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Aimer Dan La Ville Atlantique [ - ]
by shestheboss
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Forewarning: I rushed this one. Please forgive me. This is not my best work I must admit, Enjoy,though.

Aimer dans la Ville Atlantique

Who knew Atlantic City could be so romantic? Dateless Tony and Angela decide to take a weekend trip to Atlantic City on Valentine’s. But when there, both get drunk and end up doing something they could regret. Will we finally hear the Wedding Bells we’ve wanted to hear? And now the show..err, story…



“Oh, I don’t know, Tony. New Jersey on Valentine’s weekend? I’m not too sure.” Angela flops herself on the living room couch. In truth there was nothing she’d like better than to spend a romantic weekend alone with her best friend in the whole world. Lately her and her best friend-Tony- who also happened to be her housekeeper, had been growing closer and closer. And what better chance to finally work up the nerve to tell him how she felt than when their kids were going to be out of the house, and her mother would be literally tied up with numerous dates? But something inside her hated the idea of being forced into this position.

“C’mon, Angela.” Tony whined in that cute way he does. “Atlantic City is perfect. So, we don’t got dates. At least we could maybe make some money on Valentine’s day. Ya know, hittin’ the casinos. Best of all, we wouldn’t have to see any of our friends or family celebratin’ the pointless holiday with their significant others.”

“It does sound better than being in New York on such a stupid commercial holiday. I don’t know. It could be alright. It’s been a long time since I took a shot at the slots. Maybe they owe me. Alright, we’ll go. There’s no reason not to. Samantha and Mother both have dates, and Jonathan’s going on the ski trip to Vermont with his buddies.” Angela recalled what everyone else in the household was doing that weekend. Funny how she and Tony seemed like the only two people in the world who didn’t have plans. Maybe that was a sign?

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” Tony smiles widely as he joins Angela on the couch. “ Ay-oh, we could be lonely pathetic recluses together!”

“Oh, Tony. You really know the words to melt a girl’s heart.” Angela winks and smiles, glad for the distraction. Or maybe this was going to be the thing that would be distracting.


“Come on, Angela. Let’s hit it, let’s move it, let’s do it. The City won’t wait.” Tony calls up the stairs that Friday night. It hadn’t taken them long to plan their trip. Simply making hotel reservations, transportation arrangements and notifying the family, and they were ready. Now Angela was taking what seemed like hours to get ready.

“I’m coming.” The all -familiar- to -Tony voice called down the stairs. Tony was surprised to see Angela bounce down the stairs in a simple black sleeveless that suited her perfectly, the only thing accenting her being her suitcase. Tonight she seemed much more relaxed than she normally was on a stressful work day, and it showed in her radiance.

“Wow!” Tony laughs lightly, deliberately closing his mouth. “ Don’t you look nice. What’s the fancy dress for?”

Angela shrugs it off as she passes Tony at the bottom of the stairs and goes to examine herself in the hall mirror. “It’s a very simple dress, really. I just thought I’d look nice for the casinos.”

“Oh, will they be watchin’ you? I didn’t know slot machines could date.” Tony says sarcastically.

“Well maybe they can’t, but the handsome ,rich business men playing them can.”

“Ay-oh, oh-ay!” Tony interjects as Angela puts on her coat. “I thought this was gonna be our weekend?”

He almost looked hurt as he stood and buttoned his jacket.

Angela gives Tony a consoling look. “ You’re right. And it will be. But I figure there’s no harm in looking nice the day before Valentine’s day. Who knows, maybe someone might be interested in…what I have to offer.” Angela winks as she opens the door.

“That’s what I’m afraid of!” Tony scolds as he follows Angela out the door. And it was true. Tony didn’t want to admit it, but he was interested. But Angela wouldn’t be offering anything but a pay check and a warm smile to Tony if she found someone else this weekend. Maybe there was something he could do to prevent that from happening…


“You mean to tell me that after everything that has happened already tonight, you want to go upstairs to go to bed?”

Tony nods sheepishly. “ I know you’re still mad about the hotel messin’ up our reservations and all, but I really don’t feel well suddenly.”

Angela stares hard at Tony, trying to locate his illness on his face. “Oh, alright.” Now she was starting to feel sorry for Tony, and guilty for having gotten mad at him when he asked if he could go to their room and lie down. “ Come on, let’s get you lying down, then.” Angela places her hand softly on his forearm and begins guiding him through the crowded casino like a child.

