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A Kiss for Keeps [ - ]
by prettydynamic
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Story Notes:
My version of Tony and Angela's First Kiss : )

Tony almost dropped the vase he was cleaning when a sudden loud bang caught him by surprise as Angela slammed the front door as she came in. He was astonished to find her fuming mad, her eyes blazing with anger, her face as red as the Christmas stockings hanging by the fireplace.

“That chauvinistic pig! I've never been so insulted and humiliated in my entire life. This is sexual harassment...” she exclaimed as she threw her portfolio on the living room couch. “Wowoh. Wait a minute...who is the chauvinistic pig? What is sexual harassment?” asked Tony as he led Angela to seat on the couch to calm her down.

“Had I not been able to control myself, I would have slapped his face so hard his head would snap, to hell with losing my job.”

“Calm down, Angela. What happened?” asked Tony, still baffled.

Angela stood up from the couch and answered vehemently. “You hear about these things but you never thought they would happen to you...”

“Angela you're talking in circles” scolded Tony.

“'Sexual Harassment okay. I was sexually harassed at the office,” she said angrily.

“Dear, sexual harassment doesn't happen to people in power. Sexual Harassment is about power, not sex.”said Mona as she came down the stairs to see to her daughter. “Now, Tony here, being a lowly house-keeper can be harassed by his employer, the mistress of the house, by using her authority and power to get him to do favors...”

Tony gave Mona an amused smile. “Well, I wouldn't mind, not at all, if my boss is endowed with sensual curves and winsome charm...”

Tony stopped his jest when he saw Angela wasn't amused. She turned to Mona and replied, “I'm not an idiot, mother, You don't have to lecture me on what sexual harassment is, I know precisely what it is. You think the president of 12th biggest Advertising Company in the US would be safe from that but no!”

“Now, who could be more powerful than the president...”muse Mona. “The Chairman of the Board,” finished Angela as she collapsed on the couch. “What! Mr. Paxton harassed you” asked Tony incredulously. Angela nodded shamefully.

Mona made a face at Angela, dismissing her complaint. “Thanks a lot mother, thank you for your sympathy,” Angela said sarcastically.

“I didn't hear you cry sexual harassment a year ago when Grant asked you out. Why are you suddenly dancing to a different tune?” asked Mona.

“That was different. I found him attractive then, and it was just dinner, and we started dating exclusively. Now, we are no longer dating, and I don't find him the least bit attractive. Insinuations of an intimate nature are downright foul and insulting.”

Mona sighed and flipped through a magazine, unperturbed about her daughter's concerns. “So what's this indecent proposal that had your blood boiling?”

“He wanted us to personally test the products we're trying to get the account of, instead of getting a test group to try it out and then interviewing them for the results. He believes trying the product would help me make a good advertising campaign.”

“I don't see anything wrong with that”, explained Tony.

Angela looked hard at Tony. “The new product we're working on is a new line of kiss proof flavored lipsticks, and since I'm not married nor spoken for at the moment, he wanted to be the guinea pig I'll test the lipsticks on to get the man's point of view on the product too. For heaven's sake there are several kinds of them, the cream type, liquid, pencil, matte, glossy. I certainly won't let him make me test all that on him.”

“Loosen up, dear, it's for the business. And Grant isn't exactly repulsive...”

“No, mother, No. I won't let him pressure me into doing this...this... tawdry scheme just because he is the Chairman of the Board. I can get this account without agreeing to his sleazy plan. Hey, maybe you can use it mother, then tell me what you think of it”, said Angela.

“Sorry, dear. I'm allergic to cosmetics. You know very well I can only use Clinique and Body Shop since they are hypo-allergenic, any other brand gives me the rash.”

“Oh yeah...I forgot,”she uttered in disappointment. Angela's face suddenly lit up, “I'll call Wendy and Isabel. Maybe they wouldn't mind trying it out. Wendy is married and Isabel has a boyfriend.”

That night during dinner, Angela was quiet amidst the family chatter. “What's the matter, Angela, your dinner doesn't agree with you? You hardly ate a bite”, said Tony.

“My presentation is the day after tomorrow. Wendy is out of town with her husband and wouldn't be back until Friday, and Isabel is in Stanford for a medical convention. I don't think I can face Grant and the board as a failure. Who's going to help me?”

Jonathan stood up and kissed her mother good night. “Don't worry, mom. You'll figure something out. You always do. That's why you're the president. Good night,” said Jonathan as he left the dining table.

Sam followed and kissed Tony and Angela.“Well, it's a school night. I better go to bed too. Good night, dad, good night, Angela.”

