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Across A Crowded Room [ - ]
by GoldenGirl_Sherry
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He was awestruck by her. Beautiful flowing blond hair. Chocolate colored eyes that sparkled. A smile that lit up the room. She was elegantly dressed in a black cocktail dress looking so beautiful, so amazing that it took his breath away. He wanted to go over to her. To say hello. But, he couldn't. Not under these circumstances. So, he just watched her completely forgetting everything and everyone else in the room: including his date. She was asking him a question. He reluctantly shook himself out of the spell of the beautiful lady across the room and turned his attention to his date. She was blond too. But, no where near as beautiful. No where near as elegant. No where near...well let's just say there was no way in a million years she would ever hold a candle to the beautiful lady across the room.

He had been listening to her rambling on and on about her childhood with only 1/2 an ear. But, it was more out of politeness than interest. But, the truth was he wasn't interested in her. But he was in her: The beautiful lady across the room. He answered her question and she went rambling on. He went back to listening with 1/2 an ear and turned his attention once more back to her. Her dinner companion had her laughing so hard that she had to cover her mouth with her napkin. He glared at him. How dare he?! Wait a minute. How dare he what? How dare he make this beautiful lady laugh? What was so wrong with that?

He sighed. He knew what the problem was.  Making her laugh used to be his job. And he was good at it. She would come home in a bad mood and sometimes in just 20 minutes he would have her laughing, just as hard as she was now. But, now another man was making her laugh. He had lost that right. That privilege. When he had broken her heart. When he had broken her spirit. But, here she was laughing again. He was glad. He was he assured himself. It had been so long since he had seen her laugh much less smile. That he realized sadly was all his fault. Stupid, stupid, stupid he berated himself. He had made this beautiful lady sad. He had made her stop smiling and laughing and for what? For another woman? For another woman who never would measure up to the beautiful lady across the room? He was ashamed at his behavior. At the pain he had caused her. There was nothing he could do about it now. The damage was done. As the saying goes he had made his bed now he has to lie in it.

"I'm tired. Could we go now?"

Once again he reluctantly shook himself out of her spell and turned towards his date. He nodded yes and signaled the waiter for the check. He left him a tip and went to pay the cashier. She was hanging on his arm. He felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to pull away but he didn't want to cause a scene. He got his change and they started walking out. He looked back once more at her. Drinking in her beauty. Drinking in her elegance. He sighed and turned away. The realization hitting him like an ice cold bucket of water. He had lost her.

He had lost this beautiful lady.