Tony couldn’t believe how well his plan was working. He felt bad about dragging Angela away from the fun and excitement, but he really didn’t want her mingling with those “handsome, rich businessmen”, least of all when she looked as good as she did tonight. Truth be told, he really did feel like he was running a fever. Earlier in the week the prospect of spending a weekend alone with Angela seemed more than good. Now he was having doubts. He had been working for Angela for over six years now, and it was growing harder and harder not to be around her. Or was it harder to be around her? He couldn’t decide. He wanted Angela to be his. He didn’t want to flirt with or date any other woman, and he was sick of pretending he liked to just to assure his family he was still normal. Truth be told, he had had feelings for Angela right from the beginning. There had always been something different about her. Maybe it was that she was out of his league. He always heard the song “She’s Like the Wind” when he thought of a relationship with her. She was a well-off, high-class, intelligent advertising executive who was out of his league, not to mention she was his boss and just about the best friend he had. But then there was always things that made it seem like the possibility of them being a couple could happen. Like when they shared a tender kiss, or the occasional time when she told him how much he meant to her. But it was always so hard for him to tell her how he felt because he never thought it was his place. He felt like if he told her how much he wanted her, he’d be taking advantage of her whilst risking destroying their friendship-two things he was adamantly opposed to doing. There were times when Angela just seemed like any other woman. Well, not just any-the best. The times where’d they cuddle on the couch when watching one of their favourite old movies, or at dinner time when the two of them would ask about how their children’s day of school went. That was the problem. They were practically a family, but didn’t get to experience the joy of being together like husband and wife. And then there were the times where Angela would bring one of her dates home-one of those handsome, rich businessmen- and Tony would remind himself just how far out his league she was. How could he compete with Joe Perfect? He was just an ex-jock who kept house for the woman he secretly longed for. And so the round-about cycle of arguments began in his head once again: How could he live with her when all he wanted to do was kiss her and show her how much she meant to him, yet how could he live without her if she told him he was crossing that invisible line set up between them?

“Tony, I’m sorry if I was cross with you. I know it’s your not fault the hotel lost our reservations and we had to take the only available room left.” Angela’s apology had broken Tony’s train of thought.

“It’s okay. Right now I just want to get to bed.” And at the moment, he truly meant it. They hadn’t been in Atlantic City and hour and he was already feeling dizzy from all the noise and people. Or maybe it was Angela’s incredibly enticing perfume and the fact that he’d have to spend two days and two whole nights with the only woman in the world he truly wanted to be honest with, but couldn’t be?


“At least it’s a big enough room.” Angela concludes when they step into their room a few minutes later. It was one of those honeymoon suites with an attached kitchen, small sitting room and large bathroom-and of course a bedroom. Tony and Angela had already decided that Tony would take the sitting room couch so that Angela could have the bed. Despite everything, their weekend could still be good.

Tony nods as he sits himself on the couch.

“I didn’t bring any Tylenol or anything, but I can go down to the drugstore if you’d like. “ Angela offers, stepping into the kitchen.

“That’s alright. I’ll be okay.” Now Tony really was developing a headache. Like usual, he couldn’t get Angela out of his head.

Angela comes back into the main room carrying a small bowl of water with a cloth in it. “Here. Lie back.” She encourages, sitting on the opposite side of the couch and crossing her long legs as she sits. She begins dabbing Tony’s warm head with the cool water.

He grimaces and reaches out to take the cloth from her. He didn’t like her playing nurse to him. It only made them too close. “Here, I can do it.”

“Okay,” Angela reluctantly breaks the contact and hands Tony the cloth. She shifts back to the end of the couch. “ Can I get you anything else?” She felt so bad that Tony wasn’t feeling well on his one weekend off. She had hoped they would be able to take in a couple of shows, gamble a bit, and maybe even have some time to talk about their relationship. She always had the sense that Tony was frightened of being close to her. And that made her doubt his feelings. But she knew they had something special. She wanted to know for sure how Tony felt about her. It seemed like the only way for that to happen was for her to make the first move. Then he’d have to tell her how he felt. But what if it wasn’t what she wanted to hear? What would happen then? Well, it didn’t matter because she wasn’t about to make any kind of move tonight.

“Nah. I’m fine. Look, it’s already gettin’ late. Why don’t you hit the slots for a while before it gets too late?” Tony sits up and removes the cloth from his forehead.

“Oh no!” Angela jumps up. “ You think you can get rid of me that quickly?” She laughs heartily. “ We have all tomorrow and Sunday to go to the casinos. Tonight I just want to be with you.” Realizing what she just said, she quickly corrects herself. “ I mean, I don’t want to go without you.”

