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A Christmas Surprise [ - ]
by TonyAngela4ever
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Story and Teleplay by TonyAngela4ever/April
Proofread and assistance provided by ReJoys2

December 1991

Introduction Scene-The Kitchen: Tony is standing at the stove in the kitchen taking cookies out of the oven and singing Jingle Bells.  He is using a spatula to take the cookies off cookie sheets and placing them on cooling racks on the kitchen table.

Sam: (coming in from the outside, she sniffs): Wow, Dad, (she shuts the door) it smells great.  I could smell that outside.

Tony: (smiling) I do have a way with cookies don’t I?

Sam: (anxious) So, did you get it?

Tony: Oh, yes, I did.  (He goes over to the living room door and peeks in and then back to the cabinets by the sink where food is kept.  He opens the cabinet door, reaches behind something and pulls out a small box, opens it, shows Sam the diamond ring in it and smiles.) I picked it up this morning.

Sam: (eyes grow big) Oh, my gosh!  (she smiles big) Dad, this is beautiful!

Sam and Tony turn their attention to the outside door which has just opened and in walks Mona.  She appears hurried and excited.

Mona: (excited) So, did you get it?

Tony: (smiling and showing Mona the open ring box) Right here.

Mona: Whoa!  That’s a headlight.

Tony: You’re telling me!  The lady at the jewelry store showed me one other ring before this one and the diamond in that one looked more like a shiny piece of lead than a diamond.  I said I needed something better and she showed me this one and I knew this was it.

Sam: Well, it certainly is beautiful, Dad.

Tony: Yeah.  It was expensive, but I didn’t care.  It’s worth it for Angela.  (He closes the ring box).

Mona: (smiling) So, what are you getting me?

Tony: (sarcastic) Ha-ha. Very funny, Mona.

Angela: (calling out from the living room) Tony!

Scene closes with Tony putting the ring back in the food cabinet.
WTB Intro and Theme
Act One Scene 1: The Kitchen- Mona and Sam are seated at the kitchen table nibbling on a cookie a piece.  Tony continues putting freshly baked cookies on the cooling racks on the table.
 Angela: (walking in and seeing all the cookies) I thought something smelled good.  What’s all this for?

Tony: (sarcastically) Angela didn’t anyone ever tell you that Christmas was not the time to ask questions?

Angela: (giving him a sarcastic look) Well…

They give each other two pecks on the lips.

Tony: If you must know, these are for your agency Christmas party.

Angela: Oh, Tony you didn’t have to do that.  We have refreshments lined up.

Tony: I know that, Angela, but I thought these would be a nice touch.

 Angela: (looks at her watch and then at Mona) Mother, we better go.  We have a meeting with the new client.

Mona: (gets up from her chair) Okay.

Angela: (looks at Tony) We’ll be home for dinner.  (She kisses him).

Mona grabs two cookies and bites into one of them.

Tony: Mona, watch it!  You already had one.
Mona: ( shrugs her shoulders and looks innocent; with a mouthful) Sorry.

Mona and Angela start out the side door.

Mona: (having swallowed her bite of cookie) So, what are you getting me this year?

Angela: Nice try, Mother.

The door closes

Sam: Dad, Angela is gonna die when you give her that ring.

Tony: Yeah, we’ve spent seven wonderful Christmases together, but I wanted to do something really special for our first Christmas as a couple.

Sam: Dad, it’s gonna blow her away. You’re probably gonna make her cry.

Tony: (smiles) Ya think?

Sam: Well, it’s like I said when you two first got together.  (She gets up from her chair)  You’re like love sick teenagers.

Tony: (aggressive) Samantha!

Sam: (laughs while getting up from her chair) Well, I’ll see you later Dad.  I need to finish up my Christmas shopping.

Tony: Okay, see you later, Sweetheart.

Sam: Bye, Dad.

Sam walks out the door.
 Act One Scene 2: The Living Room- Angela very discreetly opens the front door and pokes her head in the door.

Angela: (normal voice) Tony?  (She steps inside quietly with a shopping bag in her arms, shuts the door, and proceeds to walk quietly towards her study, but stops at the couch).

Tony walks in from the kitchen and startles Angela.

Tony: Hey I didn’t hear you come in.

Angela: That was sort of the idea, Tony.  Wh-what are you doing?

Tony: I’m making dinner.  What else would I be doing right now?  (He looks at the shopping bag she’s holding and smiles slightly) What’s in the bag?

Angela: (innocently and sarcastically) Tony didn’t anyone ever teach you that Christmas was not the time to ask questions?

Tony: (sarcastic) Oh, well, excuse me.  But let me tell you something.  I know something you don’t know.

Angela: (sarcastic) Well let me tell you something.  I know something you don’t know.

