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A Mild Attraction [ - ]
by GoldenGirl_Sherry
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She was caught off guard by his kiss. It wasn't a kiss of two young children sharing their first kiss. It wasn't a kiss between two adults who had had way to much to drink. This one was different. He had definitely kissed her. But why? Was it only so she could complete her list? Or did it mean more than that? She wanted to know. Should she say something or should she keep quiet? She watched as he cleaned her glasses then looked out the window at the night sky. Completely absorbed in her musings she was startled when he spoke to her.

"Here ya go Boss. All clean." he said handing her back her glasses.

"Uh Thank- Thank you." she said nervously.

"Just earning my keep." he said his face breaking out in his charming grin.

They were silent for a few moments each lost in their own thoughts. Finally unable to take it anymore she spoke up.



"Why did you kiss me?

He was caught off guard by her question. He knew that as soon as he had kissed her that he had overstepped his bounds. He couldn't blame it on alcohol this time. He was stone cold sober and had wanted to kiss her. He had told himself that he had only wanted to help her finish her list so she would feel a sense of completion. And yes that was part of it. But there was just something about the way she had looked at him that made him melt. In the moments before he kissed her their other kisses had played through his mind. He had wanted to kiss her again. He couldn't deny that he felt a mild attraction for her. But, she was his boss. He couldn't just kiss her for no apparent reason. Even though there had been times where he wanted to. But he had to maintain a safe distance. They were employer/employee and yes they were friends. That is all they would ever be. But still when the opportunity arose for him to help her complete her list he couldn't help himself. He knew he should have. But the memory of her sweet, soft lips was to much so he had taken the chance and kissed her. All under the guise that he had only wanted to help her complete her list.


Her voice startled him from his thoughts.

"Oh sorry." he chuckled nervously. "I'm sorry Angela. I know I overstepped my bounds when I..."

"I'm not angry or upset with you Tony." she assured him. "But, I am curious."

"Well you know I just wanted to help you finish your list. After all like I said completion's good."

"Yeah, it is." she smiled. She was silent for a moment. In a way she was sort of disappointed. A part of her had hoped that he would have said that he had wanted to kiss her because he was attracted to her. She was to him. But the reality of it was they were employer/employee and yes friends. And that is all they would probably ever be. She had to face that fact. He had only kissed her to help her finish her list. There was no attraction on his part. She was disappointed but at the same time was grateful that he was in her life.

"Thank you Tony."

"For kissing my Boss?" he smiled. "I should be the one thanking you. For not firing me."

"I could never do that. Besides as you said you just wanted to help."

"Um yeah. " he said and looked away from her so she wouldn't see the truth in his eyes.

"So are you ready to go back home?" he asked as he started up his van.

"All set." she smiled at him.

They each took one last look at the scenery before them then headed back home.