“ Angela, we can’t gamble on Sunday. That’s just wrong. Are you sure you wanna give up your night?” Tony asks. He decided he was done with his game of trying to keep Angela to himself. It wasn’t fair to her that her weekend had to be ruined. And it was selfish and boastful to think she’d want to be with him, anyway.

Angela nods. “ Yep. We can have a nice quiet night in here. It’ll be much more fun than that stuffy casino. Just let me get into something more comfortable and then maybe we can find something to watch on t.v.”

Tony’s eyes widened. His skin was flushed and he was sweating now, but he had a feeling it wasn’t this fever that had suddenly caught him.


By the time Angela had taken a shower and gotten ready, Tony was sitting on the couch, flipping through channels on the t.v, looking for a movie they could watch together.

“How are you feeling?” Angela asks as she enters the sitting room from the bedroom. She wore a modest nightgown underneath her robe, and Tony was actually glad she was no longer wearing that distracting dress.

“Alright.” Tony stops his channel surfing and motions for Angela to join him on the couch. “They’ve got cable. We’ve got it made. Now, it’s lady’s choice so do you wanna see Casablanca, It Happened One Night, Singin’ in the Rain or The Way We Were?”

“They have all of those ?” Angela asks, obviously surprised, as she takes her seat.

“It’s our lucky night.” Tony winks.

“Hmmm…decisions, decisions. Why don’t you pick? After all, you’re the sick one.”

“Okay… Then I choose It Happened One Night. Is that alright with you?”


“Okay.” Tony agrees as he changes the channel to the station airing the movie. He settles back against the couch, feeling slightly better than before. He wasn’t sure why he had suddenly came down with a fever. Maybe it’s was his punishment for wanting to pretend to have one. He had a feeling it wasn’t the flue, though. More of an exhausting feeling from all those sleepless, restless night he had spent dreaming about the woman beside him. All those nights he’d wake up and turn to look at his other pillow expecting to see Angela’s sleeping face there, only to find it empty as it had always been. He sighs. How could be so doomed? Why couldn’t he just hold onto his heart and forget about her? Because she’s always been the only one for me, he thinks to himself.

During a commercial break about halfway through the movie, Angela gets up to get a drink. She fixes Tony a ginger ale that she found in the mini bar.

“Here, this’ll make you feel better.” Angela says as she comes back into the room and hands Tony a tall glass.

“Thanks. Hey, Angela, what was your best Valentine’s memory?” Tony enquires suddenly.

She sits down and ponders his question. “ I don’t know. I’ve never really cared much about Valentine’s day. It’s wonderful if you have a lover, but since I never seem to have one at this time, I try not to think about it too much.”

“Well, it’s not just for couples, Angela. It’s about bein’ with the people you love. I get Sam a Valentine every year that tells her how special she is to me. Of course, at her age she prefers the one from her current boyfriend.”

Angela smiles. “ I’m sure she loves it just the same. It isn’t easy when they grow up, is it? They go off with their friends to their parties and ditch us and leave us at home. Even Mother’s always busy. Kinda makes you wonder why we don’t have dates when we have all this spare time on our hands.” Angela laughs softly, but she wonders if it’s true.

“Well, work gets in your way. And I got school and the PTA and everythin’. And, ya know, then there are other things that stand in our way.” Tony trails off.

“Yeah,” Angela agrees nonchalantly. “ Oh well, we don’t need to have Valentines. We have each other.”

Tony smiles, imagining really being able to think of Angela as his Valentine. “ Yeah. So tomorrow we won’t be depressed on Valentine’s day.”

“That’s right.” Angela concludes. Then she moves a bit close to Tony and makes herself comfortable. For once she didn’t feel awkward. It was just like having one of their movie nights at home.


Tony had a strange feeling when he woke up later in the evening. He opens his eyes and glances around the room. This sure wasn’t his bedroom. It took him a few minutes to remember he was in a hotel attached to the casino. It took him even longer to realize he wasn’t alone. Angela’s head was gently resting against his shoulder and he could hear the faint hum of the t.v a few feet in front of him. They must have fallen asleep while watching the movie. Just like old times, Tony thought to himself. This time, however, he wasn’t going to carry Angela back to bed. At home he had always been afraid someone would see them like this. So every time he’d carefully pick her up and put her back to bed. But tonight he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing them. Sure he had to worry about Angela waking up and finding herself this way, but that was no big deal. For now he just wanted to lie back and enjoy the feel of the extra weight on his shoulder.