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Offer Me Your Hand [ - ]
by TonyAngela4ever
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Story and Teleplay by TonyAngela4ever/April
Proofreading and Assistance Provided by ReJoys2
Season 9 Premiere

Introduction Scene: The Kitchen- Tony is at the stove cooking.

Tony: (singing) “I’m getting married in the morning.  Ding dong the bells are gonna chime.  Call out the stopper. Let’s have a whopper.  But get me to the church on time”.  Hah!

Sam and hank come in the back door.

Sam: (sniffs) Mmm, Dad it smells wonderful.

Tony: (smiles) Thanks.  I’m trying a new recipe.  It’s called "Italian Lamb Shanks”

Sam: Well, Dad, you sure have taken on a lot these last couple of weeks since you’ve been back with throwing the whole wedding back together, job hunting, and now cooking for your own reception.

Tony: Yeah, maybe.  But as for the cooking, I didn’t have much of a choice since we couldn’t get our caterer back.  Besides, it was either this, or chips and dip.

Mona comes in the back door.

Mona: (to Sam and Hank) Hey kids.  (walks toward the stove) Oh good, an early lunch.

Tony: No, Mona.  This isn’t lunch.  It’s for tomorrow.

Mona: (disappointed) Darn!

Hank: You know, Tony, you could start a catering business.

Tony: (looks halfway behind him) No thanks.  (looks back at the stove) Besides, I’m not doing all the cooking for tomorrow.  Mrs. Rossini’s bringing some stuff too.

Mona: (sarcastic) Oh that’s great.  Now we’re all liable to die from food poisoning.

Fade out
WTB? Intro and Theme

Act I Scene I: The Kitchen- Tony is still cooking.  Mona goes to the refrigerator and gets something to drink.

Sam: (walks toward Tony) Oh, Bonnie called last night and said that she’d be at the wedding and she asked me to tell you and Angela that she would be happy to help out at the reception if you guys need her to.

Tony: That’s great.  We may take her up on that.

Sam goes and sits next to Hank.

Angela: (entering from the living room; cheerful) Good morning, everyone.  (goes to Tony) Good morning. (she kisses him).

Sam: Well, Angela, only one more day to go.  How do you feel?

Angela: (smiling) Happier than I’ve ever been.  (goes to pour a cup of coffee) Oh, Sam, that reminds me.  Your dress is in my room.  I need for you to try it on so we can be sure it fits right.  A girl at my office said she could do some speedy alterations if we needed her to. (takes a sip of coffee).

Sam: Okay, sure.

Tony: (goes to the sink to rinse his hands) Oh, Hank, that reminds me.  You, Jonathan, and I have to pick up our tuxedos at noon.

Hank: Okay

Tony: (turns around with his back to the sink, drying his hands off) Say, where is Jonathan?

Angela: He’s upstairs in his room, taking it easy.  He’s not feeling well.  I think his stomach is bothering him.

Sam: It’s probably something he ate.

Angela: Probably. (takes a drink of coffee).

The phone rings.

Mona: (answering the phone) Hello?...Yes he’s here.  Just a minute. (starts to hand the phone to Tony) It’s for you. (takes the phone back) Say, do you have anything going tomorrow?

Tony: (taking the phone) Give me the phone. (into the phone) Hello?...Yes, this is Tony Micelli…Yes, I am. (looking excited) Well, yes, I’m very interested…Tomorrow? (his faces falls a little) Oh, I can’t tomorrow. See, I’m getting married tomorrow and then I’ll be gone for a week on my honeymoon….Yes… (face looks excited again) This afternoon??.....Yes… (more excited) No, that’s okay I’ll make time….Yes, that would be great….Okay…Thank you…Goodbye. (hangs up the phone).

Angela: Who was that?

Tony: (very excited) That was the principal at The Nelson Academy for boys.  He says they have a teaching position open and they wanna see me for an interview. (hugs Angela).

Ad lib excitement from everyone.

Tony: (breaks the hug) They wanted to talk to me tomorrow, but of course I had to tell them I couldn’t because of the wedding. So he asked if there was any way he could talk to me this afternoon and I said yes.

Sam: (excited) Oh, Dad, that’s great!!

Tony: Oh, but wait.

Angela: What’s wrong?

Tony: I forgot.  Hank, Jonathan, and I have to pick up our tuxedos at the same time as the interview.

Ad lib comments.

Hank: Well, Tony, Jonathan and I can go get them ourselves, if he’s feeling up to it.  If not, I can go by myself.

Tony: Yeah, that’ll work. (slight pause) Well, look.  We all have a lot to do so we better get moving.

Angela: Yes, I have to get to the office.  I have some loose ends to tie up before tomorrow.

Everyone scatters in different directions.

Fade out
Act I Scene II: The Living Room- Sam and Bonnie are moving things around, setting up for the reception.

Sam: I really appreciate your helping us all out like this.

