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Episode 212: Here No Come the Bride? (Part 2) [ - ]
by jasonc_wtbr
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EPISODE 212: Here No Come the Bride? (Part II)

Parts 2 & 3, Episodes 212& 213, are to be aired as a 1-hour special. The episode is broken up into two parts so that it, if these were real episodes, they could have been aired as two separate episodes in syndication.

Storyline for Parts 2&3 by ReJoys2

Screenplay written by Jason C., ©September/October, 2001

-January 1993-

-1-Hour Special Part I-

-Act I-


TONY: Last time, on "Who's the Boss?"

**Clips from the previous episode.**

-Our Lady, Queen of the Universe - Activities Hall-

FR. M: (Cut-in) ...You may now kiss the bride.

**TONY and ANGELA kiss.**

FR. M: (Cut-in) ...that's pretty much how the wedding tomorrow will...(Distracted by TONY and ANGELA who are still kissing)...will, ah, erm.... (Cut-out)

JON: (To MONA) Looks like we're going to need a crowbar to pry them apart!

MONA: I'll be right back. I think I have one in the car!

-The Living Room-

MONA: (As if speaking into a microphone) It's the day before the big wedding and sexual tension is running high at the Bower house. Will the bride and groom be able to hold off until tomorrow?

-The Kitchen-

ANG: I think you know what I want.

TONY: Oh, I think I do, but don't you think we should wait? (Cut-out)

ANG: (Cut-in) I can't wait. (In a sultry tone) I want you to clean the dishes so bad, right now. (Cut-in) Don't worry, I'll reward you later on. (Winks) (Cut-in) ...let's just say it will involve chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries.

**TONY gets a surprised look on his face.**

ANG: (Cut-in) I'm going to treat you and the family to hot fudge sundays later on.

-The Living Room-

ANG: (Cut-in) ...you and Joe will be staying in Samantha and Hank's apartment; Samantha will be bunking with me; Hank will be bunking with Tony; Jonathan will be staying in his old room; Mrs. Rossini, you'll be sleeping in mother's apartment and last, but not least, Billy will be in his old room.

-ANGELA's Bedroom-

**SAMANTHA hops out of bed, walks over to the bay window and opens the curtains. She gasps.**

ANG: (Panics) What's wrong?!

SAM: (Cut-in) Haha! Nothing! (Trying to pretend like nothing is wrong. She quickly shuts the curtains. Cut-out)

**ANGELA runs over to the window and opens the curtains.**

ANG: Oh my stars! It's a blizzard!


TONY: And now, the show.

Scene 1

-BILLY's Old Room-

**BILLY wakes up, rubs his eyes, gets out of bed and walks over to the window. It is still snowing very heavily.**

BILLY: Wow! Snow!

**BILLY runs out into the hallway and into TONY's room. TONY and HANK are both fast asleep, TONY in his bed, HANK in a rollaway bed**

BILLY: Tony! Tony! Look outside! Snow!

TONY: (Groggy) Hmm?

**BILLY takes Tony's arm and pulls him out of bed.**

TONY: (Surprised) Boy, you've got some arm there, kid.

**BILLY runs over to the window.**

BILLY: Look, Tony, look!

TONY: (Brushing himself off and getting up) Okay, okay, I'm comin'. What time is it anyway?

**TONY turns around and looks at the alarm clock on his night-stand, which is not on, because of a power outage the previous night. Meanwhile, HANK gets out of his rollaway bed and looks out of the window, shocked.**

TONY: Crud, the power must've gone out. I hope I didn't oversleep.

HANK: Uh, I don't think you're going to need to worry about that too much...

TONY: Why? (Walks over to the window) Oh my God!

BILLY: Can I go outside an' build a snow man, Tony?

HANK: I don't think so, Billy. With all this snow on the ground, you'd be lucky to get the front door open.

TONY: (Looking upward, as if speaking to God) Why couldn't this have happened when I asked it to on Christmas and not today?

(End of Scene 1)

(End of Act I)

-Act II-

Scene 2

Angela's Bedroom-

**ANGELA is nervously pacing the room. SAMANTHA is sitting on her bed. A fire is crackling in the fireplace.**

ANG: What am I going to do?!

