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196. Savor the Veal III [ - ]
by OakHillsDrive
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Story Notes:
Thanks Anneli for the help.

Savor the Veal Part III

Act I

Scene I Tony’s apartment in Iowa.

Tony is hosting a surprise party for Angela who is moving to Iowa to be with him.

Ned: (Running from the window) It’s Candy’s Packard!. Their here!

Tony: Alright. Quiet down now. When she gets here I want you to make her feel as at home as you made me feel.

Ned: So you want us to take her snipe hunting and leave her in the field all night long.

Tony: No, no Ned. I don’t want you to take her snipe hunting. And you know, by the way, I may never forgive you for that.

Ned: Ha, ha. I’ve met her.  She’s a little uptight like you.

Tony: She’s not uptight. She’s a very classy lady with a lot of style.

Angela runs into the room. She is looking very disheveled with a sticker across her jacket.

Everyone: Surprise!

Angela: Where’s the can? I gotta take a wiz.

She looks to left and runs into the bathroom.

Tony: Hey, I think you can see why I love her.

Candy: Tony, where did she go?

Tony: She’s in the bathroom. What, is she drunk?

Candy: She’s blitzed. I met her in the baggage claim. She was riding the luggage carousel.

Tony: You’re kidding me.

Candy: I had to fight a guy for her.

Dr. Graham: Maybe we better leave you two alone.

Tony: Yeah, she just doesn’t travel well. You know how that is.

Everyone starts to head towards the front door.  Angela comes back into the living room.

Angela: Wait! Where is everyone going? I thought this was a party for me. And now everybody’s leaving. (She starts crying and whining) Its just like my eighth birthday party. (She buries her head in Tony’s chest.)

Tony: Angela, relax, relax, relax.  Pull yourself together.  (He pulls her over to talk to her semi-privately.) How could you get drunk like this?

Angela: I am not drunk.

Tony: Angela, you’re wearing a sign that says open other end.

Angela: So I only had one drink and three Dramamine. Or was it three drinks and one Dramamine. Oh, Tony it was a terrible flight. I thought I was gonna die.

Tony: The night is still young Angela (pulling her off his shoulder) Listen, I can’t believe you’re doing this, my friends are here. Doctor Graham is here.

Angela: Okay, Okay, I’m fine. (Trying her best to make herself look presentable. Turning around looking for Dr. Graham [To Tony])  Where is he?

Tony: (quietly yelling) He’s right there! (pointing urgently behind her)

Angela: Oh hello Dr. Graham. So nice to see you, again (in a mildly British accent). Dr. Gwam Quacker. (She laughs hysterically at her own joke. She grabs his nose and yells. ) Oh, I got your nose!  (Laughing again.)

Tony: Alright, alright come here. Excuse us. (As he slings Angela over his right shoulder.) Excuse us, I’m going to have to take her to bed.

Angela: Yes!

(Tony walks out of the room.)


Scene II

The next morning Tony is sitting alone in the kitchen.  A rooster is crowing in the background.

Angela swings the door open in her best hung over stance.

Angela: What the hell is that noise?

Tony: It’s a rooster, Angela.

Angela: Kill him.

Tony: I can’t. He’s the only one in town whose still speaking to us.

Angela: Did I do something bad last night?

Tony: Read all about it. It’s Iowa. You made the papers.

Angela: World’s biggest sow?!? How dare they?

Tony: On the other side. Here. (Pointing out the article in the paper.) Fiancee of Wells Professor, Tony Micelli caused a disturbance at the Branford Airport yesterday by riding the baggage carousel. When questioned by authorities she said. “Wheeeee!

Angela: That was taken out of context.

Tony: Yeah.

Angela: Tony, I’m really sorry. It was a really rough flight and I guess I was just nervous and anxious about the move.

Tony: Okay. But your okay now, right?

Angela: Yeah.

Tony: And your okay about this?

Angela: Yeah, just the last two weeks have just been so hectic.

Tony: (he leads her to the kitchen table) Just sit down here.  I’ll get you some coffee.

Angela: I mean, putting Jack in charge of the business and notifying all the clients.

Tony: But everything is squared away now?

Angela: Oh yeah.

Tony: Good, good. And how’s Jonathan?