“Good night, Sam.” Tony cleared the table and started washing the dishes.

“Hey, Angela. You smell nice. It's like raspberry. Is that a new perfume?” asked Sam after she kissed Angela on the cheek.



No, that's the flavored lipstick I'm trying to build an ad campaign on. It's got several flavors, and it's suppose to be kiss proof, let's see” said Angela as she kissed Sam on the cheek.

“Did it smudge on me?” asked Sam.



Angela squealed in delight. “Hey it works, it doesn't smudge”, she said kissing Sam several more times on the face. Before she took out her note book to scribble a few notes.

“What's that?” asked Tony.



I'm making notes about the product...doesn't smear on your daughter's face when you kiss her good night...”

Sam gave her an amused smile. “But Angela, I don't think anybody cares if they smear lipstick on their daughter, nor do I think little girls mind if their mothers leave lipstick marks on them. I'm sorry, Angela but I think that's not going to sell. Good night,” said Sam as she ran up the stairs.

Angela sighed. “She's right. I'm doomed. Good bye big account. Good bye Christmas bonus.” She slumped her head hopelessly on her arm on the table. Tony pulled out a chair and sat beside Angela.



Hey, Ang, don't worry...” he comforted her touching her shoulder. “Oh god I want to get this account but I refuse to stoop so low as to give in to Grant's lewd suggestion,” she said her face still buried in her arm.

“What do I do, Tony...” she looked up and found herself only inches away from Tony's concerned face, his arm still around her shoulder. She found herself drowning in the pool of his dark eyes, she forgot what she was saying, she couldn't take her eyes off his, she was mesmerized and before she knew it, his lips descended on hers ever so gently.

Tony didn't plan to kiss her but it doesn't mean the thought never crossed his mind since he started working for her. He only wanted to comfort her and help her come up with a plan for her campaign but when he found her lips only inches away from his, a wild scent of berries pervading his senses, her lips as red as rose petals looking so inviting, and her brown eyes looking at him so intently, he lost whatever good sense he may have.

He didn't know how long they'd been kissing, she has the most luscious lips he'd ever tasted. He could go on kissing her all night. He felt her gasp for breath and reluctantly released her. Will she slap him? She certainly wouldn't accuse a house-keeper of sexual harassment, would she?

Her face was flushed. Should he apologize for kissing her? Why should he apologize for something he enjoyed? “You didn't have to kiss me just to help me out,” she said barely above a whisper, her eyes unable to meet his. She was ashamed for feeling gloriously decadent.



Tony wanted to tell her he kissed her because he wanted to, not because he needed to in order to help her, but admitting his attraction to her might not be a wise thing to do at this time. She already looked embarrassed and uncomfortable and making her feel that way was the last thing he wanted.

“Since we're already at it, we might as well try the other lipsticks. Some of them may not be working. Here, this color becomes you,” he said kindly to ease her discomfort.



S...sure” stuttered Angela. She reached for a pink matte lipstick but she was still very much affected by Tony's kiss that her hands were trembling.



Tony offered to put it on her lips but she was too bewildered to protest. She could feel her face burning with embarrassment. The cinnamon flavored lipstick was barely on her lips a few seconds when Tony's lips were already upon hers, more hungrily this time which left her heart thundering wildly against her chest.

They abruptly broke apart when the back door suddenly burst open. “I've been knocking on the front door for 10 minutes...” complained Mona. She stopped when she noticed her daughter's dazed expression and flushed face. She looked at Tony and found guilt written all over his face. She immediately knew what they'd been up to. “I...left my watch at the living room. I just dropped by to get it.”

She exited the swinging kitchen door to retrieve her watch. Mona opted to leave by the back door again just to watch them squirm with discomfort. Before she let herself out, she looked back at the speechless pair.



Tony, go easy on my daughter. And Angela, congratulate your client with their quality control. Their lipsticks certainly don't leave a trace.” She gave them a wink and knowing smile.

Tony found his voice. “Then how did you know...” “I told you, go easy on my daughter. She's not the type to be handled roughly.” She smiled at him before exiting the back door.

Tony approached Angela who still couldn't meet his eyes. He gently lifted her chin to have her eyes look into his. Her eyes held a bewildered expression of a little girl who found something strange and totally new to her. He noticed her lips were tender from his kiss. Were the lipsticks driving him crazy or was she driving him crazy? Right now all he wanted was another taste of her soft lips that were acquiescent beneath his. He felt totally bewitched. He couldn’t believe he was losing reign over his attraction towards his boss. He was a woman of power and position, yet she looked vulnerable in his arms.

