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24. It Happened One Summer II [ - ]
by folle
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Transcript from the broadcast version of It Happened One Summer.

Who's the Boss?
Episode #24 - It Happened One Summer (Part 2)

Scene 1: Mona writing in her journal in the cabin.

Mona: (her thoughts) Dear Diary. We’re all here at Camp Kataba to pick up Jonathan, who’s a little home sick. On our way up, we learned something very strange. Angela and Tony each had their first kiss at a place near here called Kissing Rock.

(scene clip)

Sam: Wait a minute, I may be way off on this, but you gotta admit, the stories do sound alike! I mean, the moon, and the rock, and the… (Sam makes kissing noises)

(end clip)

Mona: then, this afternoon, Tony and Angela disappeared from camp.

(scene clip)

Tony: Angela, I found it, I found it. (Angela rushes over) Anthony…and…Ingrid.

Ang: Ingrid!?! Ingrid?

Tony: Well, wasn’t us.

(lightening strikes and Angela jumps into Tony’s arms. He quickly lets her go)

(end clip)

Mona: And that’s when our old friend fate stepped in, drawing the two of them together.

(scene clip)

Tony: It’s not like I’m holed up in a small motel in a thunderstorm with…Ingrid. I mean, ay, if I was with Ingrid there might me trouble. Yo, Ing. Come here baby.

Ang: Tony. I’m Ingrid.

(end clip)

Mona: I know something’s going on. I just wish I knew what.

Scene two: Tony and Angela in the motel. Tony is in the main room, dressed in only a towel. Angela is in the bathroom.

Ang: Tony! Are you ready?

Tony: For what? What, have we got dinner reservations?

Ang: I’m coming out now! (the bathroom door opens)

Tony: (looking at his towel) I’m coming out a little bit myself here. (the bathroom door slams shut)

Tony: Come on, Angela, I’m just kidding…I’m uhm, I’m…you know, come on out here, come on…come on…

(Angela comes out of the bathroom wrapped elegantly in a sheet)

Tony: Woah! So, that’s what they mean by a fitted sheet. (Tony stares at her approvingly)

Ang: (laughing uncomfortably) Yes! Well! Here we are. All undressed and no place to go. (Angela grabs the blanket off the bed and tries to tie it to the light fixture)

Tony: What…what are you doing?

Ang: Well, I thought I’d tie one corner of the bed spread up here and then we could tie the other one maybe down here and then we’d both have a little privacy. Like, ah, in It Happened One Night.

Tony: Ooh, that’s great Claudette. But, uhm, that was in the ‘30s.

Ang: Tony, privacy never goes out of style.

Tony: Angela look, come on, if you’re worried about you and me and you know, that kiss was a long time ago. I mean, that was then and this is now.

Ang: Right. This is now and that was then.

Tony: Right, so I mean we were just two hot-blooded kids then. But we’re adults now, right? So we’ll just relax now and have some fun! (Tony sits down next to Angela on the narrow bed) Not too much fun! We’ll watch TV!

Ang: That’s a good idea.

Tony: Angela, we got it made! They got cable here!

Ang: Great! This won’t be so bad. I love those old movies…or the ballet!

Tony: (twirls around like a ballerina, towel flying open) Ohh, don’t do that.

Ang: (pretending not to notice) Ah, perhaps a foreign film with subtitles.

Tony: I love subtitles. They’re my favorite.

(They turn on the TV and sit down on their respective beds. Soon they both realize that all that is on the motel TV is an adult film. We hear the noise. Angela watches intently)

Tony: I don’t think we need subtitles for this, huh?

Ang: Oh my God!

Tony: You, uh, want me to change the channel? Angela?

Ang: Is that an extra person with that couple?

Tony: I think it’s the lifeguard!

Ang: I didn’t know you could give CPR like that!

Tony: Well, wow, so much for TV.

(Tony & Angela grab the bed spread and try to hang it up again as a room divider)

Tony: Over here?

Ang: Yes!

Scene three: The cabin. The kids are milling about. Mona is on the top bunk.

Mr. W: Jonathan, your Mother is safe at the Hidden Hollow Motel, room 12. Samantha, your father is safe at the Hidden Hollow Motel, room 12. (to Mona) Do you notice what I notice?