Angela: Oh, he’s fine. He couldn’t wait for me to leave. Mother’s watching him.

Tony: Good, good. And who do you have watching her?

Angela: All I know is that it is good to be here.

Tony: You mean that Angela?

Angela: (she stands back up to be near him) Oh yes, Tony. I want to be with you. And besides its going to be great to take a break from all the pressures and all the deadlines.

Tony: Yeah.

Angela: To lead the simple life. Do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Painting and gardening.

(The rooster crows.)

Angela: Hunting.

Tony: Oh, yeah. You know that reminds me. You ever, you ever been on a snipe hunt?

Angela: Oh, please only a fool would fall for something like that.

(The door bell rings.)

Tony: Come on in! (To Angela) It’s Iowa, you know. We just do that.

Ned walks into the kitchen.

Tony: Good morning, Ned.

Ned: (Tips his hat.) Good morning, Angela.

Angela: Hey Ned. I want to apologize for my behavior last night. That really wasn’t me.

Ned: Judge not, least ye be judged.

Tony: Are these beautiful people or what?

Ned: You know, I know Tony’s got classes all day, and I was wondering if you’d like to join me for lunch down at the Elks Lodge.

Tony: Angela, you’re in the Elks Lodge.

Angela: Thank you, Ned. I would love too.

Ned: Yeah, we’re having a “AA” meeting down there and we thought maybe you might want to get sober.

Tony: One day at a time Angela. One day at a time.


Act II

Scene I

One Month Later

Angela is sitting in the kitchen talking on the phone with an unknown person. She is discussing some supermarket ad coupons she is cutting out. She’s dressed super casually in a Tony’s shirt, jeans, sneakers and her hair is up in a pony tail.

Angela: Piggly Wiggly is having a sale on navel oranges forty-nine cents a pound. (She cuts out a coupon.) Piggly Wiggly. Boy, if they were my client, the first thing I’d do is change… (Realizing she is off topic.) Never mind, their also having a sale on cold cuts. By the way, what’s head cheese?

Tony: (from the living room) Honey, I’m home.

Angela: Speaking of the head cheese. I gotta go. Yeah, I’ll see you bowling on Tuesday. (Hangs up the phone.)

She enters the living room to find Tony standing next to the couch.

Angela: So, how’d we do?

Tony: We won. We won. (They hug.) I’m telling you we’re unstoppable. Angela, that first place team is feeling our hot breath on their necks. (Making the breathing sound.) Haa! Haa!

Angela: Go, wildcats!

Tony: That’s right. That’s right. I’m telling you. Their really coming together, their playing like a team. Oh, and you know another thing. In the classroom, major breakthrough. Wendell took his history test, got his first “C.”

Angela: Go, Wendell.

Tony: I think, I’m really getting through to that kid.

Angela: Oh.

Tony: You know. It is great. It is great. So how was your day?

Angela: Well, another day. Another afghan.

(The camera pans over the living room were there are at least 7 afghans folded and lying on the couch.)

Tony: That’s nice. Angela. We’re going to be nice and warm this winter.


Scene II

Tony’s apartment.

An unknown amount of time has past. Tony enters with Jonathan, Sam, Mona and Hank.

Sam: Oh, wow!

Hank: Oh! Great place.

Sam: This is adorable, Dad!

Tony: Here, have an afghan. Sam, take two.

Jonathan: So, are you nervous about the game tonight, Tony?

Tony: May, may, maybe just a little. You know.

Sam: Come on, Dad. You’ve turned this team around. You’re a sinch to win the title.

(Tony hugs her.)

Tony: That’s my girl. Samantha.

Mona: That’s not what my bookie says.

Angela enters from the kitchen. She is wearing black jeans and a teal and black bowling shirt.

Angela: Hi. Everybody.

Sam: (hugging Angela) Hi.

Jonathan: Mom?

Angela: Hi honey. I missed you. (Hugs Jonathan.)

Mother. (Leaving her arms outstretched for a hug.)

Mona: Well, attention K-Mart shoppers. (Walks up to her, not really knowing if she wants to hug her.)

Angela: Mother. I just got back from the bowling alley and I didn’t have time to change.

