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Worlds Collide.....Again [ - ]
by GoldenGirl_Sherry
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"So what time is she coming by?" Hank asked as he stirred the spaghetti sauce that was simmering on the stove.

"Around 6:00." Sam answered putting the finishing touches on the salad she was fixing. "I can't wait to see her. It's been years."

"Since she ran away from home and met Angela's friend Trish who took her in as a model?"


"Wow one of my wife's friends is a model. Lucky me." he winked.

"Watch yourself Mister." she scolded him swatting him on the arm. Laughing he pulled her to him. "No worries Honey you are the only woman for me."

"You remember that." she laughed lifting her face to his for a kiss.

"So where does your Dad keep that blue bowl?" he asked reluctantly releasing her.

"That cupboard over there. And make sure you don't drop it. You know how Dad is."

"Speaking of your Dad have you heard from him or Angela since they left?"

"Yeah, they are having the time of their lives."

"That's good. They really needed this vacation."

"Yes, they did and they went at a good time too. With our house being repainted it was the perfect opportunity for us to house sit while they're gone."

"Well it looks like everything is okay here. I'm going to go grab a quick shower."

"Okay Sweetheart."

An hour later Sam and Hank were sitting in the living room waiting for their guest to arrive. The dining room table was set and the sauce was simmering on the stove on a low heat.
Appetizers were laid out on the coffee table and music drifted from the stereo giving the evening a cozy feel.

At the sound of the doorbell Sam squealed and ran to open it.



Sam and Charlie laughed and embraced each other in a tight hug. Pulling back Sam smirked and said: "Barf head!"

"Scum bucket!!" Charlie shot back.

"Barf head?! Scum bucket?!" Hank asked in confusion.

"Just some little pet names." Sam explained giving Charlie a wink.

"That's right." Charlie said bumping Sam with her hip. "So I take it this is the hubby?"

"You got it. Hank one of my oldest and dearest friends Charlie and Charlie my husband Hank."

"Nice to meet you." Hank said holding out his hand.

"You too." They shook hands and then they all took a seat. Charlie sat down in the chair closest to the front door while Sam and Hank sat down on the couch.

"So how are your Dad and Angela? Trish and I were so surprised to hear that they had finally gotten married."

"They're doing good. They went on a little vacation and we're house sitting for them cause our house is being repainted."

"And how about Mona and Jonathon?"

"Well Mona's Mona." Sam laughed. "And Jonathon's in his third year in College and doing really well. I'm proud of him but would never let the little squirt know that."

"Honey, he's taller than you."

"Hank, he's my little brother he'll always be a little squirt to me."

"Got it." Hank said.

"No you don't." Sam teased him.

"Okay, I don't. I guess you have to have a sibling to understand."

"That's why I don't get it either." Charlie shrugged.

"So, how are things going with you?"

"Good, good. I go out on jobs and and I help Trish with the newer models. You know show them the ropes and help them with any problems they might have."

"Anyone special in your life?"

"Are you kidding?" Charlie shook her head in disgust. "Most of the guys I meet are so shallow and stuck up. I just want to meet a nice, normal guy."

"You? Nice and normal?" Sam laughed.

"Yes, barf brain." Charlie shot back before collapsing in a fit of laughter herself.

The two of them continued laughing until the sound of the doorbell interrupted their merriment.

"I wonder who that is."

"Only one way to find out." Sam said rising from the couch. She went to the front door and opened it.

"Oh my God!!" she exclaimed when she saw who was standing there.