Mona: (from the top bunk) Yeah, you’re losing your hair.

(kids laugh)

Mr. W: All right campers, tomorrow morning there’s a nature hike at 10. You’d better wear your long pants because (shivering) there’s lots of bugs and and frogs and and crawly things.

(Mr. Wormser exits)

Boy 2: That Wormser is a total geek.

Boy 1: Yeah, what a squid!

Boy 2: Let’s short sheet his bed!

Mona: Boys, I am ashamed of you. I expected better things of you. (The boys look ashamed). We’ve got to nail that geek!

Sam: Let’s try to thing of something that will drive him up the wall…but won’t leave any scars.

Mona: Well, there goes my idea. Hmm, wait a minute. He hates slimy things…Jonathan…

Scene four: Back at the motel

Ang: You know, Tony, it is amazing how little there is to do in a motel when you don’t want to…watch TV.

Tony: (on the floor doing pushups) Ever think of doing pushups?

(there’s a knock at the door)

Attendant: Room service!

Tony: I got it, I got it.

(Tony answers in the towel, out of breath. The attendant has something under his raincoat)

Attendant: I didn’t mean to interrupt anything here.

Tony: You’re not, you’re not.

Attendant: (to Angela) I thought I’d, uh, turn down the bed but I see you’re already wearing yours. Oh, by the way, I thought you might like some dinner.

Tony & Angela: Oh thank you!

Attendant: But we didn’t have any. (to Tony) So I brought you some pajamas. (to Angela) And I brought you some socks.

Ang: (sarcastically) Oh, how thoughtful.

Attendant: (to Tony) Don’t lose the jammies, they’re the only pair I’ve got.

Ang: Oh, won’t you be needing them?

Attendant: No, I sleep buck naked.

(Attendant exits)

Tony: (giggling, holding the pajamas while Angela holds the socks) Well, let’s change!

Ang: Tony!

Tony: What? What? All right, all right, all right, I’ll flip you for the top.

Ang: Cute.

Tony: OK, which bed do you want, the east wing or the west wing?

Ang: Ahh, I’ll take this one.

Tony: OK.

(they go into their separate sides of the room, divided by the sheet)

Ang: Knock, knock! If you need me, I’ll be in my room changing. Ha ha!

(Tony just looks at her, like she’s silly. They change, Angela into the top and Tony into the bottom)

Ang: Well, goodnight.

Tony: Goodnight Angela.

(Angela giggles)

Tony: What?

Ang: Nothing!

Tony: Come on, you can’t laugh and say nothing. That sounded like something.

Ang: (still laughing) It was nothing. (laughing louder)

Tony: (flips on the lights) Angela, that sounded like something.

Ang: Well, I was just thinking about that night at Kissing Rock and you thought you were so cool and you had sweaty palms.

Tony: I did not!

Ang: Yes, you did!

Tony: Oh yeah, well I’ll tell you something, I cut my lip on your braces.

Ang: Oh, I’m sorry!

Tony: That’s ok. It was worth it.

Ang: Well, goodnight.

Tony: Goodnight Angela.

(Tony giggles)

Ang: What?

Tony: Nothing!

Ang: Tony, you are just doing that to get even.

Tony: You’re right. But no, no…really, I did just remember something. You know, I was thinking about that night at Kissing Rock, how terrific you smelled. I mean, that was some great perfume you were wearing that night.

Ang: Tony, that wasn’t perfume. It was insect repellant.

Tony: You ought to wear it more often!

(Angela pulls back the sheet between them)

Ang: Tony, that is so sweet! Do you know that my husband could never remember our anniversary and you remember that 20 years ago I wore BugOff.

Tony: (grinning at her) That’s the kind of guy I am.

Ang: You know, I always wondered about that boy. You know, who he was and if he ever thought about me.

Tony: Oh yeah, he did. I mean I did. I used to wonder how your teeth turned out. Now I know, they turned out terrific.

Ang: Thank you. (awkward silence) Well, I guess it’s getting late. I’d better go back to my room.

Tony: (with a knowing glance) Maybe you’d better. (Angela reaches over to move the sheet). I’ll help you.

