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Savor the Veal Pt. 4 [ - ]
by TonyAngela4ever
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Author's Notes:
The flashbacks in the opening scene and the flashbacks in Act 1 Scene 3 are not my writing.  These are from actual aired episodes of Who’s the Boss? and I take no credit for that writing.  Credit goes to the writers and producers of those particular episodes.

Story and Teleplay by TonyAngela4ever/April
Proofread and Assistance provided by ReJoys2

Opening: Pt. 3 Flashbacks- Opens with Tony’s narration

Tony: (narrating): Last time on Who’s the Boss?:

Flashback #1

Tony’s Office: Tony and Angela admiring the trophy he just received

Tony: This is great. Angela, I-I, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.

Dr. Graham: Well, I have something that’s going to make you even happier.  I’m tearing up your contract.

Tony: (shocked) What?

Dr. Graham: And offering you a new one for three years. (hands Tony a piece of paper)

Flashback #2

Tony’s office: Tony and Angela are discussing the new contract.

Tony: Sure, I’m happy here.  I’m happy here.  But I….but I can be just as happy in Connecticut.
Angela: (on the verge of tears) What?  Unemployed?  Waiting for a break?  A break of a lifetime which you already have here?  Tony, face it.  You’re doing what you were meant to do.  A-and Tony, if you leave here, you’re going to resent it for the rest of your life and then you’re gonna start to resent me.

Tony: No way, Angela. That could never happen.

Angela: Don’t be so sure, Tony.  It was starting to happen to me.

Tony: Well, that’s uh… that’s, that’s not good.

Angela: (tears in her eyes) No.

Tony: So, wait a minute.  Wh-wh-wh-what are we saying here? That…that we can’t make this work?  That... it’s..o-over?

Angela: (almost crying) I’m sorry. (turns to walk out and leaves)

Flashback #3

Angela’s Living Room: The doorbell is ringing.

Angela: (calling out from upstairs) Jonathan, would you please answer that door?  (coming downstairs) Mother?  (to herself) Is anybody home?  (at the bottom of the stairs) I guess not.  (goes and opens the front door and finds Tony standing there; she’s surprised) Tony...

Tony: (nods his head; very solemn) Hi.

Tony: (narrating) And now the show.
Introduction of Part 4: The Living Room- Picking up where Part 3 left off.  Tony and Angela are kissing.  The kiss breaks and they hug.

Angela: (choked up) Oh Tony, I missed you so much.

Tony: I missed you too, Sweetheart…more than you’ll ever know.  (He breaks the hug) Here, let me lay my plaque down so I can hug you with both arms.  (He goes and lays it down on the table behind the couch and then walks back to Angela)

They put their arms around each other and share a tender kiss.

Angela: (breaking the kiss) Welcome home, Tony.

Tony: It’s good to be home.

They hug.
WTB Intro and Theme Song
Act 1 Scene 1: The Living Room- Tony and Angela are hugging.

Angela: (breaking the hug; tears slowly trickling down her cheeks) I hardly know what to say.

Tony: Well, let me start.  You see, Angela, I never really felt completely peaceful about that job.  It was definitely the chance of a lifetime and I liked it a lot, but it never felt right.  I ignored it for a while, thinking it was just nerves, but once you and I broke up, I had more than enough time to think about why I was feeling that way.  You know the day we broke up, I know I said I’d never been that happy, but that was a lie.

Angela: A lie?

Tony: (nods his head) Yeah.  I was all caught up in the moment of everything when I said that and that statement has gone round and round in my head for the last two months. After you left, that “unpeaceful” feeling did nothing but nag at me.  The reason was that I was not supposed to be there.   I really wasn’t happy.  So, tonight I had to ask myself, “When was the last time I was truly happy?” and the answer was, “when I was here in Connecticut….with you.”

Angela: (ducks her head) Oh Tony, I…

Tony: (raising Angela’s chin; talking tenderly) Hey, it’s okay.  Come on, what is it?

Angela: Well Tony, what I said to you the day we broke up wasn’t the whole truth either.  You know I said if you came back to Connecticut, you would resent it and would start to resent me.  What I didn’t tell you was that I was afraid you’d end up walking out on me like Michael did.

Tony: Ay oh-oh ay, that is something that I can promise you I would never do.

Angela: I know, Tony.  I know you’re not at all like Michael and maybe if I had been truthful with you, we could have avoided these last two months.

