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Shattered Crystals [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I own less than nothing.


Sorry guys this story is probably the sadest of all my post-eps... but if you read them in episode order they actually form a story line, which woeks out in the end... I can't help it... the Kathleen saga plagues me...

Author's Notes:

 Shattered Crystals


Angela looked up at the sound of soft tapping at her office door. "Yes?" she asked hesitantly. The door opened slowly and Tony's soulful eyes peaked around.


"I made you a cup of coffee. May I come in?" He looked at her with baited breath. It had taken him an hour to knock on her door and he still wasn't sure whether a yes or no would be the better answer.




He entered carrying a tray with two steaming mugs and a plate containing two halves of a sandwich. "I was peckish. I thought you might like to share." He explained as she raised an eyebrow at the snack he had prepared.


"Tony," she sighed, suddenly very tired. "I just had the pleasure of enjoying a fancy three course meal at one of the finest restaurants in town." His look told her he knew better.


"Come on Angela. I know you're starving. You only ever eat when you're with me." He stopped abruptly. The words had just slipped out. He hadn't meant to open the door they had firmly bolted shut a few weeks ago. He just needed to be near her.


"This is not a good idea." She refused to meet his gaze. He watched as she sorted through a pile of paperclips on her desk. She arranged them into colors, then size. It seemed to be a very important task, each movement and decision deliberate and planned. He had hurt her so badly. So deeply. But they had stubbornly refused to acknowledge that fact. She closing her eyes and heart off had hid behind the heavy wooden door of her office. He, terrified of losing her, had allowed it. She hadn't yelled. She hadn't cried. She hadn't talked. They had just let life go on. Just as it always had. Yet every thing was different.


"I know."


"Then why are you here?" she asked, still refusing to look up from her task.  Tony sat on the window seat and drew a breath.


"Because I want you to forgive me." It was simple.


Angela's head snapped up, startled by his boldness. She hadn't expected such a direct request. They rarely spoke of such things out loud. "Okay." She said carefully. "I forgive you for tonight."


"It's not tonight that I want you to forgive me for, Angela."


"I know."


"Angela? Can I tell you something?"


"You can tell me anything."


Tony waited until she finally looked up, locking eyes with her. His voice trembled slightly. "I don't love Kathleen."


 "I know."


"I regret so much."


"I know."


"I want you to forgive me for betraying you."


She felt the rage she had buried deep inside her rise to the surface and she fought against it. Why was he doing this now? They stared at each other. Unspoken words thrown like daggers from one to the other. "Then say the words."


"I can't."


"Then I can't forgive you Tony."


"Please Angela?" he insisted.




"Because..." he trailed off, at a loss of how to put so many unresolved feelings into words.


"Tony" Her voice was calm and calculated, surprising herself with her ability to mask her current state of turmoil. "The day you can say it will be the day I forgive you. But until then, I'd prefer to keep things as they are between us." She had made her decision.


"But I don't want that" Tony snarled at her, frustrated by her lack of emotion. It was not up for debate. He couldn't live like this any longer. He needed her to forgive him. Why couldn't she understand that?


"This isn't up for debate Tony." Angela's words echoed Tony's thoughts twisting them to the exact opposite. Her voice had taken on a slightly higher pitch as her vocal cords strained from the pressure she was fighting to control. "I know you are unhappy with the situation. I know you feel mistreated and misunderstood. I know you are jealous. But I honestly think that this little time-out is a good thing. You made your decision, without so much as a second thought. Now you have to live with the consequences."


"It's not just your decision." Tony stood up to face her, his eyes blazing.


"Yes. Yes it is!" Angela yelled, her emotions finally getting the better of her. "And come to think of it. I don't forgive you. I don't forgive you for tonight. Or for yesterday. Or for the day before that. I am so angry at you right now I could slap you. How dare you be so hypocritical as to deny me my future? How dare you follow me around and spy on my personal life. You are not my husband. You are not my partner. You are not my boyfriend. You are my housekeeper. Nothing more and nothing less!" And with that she picked up the nearest object and hurled it towards him.


It hit against the door and shattered into a thousand glittering pieces. They both just stood there facing each other, each shocked into silence by what had just occurred between them. Angela's eyes filled with tears as she rushed over and knelt down to inspect what she had done.

Looking up at Tony her voice quivered. "I broke my vase. I broke the vase you gave me."


Tony slowly crouched down next to her, gently moving her hand away from the dangerous shards. Clutching onto her, his voice equally as fragile he confessed, "I broke us."


"Can we fix it?"


"The vase? No." he said sadly. "Can we fix us?"


She starred intently at the light patterns reflecting off the broken crystals. "Eventually. Maybe."


"Do you want me to leave?" he closed his eyes, wondering what he was doing laying his cards on the table like this.


"What do you mean?" she wasn't sure she wanted to hear his answer.


"Do you want me to quit?"


"Tony. If you leave. If you quit. I will never forgive you."


"Good, because I don't think I could go."


"I think for now its best we just take it day by day. I can't give you more than that."


"I'll take whatever I can get." He smiled at her and moved to leave the room.


"No. Wait. I can- I can share your sandwich." She grinned calling him back. She needed him. Picking up one half she handed it to him before sitting on the window seat. "I'm starving!"


"I knew you would be." He gingerly sat down next to her and took a bite. It wasn't much. But it was a start.