Ang: Goodnight Tony.

Tony: Goodnight Angela.

(the sheet falls to the floor unexpectedly & thunder rolls)

Scene five: The motel room. Angela flips the light on.

Ang: Did you touch that sheet??

Tony: Of course I didn’t!

Ang: Well, you know what Mother would say. That there’s some great force pulling us together.

Tony: The only force at work in this room is gravity! (Tony & Angela rush to pick up the sheet)

Ang: I’ve got it.

Tony: You do have to admit though it is quite a coincidence that I would end up working for Ingrid.

Ang: Ingrid. Kind of silly of me to lie about my name.

Tony: Yeah well, don’t feel so bad. If it makes you feel any better, I told a little white lie myself.

Ang: Oh?

Tony: Well, I-I-I knew you were 13, and I, I didn’t know if, you know, I thought maybe you wouldn’t go out with me if you knew, well if you knew that…

Ang: …if I knew what?

Tony: How much older you were, than me.

Ang: Older?? How much older? (Tony looking really guilty) How old were you?

Tony: (looking proud) I was 11.

Ang: (falls to the bed) My first grown-up kiss was with an 11 year old!

Tony: (coming to her side) Ay oh oh ay ay, wait a minute. I didn’t hear you complaining that night. You hung in for 57 seconds. (laughing)

Ang: You were counting?

Tony: Angela! Was I counting! What, what kind of guy do you think I am! Wouldn’t that be a little insensitive of me? (Tony finally gets the sheet hung back up & gets in bed) Bruce Weineberger had a stopwatch in the bushes.

Ang: (angry) What??

Tony: You’re going to get a big kick out of this Angela. You see, you know, it’s funny. This is what I think is the basic difference between boys and girls. You went back to your bunk and told all the girls how romantic it was. And I went back to my bunk and collected my bet.

(Angela furious, pulls back the sheet and jumps over to Tony’s side of the room. Tony jumps out of bed)

Ang: That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of!

Tony: What? You didn’t get a kick out of it?

Ang: Tony, you took an innocent memory of two lovely children and turned it into something shabby and tawdry and…stinky!

(Angela flings herself onto her bed)

Tony: Angela, I mean, don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit here?

Ang: No I am not overreacting! I thought of you as a man with sensitivity, not as a womanizer and a stopwatcher!

Tony: Oh come on Angela, we were 13! (again proud) Well, I was 11.

Ang: And a liar! This conversation is over. I am going to bed. (Angela gets in bed)

Tony: You want me to hang up the sheet again?

Ang: We don’t need it. There’s a wall between us that goes beyond sheets.

Scene six: The Motel Room, middle of the night. Angela wakes up with something dripping on her face.

Ang: You dirty rotten…

Tony: Oh come on Angela, I said I was sorry, lighten up.

Ang: It’s not you. It’s the dumb ceiling. It’s leaking on me.

Tony: Oh, you’re kidding. Well, can I help?

Ang: (still annoyed with him) What are you going to do, time the drips?

(all of a sudden the ceiling caves in onto Angela’s bed)

Tony: (looking at his watch) It’s about 5 seconds, Angela.

(Tony gets back in bed)

Scene seven: The Camp cabin. Mona, Sam and some campers are looking out the window.

Sam: Here they come!

Mona: Now I know how Ma Barker felt when her boys came back from a job! (opening the door for Jonathan and the other boys) Come on gang!

Jon: We’re back!

Mona: Tell us all about it! And don’t leave out the disgusting parts, huh?

Boy 1: He put frogs in Wormie’s bed!

Boy 2: And he put a humongous snake in his foot locker!

Boy 1: All right Bower! You were awesome!

Boy 2: Yeah, you’re really sneaky and rotten!

Jon: Thank you!

Mona: Well, it runs in the family.

Scene eight: The Motel room

Tony: Look, Angela, forget about that bed. You take my bed, I’ll catch some z’s in the chair.

Ang: (still mad) No, it’s perfectly all right. I’ll just sleep leaning up against the wall.

Tony: Come on Angela, huh, you’re not a horse. Take the bed.

Ang: I don’t want your bed.