Tony: Hey, it’s okay.  I’m here now and we’re together.  I know it’s partly my fault too.  I should’ve stuck with my first decision, but at least we learned a lesson from all of this.  Let’s always be up front and honest with each other, no matter what.

Angela: (she smiles) You’re right.

Tony: Why don’t we go into the kitchen and have something to drink and we can talk some more.  (He turns toward the kitchen)

Angela: Okay.  (she takes the towel off her head and throws it on the couch and follows Tony into the kitchen)
Act 1 Scene 2: The Kitchen- Angela sits down at the table and Tony gets two glasses out of the cabinet and gets a pitcher out of the refrigerator and pours the liquid into Angela’s and then his glass.  Then he puts the pitcher back in the refrigerator and sits down.

Angela: So, do you want to tell me what happened tonight?

Tony: Well it all started…

He is cut off when Mona and Jonathan come walking through the back door.

Mona: Tony???

Jonathan: Tony???

Mona: Tony, what are you doing here?

Tony: (standing up and smiling) I’m home.

Mona: Home?  You mean you…

Tony: (nodding his head) I quit my job.

Mona: Oh.  (slight pause) Well then that means that you two…(gesturing back and forth between Tony and Angela)

Tony and Angela nod.

Mona: (smiles; singing) “Happy days are here again…”

Angela: Mother…

Jonathan: (shutting the door behind him) Well, chee, Tony that’s great.  I’m glad you’re back.  I’m just sorry that meant you had to quit your job.

Tony: I’m not Jonathan.  Although it was a great job, it just wasn’t where I was supposed to be. It’s like I told your mom, I can apply for jobs in the area.  It may take a little while to find just the right one, but that’s okay.  It’s more important that I’m here.  Besides (looking at Angela), I really missed Angela, (looking at Jonathan) and you, (then looking at Mona----teasingly) and yes, even you Mona.

Mona: (opening her arms) Oh give me a hug you big lug.  (They hug)

Tony hugs Jonathan as Mona gets herself and Jonathan a drink.  Then Tony sits back down.

Jonathan: (sitting down) So, what happened Tony?

Tony: You know it’s funny you should ask that, Jonathan, because I was just getting ready to tell your mom.

Mona: (sitting down) So on with it.

Tony: (to Mona) Hold your horses, Mona.  (to everyone) The last couple of months since Angela and I broke up have been terrible and tonight I had to face the truth.  Sam was helping me get ready for the awards banquet and she could tell I was less than happy.  She told me, “You still miss her, don’t you,” and I asked, “Who?”, but she knew I wasn’t fooling anyone.  I said, “Yes, I still miss her but her life is there in Connecticut and mine is here in Iowa.”  Of course, when I said it, I knew I was lying to myself.  So we left for the banquet and even though it was only a short distance, it seemed like it took forever.  So many things were going through my head.
Act 1 Scene 3: Inside Tony’s Jeep: Tony is driving with hands on the steering wheel.  The camera zooms in on his face and fades into a flashback.

Flashback #1: The Pilot- Season 1

Angela answers the door

Tony: (smiling big) Morning.

Angela: May I help you?

Tony: Well if you’re (pointing to Angela) Angela Bower, (pointing to himself) I’m here to help you.

Angela: I beg your pardon?

Tony: (gesturing) I’m Tony Micelli.  I’m here about the job.

Angela: Oh, I’m sorry.  There must be a mistake.  This job is for a housekeeper.

Tony: (gesturing and smiling big) That’s me, Mr. Goodmop.

Angela: (unsure) Well uh…, my mother’s screening everyone.  Did you meet her?

Tony: Yeah, yeah yesterday.  You know, she gave me the once over, kicked me in the tires, put me up on the rack…

Angela: (smiling; about to shut the door) Well she should’ve checked under your hood cause you’re the wrong sex.

A brief fade back to Tony driving.  He smiles faintly then the camera fades out to another flashback.

Flashback #2: Briefless Encounter- Season 1, Episode 2

Tony and Angela are walking into Angela’s bedroom.

Tony: (looking around) Hey this is nice, really nice.

Angela: Ah ha. That proves it.  You’ve never been in here before.

Tony: I know.  This is your private chamber.

Angela: Tony, you are the housekeeper and this is part of the house.  Now the private chamber may be mine, but (runs her hand across the chest of drawers) the dust (shows Tony the dust on her fingers) is yours.

Tony: Well, I’m sorry.  Hey you want me to come in here and clean, I’ll come in here and clean.

Angela: I want you to.  I want you to.

Tony starts to leave

Angela: (stopping Tony from leaving) And Tony, same thing goes for my bathroom (walks towards her bathroom).