Bonnie: Hey, I’m glad to do it.  It’s so good to see your Dad and Angela finally tying the knot.

Sam: Tell me about it.  Eight years, Bonnie.  Eight years!

Bonnie: Yeah, I guess it’s different with everyone.  I mean, look at you and Hank.

Sam: Yeah, I suppose.  But with Dad and Angela, all of us could tell how they’ve felt about each other since day one.  They were so stubborn about admitting it until finally one day they couldn’t hide it anymore.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Sam: Then after everything that’s happened over the last few months with Dad moving to Iowa, them breaking up and then him realizing he couldn’t live without her and coming back here….it just makes it even more special.

Bonnie: That’s so romantic.

Sam: Yeah, but you know, even for me, when they broke up, I felt like I had lost another mother.

Bonnie: (looks sad) Awwww…

Sam: Yeah.  We all cared about each other and loved each other like a real family and Angela was like a real mother to me.  Then when she and Dad broke up…….but at the same time, I had to believe in my heart it would all work out and it did.

Bonnie: Well, when something is truly meant to be, it has a way of working out.

Sam: Yeah.

Hank and Jonathan come walking in the front door with concerned looks on their faces.

Sam: Hi. (slight pause) Is something wrong?

Hank: (hesitant) Well…(running his left hand on the back of his neck) I guess you could say that.

Sam: (nervous) What’s wrong?

Hank tries not to look at her.

Sam: (aggressively) Hank!  What’s wrong?

Hank: (to Jonathan) Maybe you should tell her.

Jonathan: The tuxedo shop ordered the wrong tuxedos.

Sam: What???!!!

Jonathan: They didn’t even get tuxedos.  They got these green sequin suits.  We’d look more like Broadway performers than part of a wedding party.

Sam: (starts pacing nervously) Oh my gosh.  Dad is gonna flip out.

Jonathan: Yeah that’s putting it mildly. (holds his stomach) Now I think I am gonna be sick.

Tony: (calling from the kitchen) I’m home!

Everyone looks nervous.

Sam: You know, I think Dad probably will be too.

Scene change to the kitchen.  Hank, Sam, Bonnie, and Jonathan walk in trying to be nonchalant.

Sam: So, Dad, how did the interview go?

Tony: (with excitement) It went great.  I think I probably got it.  They said they were really interested in me because I did such a good job when I helped out there a year and a half ago.  They did ask me why things didn’t work out in Iowa and I told them and they seemed content with my explanation.  Then after we talked some more, they told me things looked pretty good and that they should have an answer for me by the time Angela and I get back from our honeymoon.

Sam: (still nervous) Wow, that’s great, Dad.

Jonathan: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll get it.

Tony: (smiles) Yeah. (to Hank and Jonathan) Oh, did you guys get the tuxedos?

Sam and Bonnie get nervous looks on their faces.

Hank/Jonathan: (beating around the bush) Uh, well…..we did,…….uh……

The phone rings.

Sam: (laughs nervously) That’s the phone! (continues to laugh nervously) I’ll get it.

Tony looks confused.

Sam: (answers the phone) Hello?...Oh hi, Angela…Yeah, he’s home and he said the interview went great…Okay, I will…Bye. (to Tony) That was Angela.  She just wanted to tell us she and Mona are on their way home.

Tony: Okay…(suspicious tone) Now what about the tuxedos?

Hank: (nervously) Well, uh, Tony, there was a slight mix-up.

Tony: (nervously) A mix-up?  What kind of a mix-up?

Jonathan: There was a mix-up on the order and we got these green sequin suits instead.

Tony: (very nervous) Green sequin suits?

Sam, Hank, Jonathan, and Bonnie all nod their heads nervously.

Fade Out
Act II Scene I: The Living Room- Angela, Mona, Sam, Hank, Bonnie, and Jonathan are all sitting down in chairs set up for the reception.  Tony is pacing back and forth.

Angela: Tony, will you calm down?

Tony: (stops pacing) Calm down?  Calm down?!  Angela, how could they mix up an order of black tuxedos with green sequins suits!  Green sequin suits!! (starts pacing again).

Angela: Tony…

Tony: (stops pacing; cutting her off) Green sequin suits, Angela.  I mean, I’m not gonna get married looking like a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day!!

Mona: (mischievously smiling) Hey, there’s an idea. (starts laughing that goofy laugh of hers).

Angela: (glaring at Mona) Mother, please, this is not the time for jokes.  (stands up; to Tony) I know, Tony.  No one would expect you or anyone else to wear those suits.

Jonathan: Yeah, Tony, and the shop owner said that he was gonna look into it and see what he could do to fix it.

Tony: Yeah, I’d like to know how he’s gonna do that in time for the wedding tomorrow.

Angela: (trying to calm him down) We don’t know, but if worse comes to worse, you guys can wear your nicest suits.  But the most important thing is that we’re getting married. (putting her hands on his shoulders) It’s all going to work out.

