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Always Watching You [ - ]
by TonyandtheDreamtones
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Story Notes:
Takes place after the episode "The Proposal"
Based on Peter Cincotti's song "Always Watching You"

Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Based on Peter Cincotti's song 'Always Watching You'. Thanks Peter :-p

Tony stared anxiously through the window. The room was only lit by the moonlight. Angela was sitting on her bed in her nightie, her legs tucked under her. She was playing absently with the telephone's cord. She wasn't mad at him anymore but she still looked so sad. He couldn't stand it. He wished he could go to her and wrap his arms around her and make her smile again, but it wasn't his job anymore. The rain was starting to fall. Oh great, he thought. He couldn't stand on this ladder all night long. He still had to wash the dishes and he had to iron her clothes for tomorrow. And yet he wouldn't move. Maybe tonight was the last time he'd have to do that, anyway... Tony tried to shake those unwanted thoughts out of his mind. He had to focus. She said “ he ” was supposed to call her tonight. He knew how much Angela was counting on it. He had to know. If she was going to receive that phone call tonight, he didn't want to learn it from her. If it had to happen, at least he could sneak back in his room and hide his emotions from the rest of the family, and especially from her.

There's so much on my mind
And there's so much more I gotta do
Well I'm working through the night
But I just can't stop watching you

He could tell she had been crying. Again. How many time had she been crying since the incident ? He told her he was sorry. And she told him she forgave him.
Angela seemed lost in her thoughts. “ What are you thinking about, Angela ? ”, Tony whispered in the cold night. Is she thinking about “him” ? “ Oh, Angela, I wish you were thinking about me. I wish you were waiting for my call. I wish things were different. ” Angela wiped her eyes and glanced at the alarm clock. 11:25 in the evening. She laid on her stomach, hugging her pillow to her chest. Tony's heart skipped a beat when he realized that he now had a very good view of her long legs, which made him feel even more guilty for staying here spying on her. Just a few more minutes, he thought. If nothing happens in the next 10 minutes, I'm going back to my room. He turned his attention to the telephone on the nightstand but eventually his eyes seemed to fall back on Angela. If only she had slipped under her covers ! It's so cold out there, Tony shivered. It's probably warmer inside. If I could just sneak in...

I gotta keep looking out through the window
Trying to read your mind
I'm looking at you lying down on your pillow
Wishing I was by your side
I'm trying so hard
But I can't keep my mind on anything I do
'cos I'm always watching you
I'm always watching you

Angela finally closed her eyes but her hand was still lying close to the phone. Tony couldn't tell if she looked more tired or sad. If “ he ” was here, on that ladder, he would certainly not let her wait like that. He would finally give her that call. That's it. It's 11:30. It's over, thought Tony. Although he was sad for her he couldn't help but feel a great relief. He could breath again. It's too late, “ he ” is not going to call. He wasn't going to lose her after all. Not yet. He had a little more time on his side. Angela seemed to have fallen asleep. He breathed in deeply as he felt the tension in all his muscles slowly fade away. As much as he was grateful for the extra time that had just been granted to him, he wondered what could that guy have been thinking ? Giving up on Angela like this. Any man should be proud and grateful to be with a woman like her.

Well I watch you close your eyes
And I watch you sleeping by the phone
So beautiful so fine
I can't imagine why you are all alone

The more the minutes were going by, the more he felt alive again. But for how long ? How much time did he have before another guy came along ? When she's going at these receptions and she's surrounded by all those rich, handsome, successful men. Those men who always know the right things to say, who can give her anything just by snapping their fingers. How could he ever compete with them ? What was he supposed to do to catch Angela's attention when he was just a lousy housekeeper who still drove a beat up old van ?

And without you ever knowing
I'm going out of my mind
When you leave me everyday
'cos I wonder where you are going
And I spend all day just waiting for you
But I know I'm gonna be alright
'cos I'll be watching you tonight

Tony felt the ladder move under his feet. The rain had turned the ground into mud and the ladder was starting to slip. This was only a matter of seconds before Tony crashed to the ground. He managed to open the window silently with one hand and sneak in the dark room without waking her up. He went to her bed to check on her. She was silently crying in her sleep. Tony knelt down beside her bed. He was debating whether he should wake her up and talk to her or leave her alone and mind his own business. Well, it was his business too in some way. They were friends, after all. Yes, but what if she doesn't want to talk to him ? He had already made enough mistakes, it wasn't too late for sneaking out of her room...

Well I'm trying to get in control
And stop myself from doing wrong
'cos I can't just risk it all
I've been tide down way too long

Tony gathered all his courage and reached out his hand. He carefully pushed away a strand of her hair from her face and whispered her name. “ Angela ? ”
“ Tony ? What are you doing here ? ” She turned her nightstand lamp on. “ What's the matter ? ”
“ Uh, nothin', Angela. I was... just checkin' up on you. I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. You seemed a little distracted this evening. ”
“ Oh. Yeah... well, thank you Tony, but I'm fine ”. Realizing that she wasn't wearing much she slipped under her covers.
“ Are you sure ? You look like somebody who just cried. ”
“ Well, I'm tired I guess. Tough week. ” she smiled.
“ Yeah... ” Tony looked down. “ So... did Geoffrey call you ? ” he tried to ask as casually as possible.
Angela swallowed hard “ No. I guess I'm single again ” she bit her lip.
“ Angela, I'm really sorry ” Tony whispered sincerely. “ I really didn't think he'd see me ”.
“ Tony, that's okay. You don't need to apologize. I'm not mad at you anymore. I know you were just trying to help me. It's just that... ” Angela's voice trailed off.
“ What, Angela ? ”
“ I thought... I thought we really had something special going on. But what's one more failure, huh ? ” she shrugged.
“ Angela, don't say that ”
“ Why not ? It's the truth. Marriage doesn't seem to agree with me ” she said quietly as new tears started forming in her eyes.
“ Angela... if, if Geoffrey hadn't caught me writing NO on your window. What, what would you have said to him ? ”
“ I think I would have said yes ”
Tony's heart sank “ So you did love him ? ” he whispered.

I gotta keep looking out through the window
Trying to read your mind
I'm looking at you lying down on your pillow
Wishing I was by your side
I'm trying so hard
But I can't keep my mind on anything I do
'cos I'm always watching you