Mona: Oh? Well is the tractor pull rained out?

Tony: See, see Mona. Shows how much you know Mona. A tractor pull is more fun in the mud.

A timer goes off in the kitchen.

Tony: Dinner‘s ready!

Mona: How have I missed your cooking! What have you fixed for us? Lasagna?

Tony: Nope. Actually it’s a meatloaf.

Sam: Oh, great.

Tony: And Angela cooked it.

Sam: Not hungry.

Jonathan: Ate on the plane.

Hank: Me too.

Mona: I’m too young to die.

Tony: Sit down the bunch of yous.

Angela: Come on Mother. Give me a hand with the meatloaf.

Mona: Probably takes two people to carry it.

Angela and Mona exit into the kitchen.

Tony: So, ah, guys. What do you say after dinner we go on a little snipe hunt.

Hank is the only one laughing.


Scene III


Angela is pulling the meatloaf out of the oven.

Angela: Mom pop me a beer?

Mona;: Oh sure. (Making a face.) So you drink beer now?

Angela: Oh yeah. I’m wearing a bowling shirt aren’t I?

Mona: And you’re happy here?

Angela: Oh.

Mona: You don’t miss your old life.

Angela: Oh, not for a New York minute. My life is here. I don’t give a hoot to what happens back there.

Mona: Oh, so I guess you wouldn’t give a "hoot" if we lost the Prescott account.

Angela: What?

Mona: He’s threatening to walk .

Angela: Oh no. Oh no.. I knew he wasn’t happy about my leaving. Okay, okay. Here’s what we do.(Angela goes into business mode.) I take the red eye back to New York tonight. We brain storm until we come up with a really great campaign. Then I take Prescott out. I wine him, I dine him. Until he’s right back in our pocket, and he wonders why he ever wanted to leave in the first place.

Mona:  Great idea. Too bad I made it all up.

Angela:  What?

Mona:  Angela, you can’t fool your mother. Don’t tell me you miss your old life?

Angela:  Right, right. I miss it a little bit. It’s beginning to wear a little thin here. But don’t, don’t tell Tony.

Mona:  But, Honey. If you’re not happy.

Angela:  I’m happy Mother. I can do anything for a year. I can grin and bear it.

(Tony enters the kitchen.)

Tony: Come on, we’re starving in here.

Angela: Dinner’s almost ready sweetheart.

Mona: Well you’ve got the grin down.

Tony comes up behind them and puts his arm on Mona’s shoulder.

Tony: Hey, Mona. (Shaking her.) Isn’t this a switch? The woman cooking and the man bringing home the bacon. I come along way babe.


Scene IV

Wells College

Everyone is standing in the hallway cheering on the baseball team as they walk in from their championship game. Tony is perched upon their shoulders carrying a trophy.

Everyone is repeatedly yelling: We’re number one!

Tony: Hey guys, put me down. I gotta say something.

Dr. Graham: What is it Tony?

Tony: We’re number ONE!

Everyone starts to yell it repeatedly again.

Tony: Alright. Guys Guys! (Quieting everyone down.) Great game, great game. Victory party tonight at my house. So go home, get some rest and for Heavens sake “SHOWER!”

The crowd begins to leave.

Scene V

Tony motions for the family to come into his office.

Tony: Come on, come in here. Hey, hey! Is this gorgeous or what? Hey how’d you like my new paperweight?

Sam: It’s beautiful Dad.

Hank: You coached a great game.

Tony: Thank you! Thank you!

Jonathan: Is this little baseball supposed to come off?

Tony: Yeah, like the head of an Oscars supposed to come off. Give me that. (yanking it a way from him and trying to put it back on the trophy.

Angela: Tony, it’s still beautiful.

Tony: It is, isn’t it Angela? This is great. Angela, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.

Dr. Graham: I have something that is going to make you even happier. I’m tearing up your contract.

Tony: What?

Dr. Graham: (reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a sheet of paper) And offering you a new one, for three years.

Tony: (with excitement) You’re kidding me!

Angela: (with terror) You’re kidding.

Tony: This is unbelievable! This is a fantastic offer, isn’t it Angela. Right Angela. It’s a (happy turns to doubt as he sees the expression on Angela’s face.)It’s an unbelievable, it’s an un…

(Turning to Dr. Graham) Can we get back to you on this Dr. Graham?