Tony gives her a playful look as they walk toward each other and put their arms around each other.

Tony: Oh, is that so?  Well let me tell you something I do know.  This is gonna be a great Christmas.

Angela: (smiles) Yeah, it’s our first Christmas as a couple.

Tony: (raises one eyebrow and lowers it again) I know.  That’s what’s gonna make it great.

They lean in and start kissing and Jonathan walks down the stairs and startles them.

Jonathan: Sam was right.  You guys are like love sick teenagers.

Angela: (seriously) Jonathan.

Mona comes in from the side door and walks toward the back of the couch and stops.  She’s wearing a Santa-like outfit, only it’s a dress.
Mona: (smiling) Well, what do you think?

Tony and Angela walk around to the back of the couch where Mona is standing.

Angela: What is that?

Mona: (smiling) I bought it this afternoon when we were out shopping.  It’s for the party.

Angela: Oh, no, you don’t.  You are not wearing that thing to the party.

Mona: (frustrated) Well, why not?  It’s not gonna hurt anything.

Angela: Mother, this is the agency Christmas party.  “Mr. Santa Claus” is not going to be there and you are not going dressed like Mrs. Claus.

Mona: (frustrated) Oh!

Jonathan: I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starved.

Tony: Yeah, let’s go eat.

Scene switches to the kitchen.

Everyone sits down at the table.  Tony puts the meal on the table and everyone begins to serve their plates and eat.

Mona: I don’t understand what the big deal is.  What’s wrong with my outfit?

Angela: Nothing is wrong with your outfit, Mother, but like I said, this party is for the agency staff and their families, not for a class of kindergarteners.  Besides, the new client and his family are going to be there, too, and I don’t want them to think we advertise for freak shows.

Mona: Oh, Angela, no one is going to think that!  They might actually think someone knows how to have fun.  It is a party, you know.

Jonathan: Yeah, Mom.  You need to lighten up.

Angela: (looking at Jonathan) That’s enough out of you, young man.

Tony: Come on, Angela.  Who’s it gonna hurt?  Everyone at your office knows what Mona is like anyway.
Mona: (insulted) Hey!

Tony: Mona, I didn’t mean anything bad by that.  I just mean that everyone knows how nutty you are.

Angela: That’s for sure.

Tony: Angela, Mona is not gonna hurt anyone by wearing that.  Let her have fun.

Camera turns to Angela with an unsure look on her face, chewing a bite of food.
Act One Scene 4: The Living Room- Tony is arranging things on some tables set up by the side door.  Sam and Jonathan come in from the kitchen, each carrying a plate of refreshments.

Sam: Where do you want these, Dad?

Tony: Right on the middle table.  We can arrange as we need to once everyone else brings their goodies.

Sam and Jonathan walk over and set the plates down on the middle table.  Sam goes back into the kitchen.

The doorbell rings and Tony goes to answer the door.  It’s Mrs. Rossini.
 Tony: Oh, Mrs. Rossini, it’s you.  Come on in.

Mrs. Rossini: (with an armload of presents, stepping inside the door) Yes, I know I’m a little early, but I brought everyone’s Christmas presents and I didn’t want to come in in front of everyone carrying these.  So I thought I’d come a little early.

Tony: (closes the door) That wasn’t necessary for you to do that, Mrs. Rossini.  (He takes some of the presents from her and walks towards the tree)

Mrs. Rossini: (following Tony to the tree) Oh, I know that, Tony.  I also thought I would see if I could help set up.

Tony: (puts the presents under the tree) Sure, Mrs. Rossini.  We could always use the help.  (he takes the rest of the presents she’s holding and puts them under the tree).

Mrs. Rossini: Oh, and my Christmas fudge is out in the car.

Jonathan: I’ll go get it for you.  (heads out the front door).

Mrs. Rossini: Thank you, Jonathan.  (To Tony) Now are you sure Angela said it was alright for me to come to this party?

Tony: Yes, I’m sure, Mrs. Rossini.  Angela told me to invite you special.

Mrs. Rossini: Well, that was very thoughtful of her.

Jonathan: (comes back in the front door, carrying two plates of fudge with plastic wrap) Should I put these on the middle table, Tony?

Tony: Yeah, that’s fine.

Sam: (comes in from the kitchen) Oh, hi, Mrs. Rossini.  You’re here already?

Mrs. Rossini: Yeah, I brought your Christmas presents and I came to help set up.

Sam: Oh, okay.  (To Tony) Oh, Dad, you need to show her Angela’s ring.

Tony: Oh, yeah.  I’ll be right back.  (He darts off into the kitchen).

Mrs. Rossini: What ring?

Sam: Dad got Angela her engagement ring for Christmas.

Mrs. Rossini: Really???