He took another lipstick and glazed Angela's soft lips with its light corral hue. “I'll be gentler this time”, he whispered.

Two days later, Angela barged in the boardroom with a haughty smile, and her usual confident, self-assured aura pervading the office air. “Looks like you're all set, Angela” said Howie.

“Of course, Howie. We are going to get this client eating out of our hands”, she told him confidently.

Angela proceeded with the presentation of her campaign proposal for the flavored smudge proof cosmetics. Grant Paxton, Jim Peterson, and several other board members were present watching her every move.

The Product Manager of L'Oreal stood up after Angela's presentation, a big smile beaming on his face. He extended his hand to Angela. “I knew a woman is the right man for this job. “Excellent, Ms. Bower. You covered every possible aspect about our product. Your idea of one slogan per lipstick type is brilliant. Every product type will have a target market. Now you won't only cater to career women, you would also appeal to young women in their twenties and to middle-age house wives too. Where is that contract, I'm all set to sign it.”

The Project Manager, the vice-presidents, and Howie, the secretary, all left the boardroom happily after the presentation. Angela eyed Grant smugly. “I told you I can snag this account without any help from you.”

Grant gave her a malicious smile. “Angela, Angela...you better set the record straight and tell your house-keeper he's not getting any salary increase for helping you out.”

Angela looked at him incredulously. “Come on, Angela, you may deny it but I know you let him help you. You have always been wary of men of equal status. Why, do you have qualms about the man wearing the pants? You prefer the man to follow your orders? I'll tell you one thing, Angela. With men like me who have power and authority, you're sure we want you for yourself, and not because of any ulterior motive of advancement or favors. With men below your status… we are not sure, are we?”

Angela felt tears brimming in her eyes. “That's a very cruel thing to say, Grant.”

“It's not cruel, it's the truth”, said Grant before leaving Angela alone in the boardroom.

Did Tony just kiss her because he felt obliged or pressured to help his boss? That's tantamount to sexual harassment, now she feels horrible. Or did he just want to get on her good side as an investment for a future favor? Was she afraid of influential men because she always wanted to be in control?

She felt overwhelmed with Tony’s warm and passionate kisses. Surely it wasn't all for show. She remembered how he gently traced her lips with his forefinger when he thought he kissed her rather fiercely. His gentility made her feel cherished and cared for. And it wasn't true she wanted to be in control all the time. That night was special and wonderful to her and she wasn’t even in control of the situation. She felt reticent, jittery, and helpless against Tony’s captivating charm and self-assurance.

Tony suddenly burst into the room. “Rosie told me I'd find you here. Mona stayed with the kids. I wanted to ask if you got the account...Hey, why the glum face? You didn't get it?” asked Tony taking her in his arms. “No, it's not that. I got the account.”

“So what's the matter? We should be celebrating...Did Mr. Paxton try something…” he asked trying to control his temper.

“ “No, no, he didn't. We just had a little disagreement is all. Come on, let's go and celebrate.”

“Why don't you freshen up first, we wouldn't want everyone in the office to know you've been crying, do we?” said Tony, wiping Angela's face with his handkerchief.

After Angela freshen up with her pressed powder, she reached for the Black Amber lipstick on the table, one she tried the other night which she suspected Tony liked the most. Tony stopped her before she could use it. “Why don't you just go back to your old Christian Dior lipstick” he suggested.

“Why, I thought you like this Black Amber shade.”

Tony looked at her seriously. “You're my boss, and it is proper that I keep my lips off you. If you wear that I won't be able to. Look, I don't take kissing lightly, and I reckon the other night neither do you. So till you're ready and willing to have me as more than just a house-keeper, then I suggest you keep those flavored smudge free lipsticks away.”

Angela's face beamed at Tony's revelation. Did she actually hear him right? He likes her? She threw her arms around Tony in delight. He hugged her back. When they broke the hug, they were looking at each other intently with a big grin as Angela reached for the Black Amber. “I warned you...boss” smiled Tony.

“Yeah, and I think I'm ready for that hot, passionate kiss that ravaged me the other night” she managed to say before Tony's lips hungrily claimed hers.

“There's another thing I don't take lightly”, said Tony as he looked into Angela's eyes, only a few inches away from his face when he broke the kiss. “I can't take it lightly when my girlfriend's boss makes her cry.”

“Don't worry, Tony. He can't make me cry anymore... I have you to keep me strong enough and brave enough to face anything.”

“Even another kiss?” asked Tony with a glint in his eye.

“Yes, even another kiss”, replied Angela breathlessly.