Dr. Graham: Sure, sure. Take your time. Think it over. Here’s a pen. (Handing it to Tony.)

Dr. Graham exits.

Mona realizing that Angela and Tony need some time alone together.

Mona: Why don’t I take all the kids? I’ll go back to the house. I’ll get everything set up for the party?

Tony and Angela: Great. Great.

Tony: We’ll meet you there.

Everyone ad libs their goodbyes.

Tony: Gee, a, you seem less than enthusiastic about this great offer.

Angela: Oh no, it’s a great offer.

Tony: Yeah, yeah.

Angela: It’s a wonderful offer. It’s just. Three years. (She says as if someone is pulling teeth.)

Tony: Wait a minute. I don’t get this. I don’t get it. I thought you said you were happy here. You know, that you felt great about being away from all the pressures and the deadlines.

Angela: I did, at first. And then I discovered something about myself Tony. I miss the deadlines.  I like the pressure.

Tony: I knew something was wrong. I just wish you would have told me.

Angela: I couldn’t. You were so happy and I didn’t come here to complain. I came to support you. Which I still want to do. I just have to readjust my time frame. You know, I was prepared to be here for one year. And now I just have to gear up for three.

Tony:  Gear up?

Angela: Ah, I have to know what it is that I’m facing and then I can get through it.

Tony: That’s just perfect Angela. That’s just perfect. What a great way to start our life off together? Marry me Angela and I guarantee you’ll get through it.

Angela: Tony.

Tony: Solright, solright (it’s alright). Look, there’s no way I’m taking this job now that I know how you feel.

Angela: And you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Tony: No, I won’t.

Angela: Come on. Can you honestly tell me you don’t love it here?

Tony: (in a whiny voice) Yeah.

Angela: How can you say that? Just a minute ago, you said that you’d never been happier in your entire life.

Tony: I never used the word entire. Listen to me. Sure I’m happy here. Sure I’m happy here, but I can be just as happy in Connecticut..

Angela: What? Unemployed? Waiting for the break. A break of a lifetime, which you already have here. Tony face it. You’re doing what you were meant to do. And… And Tony, if you leave here you’re going to resent it for the rest of your life and then you’re going to start to resent me.

Tony:  No I way Angela. That could never happen.

Angela:  Don’t be so sure, it was starting to happen to me.

Tony:  Well that’s not good.

Angela: No.

Tony: So wait a minute. What are we saying here? That we can’t make this work? That its over?

Angela: I’m sorry. (With a tear in her eye, she walks out the door leaving Tony standing alone. He takes two steps to follow her and then stops)



Scene I

Angela’s house. Mona, Jonathan and Angela exit the kitchen clutching their stomachs.

Angela:  Thanks Marge. That was just delicious. (Closes the kitchen door.) Oh, I am so sick.

Jonathan:  Everything she makes is deep fried and covered with gravy.

Mona:  Does anybody else feel their arteries hardening?

Angela:  I’m going upstairs to my room to lie down.

Mona:  Oh, another hot night dear?

Angela:  Not now Mother.

Mona:  Yes now. I am not gonna let you spend another two months up in your room mooping letting your arm pit hairs grow.

Jonathan:  Nice image Grandma. (Making a face.)

Angela:  I am not mooping.  I am healing.

The new housekeeper enters the room from the kitchen. She is a large woman carrying three plates with at least three huge fritters on each.

Marge: Nobody finished their apple fritters. You hurt my feelings.

Angela: Dinner was so delicious. I think we were all just a little full from the. . .

Marge: EAT!

(Quickly each of the grabs a fritter from the coffee table and pretends to eat it.)

All ad libbing yum noises.

Angela:  She came very highly recommended from the agency.

Mona:  So did the other three. Let’s face it. You’re never going to find anyone to hold a candle to T…

Angela: (cutting her off) No!  Stop it. Don’t worry. I’m gonna to find some body. I’m gonna find somebody. I promise, but first I have to fire Marge. (Unknowingly, she has backed right into Marge.) Ahh!

Marge: You want to fire me?.

Mona: I don’t she does.

