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A Mexican Romance [ - ]
by sandrine1
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Author's Notes:
I worked on the translation of another story. Thanks to Kathy for her help.

A few weeks had passed since Tony and Angela’s return from Washington. Their relationship changed since that kiss Angela audaciously laid on the handsome Italian’s sweet lips. The innocent "Hello" in the morning became more sensual, their eyes linger, accompanied by an evocative smile. Now when they touch, they have no fear, no uneasiness, no uncertainties. Who knows, maybe they were finally ready?

That night the whole family was feasting on Tony’s famous Cannelloni recipe. It
was delicious.
Angela in a sigh.
“I’m going to explode! “
Tony looked at her in amusement.
“There’s one last Canneloni. Who wants to finish it?” asked Tony.
Everyone had their fill and refused Tony's offer. Angela handed Tony her empty plate.
“I want it!”
They all looked at her surprised.
“What?! Nobody wants it and I don't want it to go to waste.
“Sometimes I wonder where you put all these things,” said Tony.
“Me too,” smiled Angela.
She eagerly emptied the contents of her plate.

Once the meal over, Angela spoke.
“Since we are all gathered, I have some announcement to make—a big surprise.
“Oooohhh ... Is that a ...”
“No mother, nothing like that!” Angela cut off her mother, afraid to hear one of her depraved thoughts.
“Since it is quiet at the office at this time of the year, I booked us a week's vacation in Mexico. Departure in 2 days!”
An uproar of excitement exploded from the dining table. Angela couldn't have given a better news.

The big day arrived, they were finally under the sun, in a superb hotel by the sea.
After a good night sleep, Sam and Mona were the first in their bathing suits, ready to
be escorted for a site visit by two handsome men they met earlier at the bar when they were having their welcome cocktail drinks.
Tony finished his cup of coffee.
“Well, it’s just the 3 of us to the beach then.”
He gave Jonathan a friendly pat on the shoulder.
“Oh no, not for me. There is nothing more embarrassing than going out with the parents when you want to meet girls. I’ll catch you up tonight for dinner. I have other
His mischievous smile said a lot. Angela's eyes followed his son, who slumped his towel on his shoulder
as he left the suite.”
“Well, I guess it’s just the two of us now. How about a bath in the clear Caribbean Sea?” invited Tony.
Angela gave him a broad smile.

 “You bet! I'll be ready in five minutes!”

Tony and Angela breathed in the exhilarating salty scent of the beautiful turquoise beach, the white sand felt soft and mushy against their toes as they searched for a
perfect place to lie down.
“Is this fine here?”
Angela glanced around.

 “This looks perfect.”
Tony laid their towels on the sand. Angela slipped off her beach dress, revealing her svelte form in a tiny bikini. Tony, likewise, removed his shirt. He didn't expect his mind to race, and his heart to pound upon seeing Angela scantily clad. He swallowed hard, took the sunscreen and courageously face the music.
“Do you want some cre ...”

Tony's voice sounded high-pitched. He cleared his throat and took a deeper
“Do you want some sunscreen? The sun is beating down.”
Angela hadn't noticed the heat till Tony pointed it out.
“Yeah, you’re right.”
She lay down on her stomach.
“Do you mind smoothing some on my back?”
“No, no.” His voice croaked.
“Oh boy ...” he uttered to himself.
“What? What did you say?” asked Angela.
“No nothing Angela, I was talking to myself. I said oh boy it's hot!”
“Oh yeah, it's very hot.”
He gently moved his hands along her back. Her skin was soft. He felt every sinew of her tender flesh. He continued on to her shoulders, down the shoulder blades then to the small of her back. Angela closed her eyes at the touch of his fingers. She felt them drag along her spine. The warmth of his palms spreading throughout her body. She shivered. When he was done, Tony lay down on his towel beside Angela who opened her eyes to look at him.
“What more can we ask for? We are in paradise.”
Angela laughed.
“Yes, it feels good to relax a bit.”
They stared at each other's eyes for a long moment without a blinking. Tony's fingers were making slow hazy circles in the sand as he stared into Angela's eyes. Unwittingly, he brushed Angela’s hand, which didn’t move. He dared to repeat the movement, this time, interlocking his fingers with hers. Angela smiled and clasped her hand over his to feel his warmth. Tony smiled. Without reservation, they fell asleep, hand in hand, as they lay together under the warm Mexican sun.

