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I Hope You Dance [Reviews - 27]
by shestheboss
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Author:Laura (she'stheboss) & Elaine (princess_14)


Synopsis: A young Tony and Angela meet at a very difficult time in both of their lives. Tony just lost his wife, and a pregnant Angela wants to divorse Michael.


"Oh, honey, I'm not really in the mood for a ball game." The tall, blonde ad-exec/ mother-to-be moans, placing a small hand across the bulge that represented her unborn baby.

"Oh, Angela. Come on," Michael prompts his wife by playfully punching her arm, a gesture Angela had grown to detest. "We'll have lots of fun. Plus, I've got to see my friend Joey up at bat. I promised him.And, it might be my last chance of the season, seeing as I have to go to the jungle in a few weeks."

Angela sighs. There was no point in arguing with Michael. Unlike her co-workers, with Michael it was a constant battle she was always losing."That brings me to another problem, Michael," Angela steadies hersef on the bed post and begins to walk out of the room, Michael close behind her." I wish you would give up that assignment and just stay here. You know, the doctor says it'll only be another few weeks and we'll have a brand new baby to take care of. I don't want to do it all by myself. To tell the truth, I'm a little scared."

Michael reaches out and takes Angela's elbow. "Sweetheart, we've been over this numerous times.Now, I have to take this job. We need the money and it'll be for the better. Besides, you shouldn't be worried. Your mother will stay with you until I get back.Now come on, we have a balll game to go watch. Come on." With that, Michael guides Angela down the stairs, not letting her get another word in.


"Come on, honey. I gotta get to the field before noon! " The tall,Italian baseball player calls up the stairs of the small, New York appartment.

"Just a sec, Ton'. I have to finish brushing Samantha's hair."Marie Micelli, Tony's wife replies.

Tony rolls his eyes, but smiles. Marie was such a great mother to their four, going on five year-old daughter, Samantha. Just then, a small bubblie little girl comes flying down the stairs, and right into Tony's arms. Tony wraps his arms protectively around his "pride and joy" and pauses to inhale the familiar scent of the lavender shampoo that his practically perfect wife used.Tony laughs when Sam looks questioningly into his eyes.

"Don't you think I look pretty, daddy?" Samantha smiles eagerly.

"Of course I do,sweetie." Tony begins to smother kisses all along his daughter's rosey face and brown hair.

"Well, well. The big tough second baseman does have a heart of mush." Marie smiles seductively as she descends the stairs.

Tony couldn't help but stop and smile. How was it that he was so lucky as to end up with a gorgeous wife, and daughter.?" Don't say that, honey. You'll ruin my reputation." Tony laughs and slowly unwraps his arms from around his daughter.

"Hmmm, and what reputation is that?" Marie teases.

"Well, word on the street is that I'm a great new ball player who just got accepted to the Cards'."Samantha quickly squirms our of Tony's arms and Tony puts an arm around the small of Marie's back and pulls her close.

"Well, word in the bedroom is that you're an incredibly handsome,sweet and devoting husband." Marie whispers against Tony's lips.

"Well, I wouldn't let ya down, would I?" Tony leans in and is about to kiss Marie when Samantha comes running back into the room, now sporting a sideways baseball cap.

"Come on,daddy. You're gonna be late!"

Both Tony and Marie smile and shake their heads affectionately at their daughter.

"Atleast someone's lookin' out for me." Tony laughs and scoops his daughter into his arms and throw her over his shoulder. Girlish squeals fill the room as Tony and Marie grab everything they need for the game and head out.

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