SAM: I'm sure that everything will be okay. I mean, look at Hank and me. We certainly had some big problems to get past before we got married. But, we got past those problems and he and I are happier than ever. (SAMANTHA takes Angela's hand and comforts her. ANGELA sits down next to SAMANTHA.)

**TONY knocks on the door, opens it a crack and peeps in.**

TONY: Hey.

SAM: Well, I'll just go see how Hank is doing.

ANG: Thank you, Sam, for everything.

**SAMANTHA reassuringly pats Angela's hand and leaves the room. TONY walks in and sits down next to ANGELA**

TONY: Hey, how you holdin' up?

ANG: Not too well. Sam's been a great comfort though.

TONY: That's good.

ANG: I pictured this as being the most perfect day of my, our, lives and here it is, ruined. Why is nothing ever easy for us? Can't something ever be simple when it comes to our relationship? (ANGELA leans her head on Tony's shoulder)

TONY: First of all, our wedding isn't ruined. I don't care what it takes, we're going to get married today.

**ANGELA smiles**

TONY: I see this as just another small test; a test to see how we will do together as a married couple. We can't let this test get to us, we have to overcome it and prove that we are truly meant to be together. Just like all the other obstacles we've gotten past, role-reversal, admitting our true feelings to each other, proposing, money problems, our separation, which was the longest and loneliest time in my life... These were all just small tests, problems that we faced and conquered, and became stronger together as a result. Certainly, if we got past our separation, we can overcome anything.

ANG: You're right, Tony. I'm so lucky to have you. (The two of them hug.)

TONY: Hey oh, I'm lucky to have you. Hey, you know what? We don't need to get married in some fancy church. We could get married right here! We don't need all the fancy decorations and a big church to proclaim our love to each other, all we need is each other and a few close family members.

ANG: You're right, the most important thing is that we get married. But how are we going to get the priest and the guests over here?

TONY: I don't know, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

**The telephone on Angela's bedside stand rings. TONY picks up the receiver**

TONY: Hello?

MONA: Hi Tony. How are things going over there?

TONY: As good as can be expected. How about you and Mrs. Rossini?

**MRS. ROSSINI takes over the phone and shouts**


MONA: (Annoyed, to MRS. ROSSINI) Give me back the phone! (Takes back the phone and talks to TONY) I'm doing fine, except for her. She's clinging to me like a long lost relative. How do I get rid of her?

TONY: I'm sorry, Mon', I can't hear you. My ears are ringing from Mrs. Rossini's shouting! Say, Mona, why are you calling me when you could just come over here to talk?

MONA: Looked outside lately?

TONY: (Nervously chuckles) Oh, right. (Sarcastically) Well, you could jump out your living room window. It's only a short jump to the snow. Then you could climb right in Angela's window.

MONA: Well, the snow's not that deep, and besides, I'd catch a death of a cold. That's the disadvantage of having such a petite figure. My resistance is lowered. May I speak to Angela?

TONY: Sure, Mon'. Angela, your mother wants to speak to you. (TONY hands the receiver over to ANGELA.)

ANG: Hi, mother.

MONA: How are you doing, honey?

ANG: I'm a wreck.

MONA: I can imagine; you just got up! Whatever you do, don't look into the mirror right now or we'll have to run down to the hardware store later on for a new one.

ANG: How can you joke at a time like this?!

MONA: I'm sorry, dear. I guess that joking is just my way with coping with a problem. Hey, I just thought of something! If I'm able to call you, that must mean that the phone line is still working.

ANG: Mother, you're a genius! (ANGELA covers the receiver with her hand and speaks to TONY) Mother just pointed out that if she was able to call here, the phone line must be working!

TONY: (Smiling) Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Here, give me the phone!

**ANGELA hands the phone over to TONY**

TONY: Mon'?

MONA: What did I say? I was just pointing out a fact.

TONY: Never mind that now. There's a shovel I put inside your broom closet, just in-case something like this happened. Shovel a path to the garage door, get the snow blower out of the garage and meet us all in the dining room...

