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A Kiss at Midnight [ - ]
by Princess_14
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Title: A Kiss at Midnight

Written By: Elaine

--Come on Angela…. you don’t have time for this-- Said Angela as she took a glance at the piles and piles of paper work lying on top of her desk. This had been the fifth time she had caught herself daydreaming about Tony that afternoon.

Tony and Sam had been living with them for three whole years now. It didn’t take her long though to fall for him. Anyone that had a man like Tony living in their house would have done something about it, but not Angela. Things worked slower for her. Unlike her mother, Angela had never been smart about love. Of course Angela was a smart, successful businesswoman, but when it came to her love life, things didn’t always work out the way she had planned.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by someone’s knock at her office’s door. “Hey Ang, may I come in?” That voice…a voice that hunted Angela and made her heart ache whenever she thought about him. It wasn’t enough that he had one of the sexiest bodies in the planet. But he also had the most sexy, deep voice that sent shivers throughout her spine whenever he spoke.

“C – Come in Tony”. Angela quickly fixed her hair and tried to stop the weird feeling that made her knees weak. Tony walked in her office to find the woman that made his heart skip a beat whenever he laid his eyes upon. ‘Gosh she is beautiful’ he thought as he looked at her smiling face. “So are you finished yet?” He looked at the enormous pile of paper she had on top of her desk, and realized what a stupid question he had just asked.

“Nah, but I’m sure I’ll be through with it by dinner time. So, what was it that you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh, I just wanted to talk to you about the Christmas dinner. Mrs. Rossini invited us to come over, but I think that maybe you’d want us to do somethin’ for the five of us. It’d be nice to have a family dinner and then spend some time together. Especially because we have been so busy lately. At least we’d have some quality time as a family”.

The truth was that Tony wanted this Christmas to be different. He wanted something to happen between him and Angela. He was tired of hiding his love for her, and pretending he was all right with it. If things went as he planned, this was definitely going to be a Christmas to remember.

“Sure, I’d love that. It’s going to be great”. Angela loved the fact that they were going to be together for the Holidays. Also, she would have some time alone with Tony. She most definitely didn’t like the fact of spending any holiday at Mrs. Rossini’s. Last time it had been a disaster. She felt like a total idiot. Angela knew she didn’t belong there. They were totally different from her. Not that that was the problem. It’s just that she didn’t like the fact none of them saw her as a potential wife for Tony. They’d also want to get him together with some distant friend and ruin all her chances.

“Tony, before you go. Can I ask you a question?” Angela knew that if she wanted anything between her and Tony to happen she’d have to do something about it. That’s how it had always been. She had to make the first move or else she’d never get anywhere in her life.

“Sure Angela. What is it?” He sounded a little more excited than he had intended to. Would she finally express her feelings? Would their relationship finally become more than what they had? ‘Probably not’ he thought. She was a successful woman; he was jus a Brooklyn guy that was nothing but her housekeeper.

“Well, I feel like we’re close enough to have this conversation. You’re also a guy so you'd definitely know the answer to my question. What do guys want from women?" Tony was speechless at first. From every possible thing he expected her to ask him, that not for once had crossed his mind. Sure it wasn't a personal question, but it felt like it since Angela was the one asking. It was also a question to which he didn't quite know how to answer.

“What do you mean Angela?”

“What do you mean, what I mean? What part of my question didn’t you get? What do men want from women? This is a question that every woman in the whole world will probably never know the answer to, ‘cause you men change your minds so often it’s kind of hard to keep up. There are days when we think we actually have a chance, it seems like we’re finally getting somewhere with you…but then the next day everything completely changes. I seriously don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve came to a point where it’s hopeless to try”.

Angela stormed out of the room living Tony lost in his thoughts. Everything seemed to be all right a moment ago. Now she was upset for some reason and he didn’t even know why.

“Ok, that I didn’t see coming…what the heck just happened here?” One moment they were talking about Christmas Eve and how they wanted to spend some time together. But all of a sudden Angela completely changed the subject. Was she talking about him? About them? Everything was just so confusing…


Angela ran upstairs to her room. What the heck did just happen to her? They were talking about spending time together and she just had to ruin it. Even though she really had been meaning to ask a guy that question, why did she have to ask the man that meant the world to her? She had made a complete fool of herself, and yet she still wanted him to tell her what he wanted from her. She had no idea of how to get him to notice her. She had put on sexy clothes to get him to look at her…it worked, but not the way she wanted it to. She noticed all the times he checked her out. But he never made a move. She was beginning to feel unattractive around him. Angela dried a tear with her thumb and made herself stop crying. She opened her big mouth, so now she’d have to deal with the consequences.

