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A House-Keeper Vanishes [ - ]
by prettydynamic
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Story Notes:

Cross-over to Without A Trace

Just adding a little spice to the episode "Frankie and Tony are Lovers---not" lol

The characters in this story are just used for entertainment. They are the properties of their respective writers and networks. No copyright infringement intended

                Jack Malone, the fifty five year old Head of the Missing Persons Unit wearily came out from one of the boardrooms of the FBI office after a long tedious discussion with the higher ranking officials of the bureau about an old case that didn’t end too well and was about to call it a day when he caught sight of a blond woman elegantly dressed in a business suit, clasping and unclasping her well-manicured hands resting on her lap, sheer uneasiness and worry were evident judging by the furrow upon her brow as she waited on the lounge chair at Jack’s office.     

She didn’t see Jack nor would she recognize him as the head of the unit anyhow, even if she did see him passing on the corridor. Jack surmised she was probably there to see him about a missing child or a missing husband judging from her distraught appearance of her otherwise sophisticated persona. He didn’t want to hear another case but he debated against calling another detective to take her out of his office and help her in his behalf. He was in fact, admittedly, curious about her. It was not often he could see a beautiful woman, not of a tacky nature in his office. His visitors were mostly wasted teen-agers, or blasted women offenders and drug-users. It was a refreshing change.     

“Are you Jack Malone? Please you got to help me. My housekeeper is missing”, greeted the blond woman in a desperate tone, even before he could seat on his chair and introduce himself.

His first impression would have been mistrust; just how many socialites would care if their house-keeper have gone missing and didn’t report to work? They would immediately just hire a new one, but this one didn’t just show mere concern, it was sheer desperation and anxiety. Instead, he felt a pang of compassion. Was it her beautiful hazel brown eyes that seemed to draw out a feeling of trust and concern? or was it her angelic faces? At times the deadliest of criminals have the most innocent faces, he reminded himself.      

Being in the force for more than thirty years taught him to hide his emotions up his sleeve and he was certain his incredulity was totally concealed. She would no more have said she lost her poodle than her housekeeper gone missing than Jack Malone would have believed her distress genuine. Some people did love their pets too much but a house-keeper?       

“Please, have a seat, Ms.. uhm...”    

“Ms. Bower. Angela Bower,” answered the woman.      

“You see, my house-keeper... he hasn’t been home for two days...”she continued.       

His sharp wit caught the pronoun immediately. “He???” he asked in curiosity rather than incredulity.    

Angela looked down at her folded hands on her lap, evading his stare, and answered in a low voice.

“My housekeeper is a man.”     

She looked up sharply, half expecting his judgemental stare at her statement but there was none, except his attentive manner in which he listened to her with interest.      

She sighed in relief and continued. “We...I mean not just him and me... I mean he and I, together with my mother and our children...what I mean is not ‘our’ children together but...our---his daughter and my son...”   

Jack Malone suppressed a grin. He had mastered the art of poker face in his long years of service at the FBI. Too much explanation... Too much protest... must be more than an employer-employee- relationship, he surmised but decided not to probe till it would become necessary. 

“Go on...” he urged in his stern voice. 

“... we attended some festivities in his hometown in Brooklyn last Saturday. It was an enjoyable weekend until his old friend Frankie donated a thousand dollars to the community in exchange for Tony---that’s my house-keeper, to clean her house for the weekend but now it’s Wednesday he hasn’t returned.”     

Angela tried to control the tears that were slowly brimming in her eyes. The last thing she wanted was to be called hysterical by the FBI and to be dismissed without being taken seriously.      

“Why would his friend give out a thousand dollar for Tony to clean his apartment?”asked Jack with a straight-face.        

“Not a he... it’s a she. Francine is her real name,” put in Angela gently without looking at Jack. The sudden raise of his left eyebrow was not caught by Angela.     

“It’s a part of the game to raise funds for the community. There was an auction...the highest donor will have his house cleaned by Tony.”     

“Look, Ms. Bower. Don’t be completely naive. It’s possible that Tony decided to have an extended stay at his friend’s house...especially since he is a she.” 

He gave such an insinuating tone at the mention of the word friend that Angela cringed at the idea.      

“You don’t understand. I got to talk to him on Sunday morning...he called the house. He said he can hardly wait to get home...uhm...he calls my house his home...he and his daughter had been living with us---my mother and son for five years.”   

It was such an unusual arrangement, a male house-keeper with his daughter living with an attractive woman of means. Wasn’t she afraid of a stranger living in her house? And why the hell did this woman’s mother allow it? He couldn’t help being prudish, he was, after all, Catholic. Was there more to it than what this woman had let on?

“He could easily change his mind. He could be... you know, persuaded by Francine to stay longer if not permanently,” said Jack matter-of-factly.    

“You don’t know Tony. He wouldn’t do that,” protested Angela.      

“And I supposed you do?” said Jack, causing Angela’s face to turn bright pink.     

“Not in the way you might think,” she said in a low voice.      

Jack remained unmoved, his thoughts racing wildly in confusion.     

“Please say you’ll look into it. It’s almost 48 hours...” she pleaded. 

Jack doubted this matter required his attention but he was downright curious. And she did have such beautiful innocent hazel eyes.

Chapter End Notes:
I'm not sure if Frankie's full name was mentioned in the episode. It could be Francesca but I love that name and I can't bear Frankie to have it. hahahaha