Tony: Ah hey, the bathroom? (embarrassed) I mean, eh, don’t you have things in there that are too personal to mention?  You know, like, I don’t know, false eyelashes?

Angela: I’ll tell you what.  If you find anything too personal to mention, just clean it and don’t mention it.

Flashback #3: Seer of Love- Season 8, Episode 1- Tony and Angela are in the tunnel of love.

Tony:…It’s just that, if there’s one chance in a million, that I could lose you, I don’t wanna take it.

Angela: Why?

Tony: (blurting out) Cause I love you!

Angela: (surprised and half smiling) What did you say?

Tony: (shocked at what he said) What did you hear?

Flashback #4: Death and Love Part II- Season 8, Episode 8- Angela is on her knee.

Angela: Tony…

Tony: (interrupting) At a moment like this, I prefer Anthony.

Angela: Okay, fine, Anthony…I love you with all my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?

Tony: (sarcastic) Chee, I don’t know this is all so sudden.  You know, I just don’t want to be pressured…

Angela bends his hand back.

Tony: Aye yah!!! Alright!  Alright I’ll marry ya!

Angela lets his hand go and stands up.

Tony: (shaking his hand) Cheez…

Angela: Are you sure?

Tony: You bet your life.

They throw their arms around each other and kiss passionately.

Flashback #5: Better Off Wed Part II- Season 8, Episode 18

Sam: Look Dad, (taking Hank’s hand)  I love Hank, okay, and I can’t imagine not being with him.  It’s a little hard to explain, it’s just…(looking over at Angela and then back at Tony) well, it’s like you being without Angela.  Dad can’t you understand that?

Fade back to Tony driving.  Tony still hears Sam saying, “Can’t you understand that?  Can’t you understand that?  Can’t you understand that?  Can’t you understand that?”

Tony shifts in his seat

Tony: Hey uh, Sam.  Do you remember what you said to me the day you and Hank got married?

Sam: I said a lot of things to you that day, Dad.  What exactly are you referring to?

Tony: Do you remember when you said that you loved Hank and you couldn’t imagine not being with him?  Then you explained it by saying it was like me being without Angela and couldn’t I understand that.

Sam: (looking over at Tony) Yeah Dad, I remember.

Tony: Well sweetheart, I truly understand that.  I mean I really understand.

Sam: (hopeful) Dad, what are you trying to say?

Tony: I’m saying it’s all unimaginable.  I’ve never felt completely right about being here and I’ve felt even worse since Angela and I split up.  Who am I kidding?  I can’t even fool myself....I guess…what I’m trying to say is that I cannot imagine my life without Angela.  If her life is in Connecticut, then so is mine.

Sam: (smiles) That’s all I’ve been waiting to hear, Dad.

Tony: (looks at Sam) Yeah?  (looks back at the road)

Sam: Yes.  Look, Dad.  I know that we all had a part in encouraging you to take this job here and I believe we did it because we love you and we knew how much you wanted it and we didn’t want you to feel held back because of all of us.  We didn’t want you to not take it just because you felt like you had an obligation to us.  But if you truly felt that you weren’t supposed to accept the job, then you should’ve told us.

Tony: (nods in agreement) I know.

Sam: And Dad, if I had known that all of this was going to split you and Angela up, I never would’ve encouraged you to take it.

Tony: (looks at Sam) Really?  (looks back the road)

Sam: Yeah….and aside from her business, Angela is just as miserable as you are.  Since Hank and I moved in with his parents for the time being, Mona has called me at least once a week to see if I’ve talked to you and she asks how you’re doing and how Hank and I are doing.  She says that Angela turns in early every night and mopes around all the time.

Tony: (looks at Sam) I believe I know what I need to do.  (looks back at the road)
Act 2 Scene 1: The Kitchen- Tony, Angela, Mona, and Jonathan are all still sitting around the kitchen table.

Angela: So, Mother, you’ve been talking to Sam have you?

Mona: (innocently) Well, yeah, I mean…well, Angela you didn’t have the monopoly on missing them you know.  I figured checking in with Sam I could find out how they were doing.

Angela: Mmm hmm, and making a point to tell her how miserable I was.

Mona: (innocently) Well, I just thought…

Tony: (interrupting) Alright you two…

Jonathan: So, what happened at the banquet?