Tony decided not to go after her this time. She needed as much time to think as he did. He regretted the fact that he didn’t answer her question though. He should’ve told her that guys, or in this case… he needed love. Angela was perfect; she didn’t have to do anything to try to get his attention. There were times when she wore very revealing clothes, and he knew she wore them to get his attention. Yet he never made a move. He probably had ruined every chance he had. Now if he wanted something to happen between them, he’d have to do it himself.

Dinner was so quiet that Mona and the kids noticed something was wrong. Most of the times Tony and Angela wouldn’t stop talking, but today they were avoiding each other. Mona knew something like that would happen since neither one of them crossed that line. It was something she had feared from the beginning. Two people that are so in love with each other, that both are willing to keep on hurting for their friendship. One thing they didn’t realize though was that avoidance could cause them to fight over stupid things. Which would ruin all they had.


Days passed by and things seemed to be getting back to normal. Neither one talked about what had happened, but they couldn’t stop thinking about it either. It was finally Christmas Eve and everybody was busy doing something. Tony was busy in the kitchen. Angela was busy with paperwork; as usual, and decorations. Mona had been getting ready for a party she was going to after their dinner. Sam and Jonathan were both helping Angela with decorations and getting their mess clean.

“Hey Tony. Humm, it smells good in here. I’m starved. I’m going to go get ready. Do you need anything?”

“No thanks, I’m almost done. Come here, try this”. Tony held a spoon full of sauce that smelled really good.

“Tony…this is terrific! Can I have some more?” Tony got her another spoon full of sauce. Tony looked at Angela while she closed her eyes to savor the sauce. Some of it got in the corner of her mouth. Without thinking twice he brought her close to him. “You got some on you mouth still”. Angela closed her eyes again. She couldn’t believe they were finally going to share a kiss. A long kiss that both had wanted for so long. His lips were so tender and so soft at the same time. It was magical…but it was interrupted by Jonathan and Sam as they ran out through the back door.

Angela and Tony broke their kiss so quickly that the kids didn’t even get the chance to see it. Angela left the kitchen as fast as she could for she was as red as the red sauce she had tasted earlier. She wasn’t embarrassed or anything. She was just hot from the kiss… that was the effect he had on her. The only thing Angela needed right now was a cold shower ‘cause Tony had some explaining to do later that night. The only thing that Angela asked for was to have Tony this Christmas, and apparently this Christmas she’d finally have what she had always wanted.


Angela came down the stairs and found everything just perfect. She loved the Holidays; it brought so much joy and happiness. She also noticed a bunch of mistletoes around the house. She smiled to herself at Tony’s attempt to get a kiss from her, not that she wasn’t enjoying it. It made her feel special and good. The things she had dreamed of ware finally coming true.

After dinner Jonathan and Sam went to bed. Mona went out to celebrate Christmas her own way. Tony and Angela were finally left alone.

“So, what do you wanna do now?” Things always seemed to be complicated for Tony and Angela. Tony wanted to grab her and tell her how much he loved her as he kissed her soft lips…. But it was too awkward.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure, I’ve been meaning to tell you somethin’ ”

“Let’s go outside then. I want to take look at the moon and the stars”. Tony stood up and took Angela by the hand. As they got outside they stopped to gaze at the sky. They almost forgot they needed to talk.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!”

Tony turned around to face Angela. He cupped her face with his hand so she’d look into his eyes. “Not nearly as beautiful as you are”.

“Tony, about that kiss...did you really mean it?”

“Of course I did Angela. How can you doubt I would ever kiss you and not mean it?”

“I don’t know Tony. To tell you the truth I don’t know what to think anymore. Things have always been so weird between us. Let’s face it Tony, we’re not normal. I mean, any person would just tell the other one how they feel, but not me. I’m scared of telling you how much I love you. I don’t want to ruin what we have, but I want more, I need more. I love you so much it hurts to breath sometimes.”

“Angela, don’t say that. Don’t ever think that we’re going to lose what we have. I love you too much to let that happen. I guess we had the same problem. We care so much about each other that we rather keep our feelings inside. I can’t do that anymore though. I love you so much. There are no words to describe how I feel about you. All I know is that I want to be with you for the rest of my life”.

Tony brought Angela close to him again so they could kiss. Their kiss seemed to last forever. They were so caught up into each other’s embrace that they could’ve stayed like that forever. Tony looked into Angela’s brown eyes and saw passion and desire, exactly what he was feeling.

“ Merry Christmas Angela.”

“What?” Angela didn’t even realize it was midnight, Christmas day.

“It’s midnight already” Tony hugged Angela and kept her in his embrace.

“Marry Christmas Tony.” --- I finally got my Christmas gift--- Whispered Angela as she closed her eyes and imagined what life would be like from then on.

The End