(End of Scene 2)

Scene 3

-The Dining Room-

**TONY, ANGELA, SAMANTHA, HANK, JONATHAN, BILLY, JOE & FRAN are all sitting around the table. A snow blower is audible in the background, as MONA is using the snow blower on the driveway and MRS. ROSSINI is shoveling**

TONY: Now, obviously, we're not going to be able to get to the church today to get married. So, what are we going to do?

HANK: Come up with another way for you two to get married today!

SAM: (Smiles proudly) You're so smart.

TONY: Right, we need a Plan B. Let's look at the facts. It's still snowing hard, but the wind has died down enough that I was able to notice that the plow and salt trucks have already made their way down Oakhills Drive. So, if our street is clear already, that must mean that some of the other streets in the area are clear already. We also know already that the phone lines are working here, so most of the phone lines in the general area are probably working too.

ANG: (Taking over) So, Tony and I have been thinking that we will be holding the wedding right here in the house. The living room is all set up with chairs and is already decorated for the reception, so everybody would already have a seat. All we would need to do is make some phone calls and try to get Fr. Marconi and as many of the guests over here today.

**In the background we hear the snow blower shut off and MONA walks in front of the Dining Room window**

ANG: Oh, good, mother must have the driveway clear now. (ANGELA waves to MONA.)

**MONA raps on the window and makes faces at everybody, steaming up the window. ANGELA, annoyed, waves MONA inside**

TONY: Sheesh.

ANG: Let's wait a minute until mother and Mrs. Rossini get inside.

**MONA and MRS. ROSSINI enter from the Kitchen door and walk in, standing next to the table. MONA notices that the window is still fogged over**

MONA: See that window? When I was sixteen, I could steam up a car window faster than you can snap your fingers. (Winks)

ANG: (Annoyed) Mother. So, how far along is the driveway cleared?

MRS. R: We've got the area from the garage to the Kitchen door cleared.

TONY: Good. You both can stop shoveling for now. Here's what I'm going to need everybody to do. Hank and Jonathan, I need you guys to take over with clearing the snow. Please clear the driveway to the street, as well as the sidewalk leading up to the front door.

HANK&JON: Ok. (They both get up and leave the house through the Kitchen. A few moments later, a snow blower is audible in the background.)

TONY: Mona, here a list of half of the guests. Please go to your apartment and tell them that, if they are able to make it, we will be holding the wedding here at 4:00 p.m. I think that should give us enough time to finish getting ready. Mrs. Rossini, please take this list of the other half of the guests and call them from the study.

MONA&MRS. R: Okay. (They both get up and go their separate ways.)

TONY: Joe, you can set up the chairs in the living room and finish putting up the decorations. Fran, you can get the appetizers ready for the reception.


FRAN: Well, what are you waiting for, Joe? Get off your duff and get to work!

JOE: (Shrugs) She's a take charge kind of woman.

**JOE and FRAN exit the room**

ANG: What about the flower arrangement? We're obviously not going to be able to get a florist to be able to get a bridal bouquet ready within six hours during the biggest snowstorm of 1993.

TONY: Hmm... (Snaps his fingers, remembering something.) I got it; I got it! Sam, do you remember when Jonathan ran over Mrs. Jenson's flower garden with my Jeep?

SAM: Yea...

TONY: Roses grow in the snow, so you and I can go over to her house and see if she'll make a flower arrangement. Angela, while Sam and I do this, you can go on ahead and get ready for the wedding.

ANG: (Smiles) Okay.

BILLY: What about me? What can I do?

TONY: Well, why don't you go out and play in the snow?

BILLY: Yay! (Starts running out of the room.)

TONY: (Shouting to BILLY) Just don't stray too far from Jonathan and Hank so that they can keep an eye on you!

(End of Scene 3)

(End of Act II)

-Act III-

Scene 4

-MRS. JENSON's House-

**TONY and SAMANTHA arrive at MRS. JENSON's House. TONY rings the doorbell. MRS. JENSON, a kindly 78-year-old widower, answers the door**

MRS. J: Hello, may I help you?