Tony: Well, as soon as Sam and I got there, we went inside and she went and found a pay phone and called the airline and got me a reservation while I went in to find Dr. Graham.  I found him and told him what I had decided.  He was disappointed, but he understood.  Then the time came for him to give me the award.
Act 2 Scene 2: A Banquet Hall- The room is filled with people and the camera zooms in on Dr. Graham, who is at the podium.

Dr. Graham: And now ladies and gentlemen, for the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year Award.  The man we are presenting this award to is one who has done wonders for Wells Junior College.  He came to us with a prestigious background and was very highly recommended.  However, he informed me tonight that he isn’t going to be able to remain on staff with us.  He was very up front and honest with me as to why and I have to tell you, I admire someone who’s as honest as he was. That is why it is not only a privilege, but an honor to be able to present this award to Mr. Tony Micelli.

The audience applauds as Tony walks up.  Dr. Graham hands Tony a plaque and they shake hands.  Tony then turns around toward the audience.

Tony: Thank you very much.  Dr. Graham was right.  I’m not gonna be able to stay here.  I still want to teach, but my heart tells me this isn’t the place.  Tonight I had to face the truth and follow my heart and it’s leading me back to Connecticut.  But I want to say thank you to Dr. Graham and to Candy for all they did for me, and for being so understanding, and to everyone else as well who’s been so good to me here.  Then there’s someone else I have to thank and she’s been one of the most important people in my life since before she was born. That’s my beautiful daughter, Samantha.  She’s been one of the greatest blessings that’s ever come into my life and I just don’t know where I’d be today without her.  (to Sam) Sam, honey, I just want you to know how much I love you and how blessed I feel to have a daughter like you.  (to audience) Thank you.

Tony steps down and goes back to his seat.  We see him and Sam hug.  Then we see Dr. Graham back at the podium.

Dr. Graham: (to Tony) Thank you, Tony.  (to everyone) That’s it for this evening.  Goodnight, everyone.

Dr. Graham and Candy walk over to Tony and Sam.

Dr. Graham: (shakes Tony’s hand) Well, Tony, we want to wish you all the best.

Tony: Thank you, Dr. Graham.

Dr. Graham: I kind of had a sense this might be coming.  Although I had hoped otherwise, I do understand.

Candy: Yes, Tony. You do have to follow your heart.

Tony: Well, I want to thank you both for your understanding.  I do appreciate everything.

Candy: It was our pleasure, Tony.

Sam: Dad, I hate to interrupt, but we need to get you back to the apartment and then to the airport.  You’ve got a plane to catch.

Tony: Yeah you’re right.  (to Dr. Graham and Candy) Thanks again.
Act 2 Scene 3: The Kitchen- Tony, Angela, Mona, and Jonathan are still sitting around the kitchen table.

Tony: So, here I am.

Mona: Well, I’ll be.

Tony: Oh,that reminds me.  (He gets up out of his chair) I told Sam I’d call her when I got here.  (He goes to the red phone, picks it up, and dials a number) Hi, sweetheart, it’s me….Oh, everything is just wonderful sweetheart…Angela?...Oh she’s just as beautiful as ever.

Angela smiles.

Tony: (on the phone) Okay, sweetheart.

Angela: (interrupting) Tell her we all love her and miss her and can’t wait to see her.

Tony: (on the phone) Oh, uh, Angela says to tell you that they all love you and miss you and they can’t wit to see you.  (to everyone) She says back at ya.  (to Sam on the phone) Okay, sweetheart.  I love you…Se ya tomorrow…Bye.  (He hangs up the phone)(to everyone) She’s as happy as she can be.
Act 3 Scene 1: The Kitchen- Mona and Jonathan are gone.  Tony and Angela are standing up talking.

Angela: Well, I’d say we’ve both had a very big day and we better get some sleep.

Tony: Yeah, I’m exhausted.

Angela: (turns to leave, but stops and turns back around) Tony, promise me you’re gonna be here in the morning.  I don’t want to wake up and realize I’ve only been dreaming.

Tony: (smiles) I promise.

Angela: (smiles) Well, goodnight.

Angela turns and starts to walk out, but Tony reaches out and takes her arm and turns her back towards him.

Tony: I love you, Angela Bower.  I always have.

Angela: (touched) I love you, too.

Tony: You know, I don’t know what all our future holds, but the one thing I do know is that I need you.  And to make this moment complete, I want to do something.

Angela: What is it?

Tony: (gets down on one knee and takes Angela’s hand) Angela Bower, will you marry me?

Angela: (very touched) Yes Tony…I will.

Tony stands up and they share a passionate kiss.  Freeze frame on the kiss.

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