When Tony finally opened his eyes, his hand was still intertwined with Angela's. She was still sleeping. The sun was beating down on them. It was time to refresh. But he
didn't want to wake her up. He raised his head to enjoy the view. The sea was calm and clear. His slight movement woke up Angela.
“It’s so hot,” she complained.
She released Tony's hand and sat down.
“ Do you want to swim?” asked Tony
“Only if you promise not to splash me,” replied Angela.
“I won't. I promise.”
“So let’s go! The last one in the water will buy lunch!”
Tony got up and ran for the water. Angela quickly followed.
“Wait for me!”
Tony dived head first. The less adventurous woman waded through the waves and stopped going further when she found the water reaching her mid-thigh.
“The water is freezing!”
“No Angela, it’s very good! Come on!”
“Yes, I’m coming.”
She scooped the water in the palm of her hands and slowly wet herself. She started with her neck, then her arms. Tony watched her in amusement. Getting impatient, he splashed her slightly.
He did it again.
“Tony! Stop it.”
But Tony was relentless. He kept splashing her rapaciously until Angela was wet from head to foot.
She glared at him.
“You’re going to pay for that!”
And she lunged towards him.

- Oh I’m shaking.
Tony continued to splash her with water. Angela jumped on him in an attempt to sink the dark-haired man. But seeing her coming, he grabbed her and threw her in the water instead.  Angela laughed out loud.

“Tony Micelli If I catch you....”
This time, she managed to dunk his head under the water. Fearing Tony's revenge, she tried to escape quickly from the battle place. However, she was not fast enough; Tony
grabbed her leg and pulled her.
“Nooo Aaahhh!”
“Come here you!”
They burst into laughter. She had not laughed like that, for so long. God, she was so enjoying herself!
Tony managed to seize her arms, he was now facing her. They caught each other gaze. Angela was still laughing.
“Let me go! Tony!”
“Now that I have you, I won’t let you go.”
Tony wasn’t laughing anymore, his face unreadable. Angela stopped her struggle. They were pressed against each other, their wet skin touching. They gazed into each
other’s eyes without moving. Angela felt Tony’s hands travel along her arms before ending up on her hips. Her face turned pink, she was speechless. Tony had forgotten where he was. All he could think about is this beautiful woman in front of him. He hesitated to kiss her. He was dying to but is this the right time? Should he risk
of losing everything? She looks so beautiful, droplets of water streaming down her cheeks.
Angela studied his face tanned by the sun. His large black eyes framed by long lashes bleached by dried salt. Would he kiss her? She wished he would. Is he finally going to
take the first step? She laid her hands on his muscular shoulder. The feel of his skin against her palms troubled her a bit, but she didn’t show it.
Tony drew her tightly against him.
She slid her hands along his neck and rested them on his nape. Time seemed to stand still. Angela held her breath, her heart racing wildly.
Tony wrapped his arms around her waist. Angela felt his muscular torso against her chest and felt the lively beat of his heart. She gently laid her head in the hollow of his shoulder. Tony languorously caressed the small of her back.
Everything was quiet, only the sound of waves inspired this sweet silence.
Tony cleared his throat:
“Maybe we should head back.”.
Angela raised her head.
“Yes, maybe we should”
But they stayed motionless. Angela finally ended their embrace and Tony let her go.
They walked to the shore, still troubled by what happened but neither of them said
anything as they dried themselves under the sun. Tony looked at his watch, it was already noon time.
“Come on Angela, lunch is on me.”


Chapter End Notes:
Next Chapiter soon