Sam: Yeah, they’ve been engaged about a month now and Dad thought it was about time she had one.

Jonathan: Yeah, wait til you see it.

Tony: (coming back in living room) Okay, here it is.  (he opens the ring box to show Mrs. Rossini the ring).

Mrs. Rossini: (surprised) Oh, my, Tony it is beautiful.  Where did you get it?

Tony: I got it at a shop downtown and I only looked at one other ring besides this. When I saw it, I knew it was the one.

Mrs. Rossini: Well it’s just beautiful, Tony.  Angela is going to love it.

Tony: (closes the ring box) Yeah, I’m gonna surprise her with it on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Rossini: Does she suspect anything?

Tony: Not a thing.

Mrs. Rossini: Angela is a lucky gal.

Tony: I don’t know, Mrs. Rossini.  I figure I’m the lucky one. Actually, I’m blessed to be able to love her.

Mrs. Rossini: Well, you’re both blessed to have each other.

Tony: That’s for sure.

Jonathan: (looking out the front window) Heads up guys.  Mom and Grandma are home.

Tony: I guess I better put this up.  (he goes off toward the kitchen)

Everyone scatters across the living room to look busy.

End of Act One
Act Two Scene 1: The Living Room- People are talking and mingling.  Tony comes in from the kitchen and goes over to Angela who is standing by the fireplace.

Tony: Everything seems to be going well.

Angela: Yes it does.

Mr. Jorganson, Angela’s new client, and his wife, Irene, walk over to Tony and Angela.

Mr. Jorganson: This is a great party.  We thank you for inviting us.

Angela: Well, thank you for coming.  I’m glad both of you could make it.  (gesturing towards Tony) I don’t believe you’ve met my fiancée, Tony Micelli.
Tony and the Jorgansons shake hands.

Tony: It’s a pleasure to meet you both.

Jonathan, Sam, and Mrs. Rossini wander over.

Angela: Oh, and (gesturing towards Jonathan) this is my son Jonathan, (gesturing towards Sam) Tony’s daughter Samantha, (gesturing towards Mrs. Rossini) and this is a family friend, Mrs. Rossini.

Mr. Jorganson: Well it’s great to meet all of you (gesturing towards his wife) and this is my wife, Irene.

Irene: (to Angela) You have a lovely home here.

Angela: Why, thank you.

Mona comes in the back door wearing her lady Santa outfit.

Mona: (smiling; loudly) Well, the life of the party is here.

Angela: (ducking her head in embarrassment and covering her eyes with her left hand) Oh, no.

Jonathan: I just knew Grandma was gonna do that.

Little Boy: (from across the room) Hey, Mommy, look!  It’s Mrs. Santa Claus.

Woman: No, honey, I’m afraid not.

Little Boy: (walks up to Mona) Hey lady, are you Mrs. Santa Claus?

Mona: No, not exactly…but I guess you could say I’m one of his helpers.  (walks over to Angela and everyone).

Angela: You just had to do that, didn’t you.

Mona: Oh, come on Angela, I’m having fun.

Angela: So, I see.

Sam: Hey, Mona, you look good.

Mr. Jorganson: Where did you get that?

Mona: I got it at a ladies fashion shop downtown when Angela and I were out shopping yesterday.  She didn’t know I bought it because I had it double bagged.

Angela: (to Mr. Jorganson) She’s the queen of the sneaks.

Mr. Jorganson: Hey, it just goes to show she knows how to have fun.

Mr. Jorganson and his wife walk off toward the food table.

Mona: (to Angela sarcastically) Told you so.

Angela: (shaking her head and smiling) You do look cute, Mother.

Mrs. Rossini: You know, if I’d have thought, I could’ve gotten one and we could’ve dressed like twins.

Mona: (smiling) Yeah, too bad you can’t think.

Angela: (calling out loudly) May I have everyone’s attention please?  (normal voice) I’m glad everyone could make it tonight.  We’ve had a wonderful year and we’re closing out the year by winning Mr. Jorganson’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie account.  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful job you’ve done and with the help of my Mother, the lady Santa Claus, we’ll hand out your Christmas bonuses.

Camera focus on Sam, Jonathan, and Mrs. Rossini

Sam: You know, Mona wouldn’t make a bad Mrs. Santa Claus.

Mrs. Rossini: (jokingly) Yeah, she’ll have to find a Mr. Santa Claus first.
Act Two Scene 2: The Hallway Upstairs- Tony comes out of his bedroom with an envelope in his hand.  He goes over to Angela’s bedroom door, knocks, drops the envelope at the foot of the door, then quickly heads off downstairs.