TONY: Hi. I'm Tony and this is my daughter, Samantha. We're your neighbors over at 3344.

MRS. J: Oh, hi. I vaguely remember you... Your son ran over my flower garden a few years ago.

TONY: Ah, right. Jonathan is my stepson... or he will be, soon. I'm sorry about your flower garden, Mrs. Jenson.

MRS. J: No problem at all. I have a green thumb, so it didn't take my any time to grow them back. So what can I do for you?

TONY: Well, see, it's kind of about your flowers. See, Angela, that's Jonathan's mother, and I are supposed to be getting married today, but we're having some trouble because of the blizzard. We figured a way around that and we're going to have the wedding at our house, but...

MRS. J: Let me guess, you can't get a bridal arrangement delivered to your house on time and you wanted to know if I would be able to prepare one?

TONY: Yea, so what do you say. Can you help us, please? We'd be so very grateful and would pay you whatever you'd like.

MRS. J: Oh, there's no need to pay me. There's only one thing I'd ask. May I attend your wedding? I love weddings.

TONY: Absolutely. Thank you. You don't know how much we appreciate this.

MRS. J: Well, actually, I ran into a similar situation when I married my husband, Thomas. God rest his soul. See, it was December of 1945 and we were also in the middle of a terrible blizzard. The only difference was that he was already in the church and I was stuck in my limousine over on Hemlock.

SAM: Oh my God. So what did you do?

MRS. J: Well, there wasn't much I could do, except to wait it out. There was 2 feet of snow and no visibility, so I ended up waiting in there for almost two days. But, thankfully, the roads were then cleared and my husband and I were married two weeks later.

SAM: That's great.

MRS. J: We were married for 44 blissful years.

TONY: How did you meet?

MRS. J: Well, you might find this a little hard to believe, but he was my housekeeper. So, shall we go around back to my greenhouse? (MRS. JENSON enters her house.)

**TONY and SAMANTHA look at each other in surprise before following MRS. JENSON**

(End of Scene 4)

(End of Act III)

-Act IV-

Scene 5

-The Study-

**MRS. ROSSINI is on the phone with FR. MARCONI**

MRS. R: (Loudly) Yea, Father. I know that it's traditional for Catholics to get married in a church, but you can make an exception, seeing the predicament they're in today, can't you? Good... 3344 Oakhills Drive... So, you can be here by 4:00 then, right?... Great. Okay, bye Father.

**MRS. ROSSINI hangs up the receiver and dials AL's number**

MRS. R: (Loudly) Hi, Al. How is it there in Brooklyn?... The streets are all cleared? Good... Yea, Al, we've got a little change of plans for today. The wedding is going to be held right here at Tony and Angela's house... Uh-huh... So, you think you'll be able to make it? Good. Be here at about 3:30. Okay, see you then, bye. (MRS. ROSSINI hangs up the phone.)

**The telephone rings. MRS. ROSSINI answers it**

MRS. R: Hello?... Oh, hi, Mrs. Napoli... Uh-huh, Billy's doing just fine... Yea, he's playing outside in the snow... Don't worry, Jonathan and Hank are watching him very closely... Hank is Samantha's husband and Jonathan is Angela's son and (cut-off)... right, the blonde. Look, I really think you should have more respect for her. She's a wonderful lady... (Annoyed) Yes, Mrs. Napoli, Billy has his snowsuit on... And his coat, boots, gloves and ski hat. Would you like me to wrap him in a bandage so that he looks like a mummy?... No, Rosita, he's not going to catch a cold... I know he has school next week, and he won't have a cold... (cutting MRS. NAPOLI off) Look, Billy is fine. Have a little faith in Tony and Angela. Now I really have to be going, I have a ton of phone calls to make. Uh-huh. Bye.

**MRS. ROSSINI hangs up the receiver and heaves a sigh of relief**

MRS. R: (To herself) Being her neighbor, it's a wonder I don't have a heart attack.

**MRS. ROSSINI Picks up the receiver and dials another phone number**

(End of Scene 5)

(End of Act IV)