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Five Hundred Lines plus One [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: quick check of my bank account... nope definately don't own a thing.


Five Hundred Lines plus One


She caught up to him just before he rounded the corner at the top of the stairs. Grabbing onto his belt she gave a sharp tug and forcing him to stop his immediate flight to safety.


"Not so fast Mr Micelli." She chided and pinching the top of his ear between thumb and finger she marched him down the hall towards her bedroom.

"If you would care to step into my office?"

She gave him a little nudge over the threshold ignoring his protests. Stepping into the room she closed the door behind them. Silence filled the air as she walked to the centre of the room to face her wrongdoer. Tony was still reeling from shock. He couldn't believe that she had actually caught up with him. She was getting good; a few years ago he would have beat her by a mile. Now she could not only catch up with him, but didn't even think twice to haul him into her room to chastise him. He stood there; an outraged scowl on his face, hands shoved in his pockets, defying her next move.

She took her time, using the opportunity to stare him down. Folding her arms across her chest, she sighed and shook her head in disappointment.


"This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Do I make myself clear Mr. Micelli?" He lowered his gaze to the floor, a pout forming on his lips. She fought to repress a giggle as she watched him. He looked so cute standing there.


"I was just having a bit of fun." He mumbled contritely.


"Snapping your boss' bra is not allowed." She scolded. Her face was stern but her eyes betrayed her. They sparkled with pleasure. She was enjoying toying with him.


"You as so mean." Tony muttered under his breath. If you can't beat them join them and a little voice told him he was going to enjoy this little game as much as she was.


"Excuse me?" She cupped her ear with her hand and leant in towards him. "Do you have something you would like to say?" She raised an eyebrow, challenging his next move.


"No." Tony groaned, she had him cornered and he knew it. She had missed her calling when she decided to go into advertising. She would have made an excellent teacher.


"Actions have consequences Mr Micelli." She tapped her finger against her lip. "I expect to receive a sheet of 500 times I will not snap my boss' bra by tomorrow. Neatly written out. By hand. No mistakes."


"That's not fair." Tony whined, looking up at her with puppy dog eyes.


"Who ever told you life was fair?" Angela paused briefly "You're lucky I'm not giving you detention."


He startled slightly at the seductive tone of her voice and wondered if she had any idea of what this game of theirs was doing to him.

"The return of battleaxe Bower." He scoffed in an attempt to stop them from being swept up in the moment. It was late. He was tired. She was beautiful.


"Girls deserve respect and your performance tonight was anything but that. Cary Grant would never treat any of his leading ladies in such an impertinent manner." She continued her scolding, oblivious to his discomfort.


That was his undoing.


"You wanna see a real performance?" Tony's voice rang out deep and sultry, his eyes darkening, no longer able to rein his emotions. His heart beat a little faster as the mood instantly altered and the underlying tension between them surfaced. "I'll show you performance."


"Excuse me?" Angela chocked; momentarily lost at the sudden change of script.


Tony reached out and grabbed her wrist and with one movement pulled her towards him.. She fit perfectly against him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he slowly slid a hand up her back, pausing briefly to run his fingers tenderly under her the back of her bra strap before moving to cradle the her head. His other hand remained fastened to the small of her back, pressing her to him, his fingers gently massaging her tired muscles. He smiled as he watched her eyes darken with passion and desire at his actions, her fingers digging into his shoulders.


"I'll be Cary...You be Ingrid" He murmured, his voice deep and sultry.


Leaning in he pressed his lips to hers. Lightly. Hesitantly. Silently requesting her permission he deepened the kiss. She relaxed into the moment, pressing closer as her arms instinctively moved to encircle him in a warm protective embrace. This was where they belonged. He held her too him as he felt time come to an abrupt halt.


He pulled away with regret. The sound of his blood pounding in his ears, he the world around him was slightly out of focus. Her eyes were wide her chest heaving with passion. She rested her forehead against his and they stood there for a minute both desperately fighting instinct. They were stuck in limbo, a painfully sweet limbo. He knew it was only a matter of moments before he would no longer be able to uphold the fragile barriers they had inflicted on their relationship. It was time to leave. Pressing one last bittersweet caress to her lips he whispered. "Goodnight Ingrid."


She laughed his boyish charms easing the mood. "Goodnight... Anthony." She dreamily returned as he left her standing in the middle of her room, his memory still lingering on her tingling lips.




Angela entered the kitchen in desperate need of her morning mug of coffee. The room was empty Tony nowhere to be seen. A small pile of papers lay on the table under a pink rose. She picked up the rose and breathed in its sweet perfume. Leafing through the papers her mouth formed a small "Oh" as she read line after line.

I will not snap my boss' bra. I will not snap my boss' bra.

At the very bottom of the last page he had added a small tag. It was numbered 501.

I will not snap my boss' bra, but I'll snap Ingrid's any day!

He had signed it



"Coffee?" He smiled at her as he entered from the backyard, rugged up from his morning jog. Removing his coat and scarf he flicked the switch on the machine. She watched him pull two mugs from the cupboard.


"You must have been up half the night." She couldn't help but feel a bit guilty. It had been meant as a harmless flirtation. She hadn't really expected him to write the lines. But she realized, Tony had always been an all or nothing kind of guy. She smiled at the thought, her mind wandering back to the previous night.


"I did the crime. I did the time." He leant against the counter grinning at her.




"Five hundred lines plus one." He lowered his voice "Actually it was that last line kept me up most of the night."


"Well then we really do need coffee." It was her way of telling him that she had been just as affected.


"My thoughts exactly." He replied bringing over the two steaming mugs.