Marge: Fine, I know when I’m not wanted. (She drops a basket full of laundry on the floor.)

(Marge goes to the mirror with the hooks by the front door and starts collecting her things. She grabs Angela’s coat.)

Angela: Mother, she’s taking my coat.

Mona: It’s a cheap coat let it go.

(Marge storms out the door, Once the door is closed they all take a sigh of relief.)


Scene II

Tony’s Apartment, Iowa

Tony is in his apartment getting ready for an awards banquet. Samantha is helping him tie his bow tie.

Sam: Dad, could you hold still please?

Tony: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that, it’s just that I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you coming all the way out here to see me get this award.

Sam: Not now Dad!

Tony: Well, I just wanted you to know how much it meant to me.

Sam: I know, but when you talk your Adam’s apple keeps bobbing up and down and I can’t tie this stupid bow tie.

Tony: Sorry.

(Knock on the door.)

Tony: Come in.

Candy, Tony’s assistant walks in.

Candy: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Candy: That’s a beautiful tuxedo. Too bad they were all out of the powder blue.

Dr. Graham walks into the apartment. Wearing a baby blue tuxedo.

Dr. Graham: Sorry Tony. I think I got the last one.

Tony: It’s your week, Dr. Graham.

Candy: By the way, at the banquet, you’ll be sitting next to my friend, Teresa Fischer. (pulling a picture out of her purse) 33, divorced, loves horse back riding.

Tony: Thank you very much. But I don’t think I’m ready to . . .

Candy: Here’s her picture.

Tony: Hello there Betty! No, no (handing the picture back to Candy) I’m really not ready for this.

Dr. Graham: Come on Tony. I’ve got an award to give you.

Tony: Ok, okay. Lets go.

Sam gets her jacket from the dining table.

Tony: Sam, let me help you with that.

Sam: You still miss her don’t you?

Tony: Who?

Sam: Dad!

Tony: Alright. So I miss her. But her life is over there and my life is here. And we’re both doing what we were meant to do. Really. Common, I’ve got an award to pick up.

They both walk out of the apartment.


Scene III

Angela’s house.

The living room is empty. The door bell is ringing.

Angela: (From upstairs) Jonathan would you please answer that door. …. Mother. …. Is anybody home? (She comes down the stairs.) I guess not.

Angela is wearing her pink robe with a pink towel on her head. She goes to answer the door.

Tony is standing in the doorway wearing his black tuxedo. He is holding the plaque which he received.

Angela: Tony.

Tony: Hi.

Angela: What are you doing here?

Tony: Well, I… I heard you were looking for a housekeeper.

Angela:: Yeah, what…what are you doing here?

Tony: I…. heard you were looking for a housekeeper? Can I come in?

Angela: Oh yes, yes, of course.

Tony: Do you always wear that outfit when you’re interviewing housekeepers?

Angela: What?

Tony: I seem to remember you wearing that the first I interviewed for this job.

(Angela looks down and herself and awkwardly giggles at the coincidence.)

Angela: How ‘bout that? You seem to be dressing better.

Tony: (smiling) Well, I a I just came from a picking up this award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year. And then I quit.

Angela: You quit?

Tony: Yeah, you know. They gave me this big banquet, you know and they gave me the award. It was terrific and then I went back to my beautiful apartment and I realized I have no one to show my plaque to. See. (Showing it to her.)

Angela: Oh, that’s a nice one.

Tony: Yeah, it is isn’t it. Yeah, I really like the way they did the little lamp of education. I like that. So, uhm. About the job. Not for nothing, but it looks like you could use me.

Angela: That’s very sweet. But I thought we both agreed…

Tony: We were both wrong, Angela. I mean. I can apply for jobs in the area. Only I just know now that it is very important that I be in the area. (He circles his fingers in front of him for the word “area“.)

Angela: I see.

Tony: Yeah, yeah. It kind of bothered me that I was out of the area. (circles his fingers)

Angela: Look, Tony. I don’t ever want you to ever resent. ..

Tony: The only thing I resented was being without you.

Angela: (She smiles.) So what are your qualifications?

(He leans down and kisses her passionately.)

Angela: You got the job.

Tony: No kidding.

(They resume kissing.)

The finale music plays.