Tony: Angela, take the bed!

Ang: I don’t want the bed!

Tony: Take the bed!

Ang: I don’t want to argue! I’ll take the bed!!

Tony: Thank you!

Ang: You’re welcome! (gets in the bed)

Tony: That bed’s no good anyway. It’s too soft. This chair is nice and firm. Are you kidding me, I’m going to be real fine over here nice and firm. Nice and firm. (leans back against the wall and falls out of the chair).

Ang: Oh! Tony! Tony! Are you all right? Tony! You fell out of the chair onto the floor!

Tony: (sarcastically) Thanks Angela, I’d have never pieced that one together without you!

Ang: Oh, are you all right?

Tony: Yeah, I think I broke the floor with my head!

Ang: Oh. Wait, I’ll get a damp cloth. (takes the wet sheet from her bed) Sit down. (dabs his head) Is that better?

Tony: Yes Angela, but the bump’s on the other side. What am I doing with this?

Ang: Tony, I’m sorry if I overreacted about Kissing Rock. It’s just that it was very special to me.

Tony: It was very special to me too, Angela.

Ang: To you it was just a bet.

Tony: Come on, hey, I mean that’s – that might have been the way it started out, but it’s not why I carved your name in the rock. I mean, ay, the money’s gone, but your name’s still there. Well, not your name, Ingrid’s.

(Tony and Angela stare at each other)

Tony: Well, I guess I’ll hit the chair and try not to hit the floor. (to the chair) You.

Ang: Tony?

Tony: Yeah?

Ang: It’s all right. You can sleep here. (referring to the one dry bed)

Tony: (pointing back and forth between himself and Angela) I can sleep there?

Ang: Uh, huh. Because nothing’s going to happen…and because we’re both adults…and because…

Tony: ...because things are pretty good between us the way they are.

Ang: Right, although, things could probably be good between us…the way they aren’t.

Tony: They’d be great.

Ang: Yes they would.

Tony: But, they would not be the same, and I am not willing to risk losing what we’ve got.

Ang: Right. So, we don’t need any sheets between us. We’ll just get into this bed.

Tony: This…narrow bed…

Ang: …and go…to sleep.

Tony: I got a headache anyway…

(Tony and Angela get in the bed)

Tony: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…mistake.

Ang: (obviously tense) See how easy this is?

Tony: (even more tense) It’s a piece of cake!

Ang: Goodnight Tony.

Tony: Goodnight Angela.

Scene nine: Next morning, back at camp. Sam is sweeping, Mona is cleaning the bathroom.

Mona: I am a guest here. How did I draw latrine duty?

Sam: What do you expect, Mona, Wormser made out the duty roster.

Mona: Oh? Well then, I don’t feel so bad about putting saran wrap over his toilet bowl! Here we go Cinderella!

(outside Sam, Mona, Tony and Angela meet up & greet)

Mona: What have you two been up to?

Ang: Oh, well, Tony carved the name of the girl he kissed into Kissing Rock, and so…we went…there.

Tony: I carved her name.

Mona: And, uhm…was it you two?

Tony: Well, to tell you the truth Mona, it was, it was me...and…uhm…Ingrid. Right Angela?

Ang: Right Tony.

(Enter the campers. Angela tries to hug Jonathan)

Jon: Please Mom, not in front of the guys.

Ang: Ooh, I’m sorry honey – fella.

Tony: Hey, hey, hey champ, where are you going? You know we’re going to be cutting out of here in about an hour.

Jon: I’m staying here. Bye Mom, see ya!

Ang: What happened to “I miss my Mommy”?

Tony: Hey uhm, Mona, I got a feeling something went on here last night that we’re not aware of.

Mona: I got the same feeling about you two.

Sam: Come on, Mona, let’s pack ‘em up and move ‘em out.

Mona: Ingrid?

(Sam and Mona enter the cabin, leaving Tony and Angela alone outside)

Ang: Well, that was…some night.

Tony: Yeah it was. And I learned something very important about myself Angela. I’d have made a great monk.

Ang: The best.

Tony: Thanks. Ay ay, that’s not all I learned. I learned something very important about you too.

Ang: What’s that?

Tony: You got very warm toes.