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Everything Old Is New Again [ - ]
by GoldenGirl_Sherry
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"Hey Grandpa!!"

Tony looked up and smiled as his grandson Nick walked through the front door.

"Nicky my boy!" he said grabbing him in a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you. I need your advice on something."

"Sure, sure. Here sit down. Do you want anything to drink?"

"No thanks Grandpa."

"So what can I do for ya? Is this about your graduation?" Tony asked with pride. Nick was about to graduate from college in a week.

"No actually it's about me and Julia."

Tony smiled at the mention of Julia's name. Nick and Julia had been best friends since their freshmen year in high school when Nick had helped her pick up her books after she had dropped them in the hall. In a way Nick and Julia reminded Tony of Angela and him. Nick was the tough guy who loved playing sports while Julia was the brain who loved Jane Austin. But like Angela and him Nick and Julia somehow just clicked with each other.

"So what about you guys?"

"Well you know we've been best friends since high school."


"And well lately I've been feeling different."

"How so?"

"Like I can't wait to see her in the morning. Like when she's not around I miss her. Like I think about her all the time. Like...."

"Like you love her." Tony smiled softly.

Nick nodded his head. "Yeah I do." He leaned back and put his head on the couch. "How did this happen Grandpa? I mean when I helped her with her books that day I never thought that I would end up feeling like this."

"Well when I first applied to be your Grandmother's housekeeper I never expected to fall in love with her either. Love my boy is a funny thing."

"You can say that again."

"So what can I help you with?"

"I was just wondering when you knew that you loved Grandma and when you decided to tell her?"

Tony sighed. "That's kinda complicated."

"How so?"

"Well I knew that I loved her way before I told her. I was just so scared."


"At first it was because she was my Boss. Then I didn't want our friendship to change. But most of all I convinced myself that there was no way someone as sophisticated and amazing as your Grandma would want to be with someone like me."

"Oh come on Gramps you're not that bad." Nick teased him.

"Hardy har har wise guy." Tony ruffled his hair. His voice took on a serious tone. "Seriously are you planning on telling her?"

"I want to. I'm just scared." Nick said softly looking down at the floor.

"Nicky look at me." Tony commanded gently. Nick raised his head to look at his Grandpa. "It's okay to be scared. Telling someone you love them is probably one of the scariest things you will ever do. But, not telling them is even scarier."

"How so?"

"Because then you'll miss out on all the wonderful memories and moments the two of you can experience together."

"Like you and Grandma?"

"Yeah. I missed out on lots of moments cause I was to chicken to tell her how I really feel."

"Is that why you guys act like a couple of teenagers when you're together?" Nick chuckled.

"Ya got it!!" Tony winked at him. "So are you going to tell her?"

Nick sighed and looked down at the floor again. He looked back up at his Grandpa and smiled.

"Yeah I am."

"I'm happy for ya." Tony said putting his arm around his shoulder.

"Thanks for the talk Grandpa. You really helped me out."

"Anytime Nicky. Anytime."

They both rose from the sofa Tony's arm still around his shoulder. They walked to the front door and said their goodbyes.

Tony shut the door a soft smile on his face. He trotted up the stairs and went into the master bedroom. She was sound asleep the book she had been reading lying in her lap. He gently removed her book and glasses and covered her with a blanket from the closet.

"Tony?" she yawned.

"Oh I'm sorry beautiful. I didn't mean to wake you."

"Tony one of these days you're going to have to stop calling me beautiful. My hair is gray and I have wrinkles." she teased him.

"I never will beautiful." He said kissing her softly on her lips. "I never will."