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A Day in the Life of Samantha [ - ]
by Rurry
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Hi, my name is Samantha Micelli. Let's spend the day together!

Every day I wake up for school at around 7:00 AM. My alarm goes off and If im still asleep my dad will come and wake me up. But today, i'm up bright and early.

After I wake up, I go watch TV with Jonathan for a little while as my dad cooks breakfast.

"Sam, Jonathan...breakfast is ready!" he shouts when he's done. Today it happens to be scrambled eggs...one of my favorite foods. Jonathan doesnt like it as much as I do, though.

After I eat breakfast, I brush my teeth, get dressed, and i'm ready to go to school. When Marici's dad comes to pick me up....I go to school!

Im in the 7th grade at Fairfield Jr. High. Before school starts, I talk to my friends (Bonnie, Marcie, Julia, and Robin) for a little while, When the homeroom bell rings, im off for homeroom

After homeroom I go to Social Studies, my 1st period class. Chad McKeen...a boy I have a crush on...... is in all of my classes. He'll come up A LOT in the story...by the way

During Social Studies I dream of Chad McKenn while i'm paying attention to the teacher. Somehow I manage to do both. I wish he liked me as much as I like him

2nd period I have English, then Reading 3rd period, 4th period I have Art, 5th period is lunch, my favorite period. My dad packed me a delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwich...chips..and an apple. I eat..talk...and all of that stuff until the bell rings for the next 3 periods.

After my afternoon classes, it's time to go home and do my homework..then when Angela and Mona come home around 5 I talk to them a little bit...about things my dad wouldnt really understand.

Today the topic is Chad McKenn and how I can get him to like me. Angela suggested that I try to be friends with him first, and Mona suggests that I go right up to him and say "Hey Babe, let's get together.". I cant decide what advice to choose, as usual.

After that it's usually time for dinner- my dad always whips up something great and everyone loves it.

After dinner, I think long and hard about my life...and whatever is in my mind right now. I think about my mom...my grandfather in jail.....and..well...Chad McKenn.

After a few other things I go to bed.

You've just expericenced a day in the life of me, Samantha Micelli...I hope you enjoyed it!!