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Angela's Scare [Reviews - 12]
by Snickers9889
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Scene 1 Bower Living Room

Angela- Ok well, I’m off to work.

Tony- (While dusting) Ok Ang. See you later.

(Angela walks outside and leaves)

Theme Song

Scene 2 Car
(Angela has just left work and is driving home with Mona in the back seat. It is snowing very hard and Angela is having a hard time seeing)

Angela- Mother do you think you could drive for a little while I am having a hard time seeing.

Mona- (Snoring)

Angela- I guess not.

Angela- Oh no! Mother I am losing control of the car. Mother! Mother!

SFX: Boom

Scene 3 Bower Kitchen

(Tony is cooking dinner when the phone rings)

Tony- Hello.

(It is Mona calling to say that she and Angela were in a serious car accident and that Angela is asleep in the hospital.)

Dissolve into

Scene 3 Outside Angela’s Hospital Room

(Mona is talking to the doctor and finds out Angela is seriously hurt. Her back is broken in 3 places.)
Enter Tony

Tony is carrying a single pink rose.

Tony- how is she Mon?

Mona- Well she broke her back in 3 places. But, other than that she is fine.

Tony- Can I see her?

Mona- She’s still asleep, but be my guess.

(Tony walks over to Angela’s bed, pulls up a chair and sits down)

Angela- (Just waking up) Tony….is that you?

Tony- Yeah Angela I’m here.

Angela- Good.

Tony- So how you doing?

Angela- How’s it look like I’m doing?

Tony- Well, I for one think you look beautiful.

Angela- Really?

Tony- Yeah.

Angela- Thanks Tony. Did I scare you?

Tony- Heck, yeah. I felt my heart drop so low I thought it was in my stomach for sure.

Angela- You did?

Tony- Yeah Angela I mean I lo………… care about you.

Angela- Good to know.

Mona- O.S. Oh, would you two just kiss already!

Angela- Mother!

Tony- Mona!

Scene 4 Bower Living Room Night

(Tony opens the door and carries Angela in to the house and sets her on the couch.)

Angela- Thank you, Tony.

Tony- Of course.

Angela- Tony?

Tony- Yeah?

Angela- Could you take me up to my bedroom?

Tony- Angela, you know what the doctor said you can’t sleep on your bed it will bend your back and put you in extreme pain.

Angela- I don’t want to stay down here by my self.

Tony- I’ll stay down here with you.

Angela- I can’t let you do that.

Tony- I want to.

Angela- Are you sure?

Tony-I’ll go get some popcorn.

Angela-That would be great.

(Tony exits to the kitchen and Angela is left in the living room by her self.)

Angela- I love you, Tony.

Cut to Tony in the kitchen

Tony- Man, Angela I wish I could tell you how I feel.

They both sigh as Tony walks into the Living Room with a bowl of popcorn and sets it down.

Tony- Ok, what movie do you want to watch?

Angela- What are my choices?

Tony- Let’s see….

Angela- What’s that one?

Tony- Which one?

Angela- True Love? right there at the bottom of the screen. Hit Info.

Tony- It says: When a shy advertising agent hires an out going male housekeeper, their family starts to push them together and true love starts to bloom.

(Tony looks at Angela)

Angela- I don’t feel like watching a movie any more.

Tony- Me either.

Angela- So, what do you want to do?

Tony- I don’t know.

Angela- Well, let’s watch The Way We Were.

Tony- Ok.

Tony and Angela are both accompanying the couch. Everything is quiet.

Enter Mona

Mona- (Quietly) Aww…. The two lovebirds are sleeping.

Mona walks over to the couch.

Mona- WAKE UP!

Tony- Goodness Mona, what…? (Realizes what it looks like)
Mona, this is not what it looks like.

Enter Sam

Sam- Woah!

Angela- (Just waking up) What is going on in here?

Mona- I don’t know Angela. What IS going on in here.

Enter Jonathan

Jonathan- Alright!

Angela- Jonathan!

Tony- Guys, nothing is going on in here.

Sam- Oh, yeah.

Mona- Sorry, we forgot it was you two.

Jonathan- Sorry.

They all exit Leaving Tony and Angela in the living room by themselves.

Tony- I am so sick of them always criticizing us!

Angela- I know.

Tony- I mean it’s like they think we couldn’t do something even if we wanted to!

Angela- Hey Tony?

Tony- Yeah?

Angela- Do you want to fool around a bit?

Tony- I beg your pardon?

Angela- Not like that. Let’s pretend that something IS going on. That way maybe they’ll learn their lesson.

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