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Mistletoe Memories [ - ]
by Elmeister
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It’s Saturday afternoon – a week before Christmas Eve – and Angela is in her study working. The house is quiet with the family out shopping and running errands, a rare occurrence these days. Rolling her head to ease the tension in her neck, she removes her glasses, rises and walks over to the window before beginning a series of stretching exercises. Huge snowflakes dance on the wind as they fall to the ground, covering the lawn with a wintery white coat. The sight is hypnotic – but Angela closes her eyes to break the spell and shakes her head as she turns away and walks out of the room. She smiles in amusement and makes her way through the living room to the kitchen where she pours herself a cup of coffee. Still watching the snow fall, she reaches over and turns on Tony’s radio before she turns back to the window. Angela holds the cup in both hands, drawing warmth from the liquid within. A soft jazzy melody sung by one of Tony’s favorite country singers fills the room, and she smiles as the song takes her back to another time in their relationship. 

“It must have been the mistletoe, the lazy fire, the falling snow.The magic in the frosty air - that feeling everywhere. It must have been the pretty lights that glistened in the silent night  It may just be the stars so bright that shined above you…Our first Christmas – More than we’d been dreaming in of!  Old St. Nicholas had his fingers crossed –that we would fall in love!” 

Their first Christmas. Wow, thought Angela. It seemed so long ago. Had it only been a few short years ago that she found herself searching all over the country just to find that special gift for Tony – his prized baseball card from his pro days? She remembered how excited she was when she finally had it…the one gift that she could give him to show how much he had come to mean to her. The day played out like the ending of a classic O. Henry story – he had sold the card to buy her a crystal vase to hold the fresh flowers she liked so much in the house. Then there was the mistletoe.The kiss wasn’t much – they barely made contact – but whoa, what a thunderbolt from the sky. Angela knew from the moment that she found out that he had sold that card, that there was more to their relationship than just employee/employer. They were family in just about every sense of the word even then. Angela knew that she fallen head-over-heels for Tony, but couldn’t bring herself to let down all the barriers just yet. She could keep the distance – but couldn’t shake that kiss.  So it had to be the mistletoe, right?  Leaning back against the counter, Angela closed her eyes and got lost in the lyrics again.

“It could have been the holiday – the midnight ride upon sleigh  The countryside all dressed in white – the crazy snowball fight!  It could have been the steeple bell – that wrapped us up in its spell  It only took one kiss to know it must have been the mistletoe…” 

A sleigh ride. It wasn’t exactly the holidays, but it was at night under the stars. Tony had attempted to pull out all the stops to make the evening special when he wanted to propose to her. She knew he was having a difficult time, and because she was so in love with him, she was determined to support him as he worked through his ‘crisis’ even if it killed her. Fortunately, it didn’t. Angela smiled at the memory and turned back to place her coffee mug on the counter. While Angela was turned around, the music covered the noise that Tony made as he entered the kitchen. He crossed over to where Angela was standing, and wrapped his arms around her from behind. Instinctively she leaned back into his chest and snuggled deeper into his embrace.

“Whatcha doin’?” he asked, swaying to the music.

“Just thinking about us,” she said, turning in his arms to face him.


“Yeah. This song makes me think about us. Our first kiss at Christmas, the botched up sleigh ride – you know, the things we still laugh about,” she said.

“Laughing is good,” he said, as he pulled her closer and began dancing to the music. “But dancin’? Dancin’ is always better.” 

“Our first Christmas – more than we’d be dreaming of  Ol’ St. Nicholas, must have known that kiss would lead to all of this!  It must have been the mistletoe, the lazy fire, the falling snow  The magic in the frosty air – that made me love you!  On Christmas Eve our wish came true – that I would fall in love with you!  It only took one kiss to know it must have been the mistletoe!” 

Tony hummed the melody as the two of them swayed to the music. Pulling back slightly, Angela smiled at Tony and said, “Do you think we’ll always be this happy?” 

Tony grinned and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. “Yeah, I do. We’ve covered it all, you and me. First we were boss and employee. We became friends and fell in love. We moved to Iowa, then separated, which was probably the dumbest thing we ever did.  The smartest thing we did was realize that we – you and me and the family – were a forever thing. When I married you, I made a commitment to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. We’re the two pieces that finish the puzzle – and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow, because I know I’ll be loving you even more than I do today.” 

“Oh, Tony,” she said, pulling him closer, “That was so beautiful. I feel the same way.” Angela smiled and then leaned in for a sweet kiss as the last few notes of the song played out.  Oblivious to all that was around them, neither Tony nor Angela noticed when Mona entered the kitchen from the living room. Standing in the doorway, she watched silently, smiling as she happily watched her daughter dance with the man of her dreams. As the song ended, Tony and Angela still continued to kiss. 

“Well, well,” said Mona. “This certainly puts a new spin on cooking in the kitchen. There’s so much heat in here that I might have to get out! What brought this on?” 

“Mmmm, Mother. Does there have to be a reason?” said Angela, never taking her eyes off Tony. 

“Ay-oh, Oh-ay, Mona,” said Tony in a soft, sexy voice. “It must have been the mistletoe.”