where he provides the voice of the baby - Danza notes, ''With a new star and all-new cast, the baby and I are the only ones who weren't fired.''

For life after Boss, Danza has formed Katie Face Productions, based at
Columbia Pictures and named after his 4-year-old daughter. He hopes to make movies, sitcoms, reality, kids' and game shows.

''I want to be a player, and have some say about what gets made.''

Danza is talking to ABC about producing a reality show about volunteers who work with inner-city kids. ''I'd like to do more than just sell soap. TV is a great tool for change.''

Danza insists that unlike Andy Griffith, Angela Lansbury and Susan Dey, who said they were leaving their respective series, only to change their minds, he is firm - no eighth season of Boss for him.

''A series can actually get in the way of your career. People don't come to you or think of you because they know you're not available. I'm ready to find out what else is out there.''