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Getting Caught [ - ]
by OakHillsDrive
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Author's Notes:
Thank you Jen and Angela for the help!

How long had she been lying there?  It felt like hours, but she knew it had really only been a little while.  A little while since she’d kissed his cheek. 

As she lay there, she turned in bed, the darkness surrounding her.  Every minute she felt more and more alone.  She wanted to be with him, but was so afraid of what would happen if she did. She couldn’t hold back any longer and sat up in bed. 

Looking over at the door, she could see the faint light coming underneath it from the TV downstairs.  This is it.  She thought to herself.  It’s now or never. She slipped her delicate toes into her fuzzy slippers, reached over and grabbed her robe.  In her nervousness, she tried to find the arm hole but gave up and tossed it back on her bed. 

Standing up and taking that first step took all the resilience she could muster.  The next five steps to her door were easier, but the turn of the knob, she knew, was her last deterrent.  She was tired of being alone.  She wanted to be with him and getting caught was something she was now willing to tempt. 

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed on to the knob and turned it. Without a second thought, she softly opened the door and walked toward the stairs.  For courage, she took the stairs’ railing and grasped it tightly in her hands.  With her nerves now getting the better of her, she stepped down on each step with both feet.  As she peered around the corner of the stairway’s wall, she could see his frame lying down in front of the TV before her. What am I going to say to him? She went over the scenarios playing in her head.  She decided that silence was her best option. 

 She took the final step to the bottom of the stairs and inhaled deeply.  Closing her eyes, she walked over to the side of the couch.  Opening them again, she found him asleep with the TV set blaring the late night news.  A little disappointed not to see his smile, she took a seat on the couch next to him.  Carefully she lifted his limp left arm, laid down beside him and placed his arm around her waist.   

“I just love you,”  she whispered.  Smiling, once again she closed her eyes and within a few deep breaths, she was asleep.  


Mona exited the kitchen and walked over to the two figures asleep on the couch. “She did it again," she said out loud.

"What?" Robert woke up and noticed the blond curls
beside him on the couch.  He smiled down at his sleeping daughter and then up at his wife. "Yes she did, didn’t she." Easing up, he lifted the sleeping six-year-old into his arms and carried her toward the stairs. "Come on, my pretty princess. Time to go to back to your own room.”