Angela opens the door and sees no one and looks puzzled.  She starts to shut the door and looks down and sees the envelope on the floor.  She picks it up, opens it, pulls out the note and reads:

Tony narrating:My dearest Angela, I don’t quite know exactly where to begin.  My heart is so full of joy and love for you I can hardly contain myself.  Words can hardly express how much I love you and how much you mean to me.  This Christmas is extra special because it’s our first Christmas as an official couple, so I made up my mind to make it extra special for you. If you will proceed downstairs to find me, I’ll be waiting with your Christmas surprise.  Love, Tony”

Angela folds the note and puts it back in the envelope and throws it in her bedroom.  She wipes her eyes and proceeds downstairs.  She finds Tony sitting in a chair by a lit fireplace along with the Christmas tree on and some instrumental Christmas music playing.  She walks toward Tony.

Tony: (stands up and goes to Angela) Merry Christmas, sweetheart.  (He puts his arms around her and kisses her).

Angela: (touched and surprised) Tony what is all this?

Tony: This is your Christmas surprise.  (motioning toward a bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses sitting by the phone) I have a bottle of champagne here. (He picks up the ring box that’s also sitting on the table) I also wanted to give you your Christmas present when no one else was around. (He sets the box back down)

Angela: (touched) You put all this together yourself?

Tony: Yeah, I wanted to make it extra special for you.  Why don’t we have a little sip of champagne and then I’ll give you your present.

Angela: Okay.

Tony: (pours champagne in both glasses and hands Angela her glass) A toast: to loving each other and being together forever.

Angela: (smiles) I’ll drink to that.

They clink glasses, each takes a sip, and then set the glasses back down on the table.

Tony: (picks up the ring box, takes Angela’s hand and walks her over to the fireplace and hands her the small box) Merry Christmas.

Angela: (taking the box and smiling) Thank you.  (She opens the box and seeing what’s inside it, her eyes open a little wider with tears welling up in them) Oh my…

Tony: I figured it was about time you got one since we’ve been engaged about a month now.  I thought it would be the perfect Christmas present.

Angela: (looks up at Tony with tears in her eyes) Oh Tony…  (looks back down at the ring) it’s beautiful.  I…

Tony: (taking the box from her) Here, let me help you put it on.  (He takes the ring out of the box and places it on her left hand ring finger).

Angela: (studying the ring) Oh Tony, it’s beautiful.  (looking up at him) Thank you.

Tony: I’m glad you like it.  Like I said, I wanted to get you something extra special.

Angela: (throws her arms around Tony) Oh Tony, I love you so much.  Thank you for this.

Tony: I love you, too, sweetheart, more than you’ll ever know.

They pull back a little, then begin kissing passionately.

Angela: (breaking the kiss) Well, it’s only fitting that I give you your present now.  (She gets a present from under the tree) Do you remember when we almost sold the house and you showed me the writing on the wall behind the refrigerator?

Tony: Yeah, I remember.  I’ve since covered it up, too.

Angela: (smiles) Well, (handing him the present) this kind of goes along with that.

Tony rips the wrapping paper off a box, opens the box, and pulls out a wooden sculpture that reads: “Angela Loves Tony”.  He studies it.

Tony: (awe-like tone; very touched) Wow…Angela …th-this is the best.  (He sets it down in a chair by the fireplace and puts his arms around Angela) Thank you.

Angela: You’re welcome.

Tony: (breaking the hug) I want to keep this up in my room next to my bed so that I can see it every morning when I wake up.

Angela: (smiles) Merry Christmas, Tony.

Tony: Merry Christmas, Angela.

They hug, share a tender kiss, then continue hugging.

End of Act Two
Act Three Scene 1: The Living Room- There is torn wrapping paper and open boxes scattered around.  Everyone is still in pajamas and robes.  Mona, Sam, and Jonathan are on the couch and Tony is sitting in the chair to the right of the couch with Angela sitting in his lap.

Sam: (holding up a purple sweater) Oh, Dad it’s beautiful.  Thank you so much!

Tony: (smiling) You’re welcome, sweetheart.

Sam: (smiling) So Angela, what do you think of your ring?

Angela: (smiling) Oh, it’s just beautiful.  (She holds her hand up and looks at the ring).

Sam: Were you surprised?

Angela: I sure was.  I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I guess that’s what makes it so special.

Sam: Well, now all you have to do is plan the wedding.

Tony: Oh, don’t worry.  We’ll get to it.

Mona: Yeah, and when you do, you’ll change your minds about everything.

Tony: What do you mean by that?

Mona: Well, it always happens when it comes to planning a wedding.  First you decide on roses for flowers, then on carnations.  Then it’s the matter of where to go on the honeymoon.  First you decide on Florida, then the Bahamas, then…

Angela: Okay, Mother, we get the point.

Jonathan: Well, one thing is for sure.  This Christmas has been full of surprises.

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