Tony: (calmer) Yeah, I know.  You’re right.

Tony and Angela hug.

Sam: Yeah, Dad.  It’s gonna be a special day no matter what.

Tony and Angela are facing everyone arm in arm.

Tony: (smiles) Yeah.

The doorbell rings.  Jonathan goes to answer it.  It’s Mrs. Napoli and Billy.

Jonathan: Oh, hey, Billy.

Ad lib hugs and hellos to Billy from everyone.

Angela: Mrs. Napoli, we really appreciate you letting Billy stay over night with us and letting him be in our wedding tomorrow.

Mrs. Napoli: Oh that’s alright. (to Billy) Now you be a good boy, my little Billy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Billy: I will, Grandma.

Mrs. Napoli leaves.

Sam: So, Billy, are you ready to be the big ring bearer?

Billy: I guess so.  But I’ve never been one before.

Tony: Hey, that’s okay.  You’re gonna make a terrific ring bearer.  Come on, Buddy.  Let’s get your things upstairs and then we’ll have a snack.

Billy: Okay.

Everyone disperses in different directions.

Fade Out
Act II Scene II: The Living Room- Tony and Angela are coming down the stairs.

Tony: That guy at the tuxedo shop should have called by now.
 They stop at the general area where the couch sat.  The phone is sitting on a table set up for the reception.

Angela: He probably got held up with something.

Tony: (picking up the phone) We’ll see. (he dials a number and waits a couple seconds before speaking into the phone) Hi, yeah, this is Tony Micelli and I…(very sarcastic) No, not Mirelli…(enunciating) Micelli…(normal tone) Yeah….Look, I’m calling because of a mix-up on a tuxedo order for my wedding tomorrow and my son-in-law said….Yeah they were the ones in there this morning.  They said that….uh huh?...At 1:00 in the afternoon….oh really?....okay…..yes….thank you.

Angela: What did he say?

Tony: He said it was a mix-up at the warehouse and the right order is on its way on a rush shipment.  Only it won’t be here til tomorrow morning.  But hey, at least we’re getting them.

Angela: Yeah, no kidding.

The doorbell rings and Tony goes to answer the door.  It’s Mrs. Rossini and she’s carrying a big pot.

Tony: Oh, hey, Mrs. Rossini.

Mrs. Rossini: Hi. Tony.  Hi Angela. (she comes in) I have more food and a wedding present for the two of you in the car.

Tony: (closing the door)Oh…

Angela: Well that wasn’t necessary for you get us a wedding present.  I mean, you’re already helping with the cooking.

Mrs. Rossini: Oh I know that, but I wanted to.  I’m going to go and put this (showing the big pot) down in the kitchen. (she disappears into the kitchen).

Angela: (to Tony) This certainly is nice of her.

Tony: Yeah.

Mona comes in from the side door.

Mona: (wrinkling her nose and making a face) Something smells like a dead fish.

Mrs. Rossini comes back in from the kitchen.

Mona: Oh it’s her.  I should’ve known.

Angela: Mother…

Mrs. Rossini: (going toward Mona with open arms) Mona!! (puts her arms around Mona).

Mona: (wiggling away) Hey, take your hands off me.

Tony: Come on, Mrs. Rossini.  I’ll help you carry in the rest of your stuff. (heads toward the door).

Mrs. Rossini: (walking toward the door) Thanks, Tony.

Mona: Oh, have you got more dead fish in the car?

Mrs. Rossini: (sarcastic tone) It’s shell fish and I already brought it in.

Mona: Now I know I’ll get food poisoning.

Angela: Mother, will you…

The phone rings.  Tony and Mrs. Rossini stop short of going out the door.

Angela: (answering the phone) Hello?...Oh, Sam…Hi, Honey.  Where are you?...Oh, good…What do you mean?...Tell me what?...Sam it’s okay.  Just tell me…What?...Why not?...(her eyes get big) What?????

End of Part 1.  Fade Out
Closing Scene: Clips from Part 2

Tony: (narrating) Next time on Who’s the Boss?...

Clip #1: Tony’s bedroom- Sam is helping Tony with his tie.

Sam: Well, Dad, this is it.  The day is finally here.

Tony: Yeah, it sure is.

Sam: You know, Dad, I really believe that Mom would be very happy for you.

Tony: You know it’s funny you should mention that because I was thinking the same thing.

Fade Out

Clip #2: Angela’s bedroom- Mona is talking to Angela.

Mona: You’ve got yourself a real winner this time and I just know that Tony is gonna love you and cherish you the way you deserve.

Angela: Oh, Mother…

They hug, almost crying.

Fade Out

Clip #3:  The Church- The Reverend is beginning the ceremony.

Rev. Weems: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of God, friends, and family to unite Angela Katherine Bower and Anthony Morton Micelli in Holy Matrimony.

Fade Out

WTB? Closing Theme and Credits

©2006 By TonyAngela4ever/April
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