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Be my Girl? [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

I love this episode. And this episode's ending has got to rank amoung my top 5 episode endings with WTB?. It's such a romantic scene.
When I watched it yesterday I decided that I hadn't had enough and that I would continue the episode on my own.

I thought you'd like to share :-)

Disclaimer: usual. I am a poor old soul who owns nothing, knows noone and does not intend for any copyright infringement.

Be my Girl  

“Would you like some punch?” he asked her as they swayed to the music.  

“You made punch?” her eyes dancing with pleasure. 

He leaned closer “And cookies.” She shivered as his breath caressed the sensitive skin of her neck. 

“You really know how to spoil a girl.” She giggled, feeling more and more like a 15 year old with each passing moment. Michael would never have thought to do something like this for her. They had been together for over 10 years and he had never made her feel so loved and cherished as she did in this exact moment. By this man. A friend. A confidant. A partner. A soul mate. This man who didn’t let one day go by without showing her how important she was to him. Her Friend. Her confidant. Her partner. Her soul mate.

Taking her by the hand he lead her over to the table where he’d festively set up a bowl of punch and some cookies He ran his hand through his hair and grinned at her as he pulled out a small flask from his pocket. Glancing around he discreetly opened the lid and poured some of the liquid into the punch. Holding out a glass he urged her to take it. His cocky grin made her look around fearful of being caught in the act of crime. She eventually gave in and took a cautious sip. It was strong. Fruit mixed with fire warmed her veins, causing her to cheeks to flush deep red. 

“So...” he drawled, snaking his arm around her waist. “What time did your Daddy say you had to be home by?”  

“I don’t. I can stay out on prom night.” she casually took another sip of punch and almost choked when she felt his hand move down from her waist towards her hip.  

“Well you know baby, I got my own set of wheels and if you play your cards right I’ll give you a tour you won’t never forget.” Before she had a chance to react to his blatant advances, he removed the cup from her hand, pulled her close to his body and dipped her backwards. His face alight with pleasure at their little game. 

“In your dreams.” she laughed as she placed her free hand behind his neck and pulled him down to meet her lips. The opportunity was too perfect to let pass.  

“Every night.” He whispered huskily as they pulled apart. Hearts pounding like two teens. 

“Aah Angie?” he stepped away from her, suddenly shy and insecure. Wondering whether he actually dare do what he had planned to do next. 

“Angie?” she raised an eyebrow at the hated that nickname. 

“Aww com’on. Play along…” he reached out and grabbed the belt of her robe, giving it a little tug before dropping it again. 


“Aaah Angie?” he began once more. 

“Yes Tony?” she twirled her hair around a finger as she watched him. Wondering what was coming next. 

“You wanna wear my pin?” the words tumbled out. Harried and an octave higher than he would have wished. But he’d said it. He watched her with bated breath. At first she seemed confused but then as she processed what he just asked her a slow smile spread from her lips to her eyes. Her face lighting up with happiness. 

“Does this mean I’m your girl?” 

“Kinda.” He grinned back.  

“And you’re gonna take care of me?” she asked taking a step closer to him. 

“Only the best for you babes.” He reached out and put his arm around her shoulders, securing her to his side. 

“Forever?” she looked at him 

“You betcha.” With his free hand tucked the hair she’d just twirled around her fingers behind her ear. 

“Yeah, I’ll wear your pin.” 

Tony’s heart beat increased as he carefully pulled a small broach out of his pocket and opened his palm so that Angela could see the item. The broach was old; it had been his mother’s. One of the few precious pieces of jewellery she’d owned and one of the even fewer things Tony had to remember her by. Angela gasped as she looked at the offering in Tony’s hand. Reddish with age, the broach was a perfect golden ring encompassing a filigree gold flower- it’s intricately designed petals delicate and exquisite. A tiny ruby was nestled in the centre of the blossoms and an even tinier pearl had been placed on one of the leaves. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen.  

“Tony.” She began, forgetting their light-hearted flirtation as soon as she saw his gift. Her eyes searched his hesitantly. She had not been expecting this. This was special. She could tell. This was something he’d treasured for a long time. This was more. She opened her mouth to ask him but he placed a finger to her lips. 

“Wear it? Please? No questions asked?” 

“Only if you pin it on me.” Tony breathed a slow sigh and carefully fastened the broach onto the top of her pyjamas. 

“It’s beautiful. Thank you.” 

Pulling her closer towards him he resumed their dance. He rested his cheek against hers and closed his eyes as they let the music envelop them. 


Angela opened her eyes at the sound of muffled voices on the porch. A teenage girl giggled and a deeper voiced shushed her. Then there was quiet. Looking over she saw Tony sound asleep on the other side of the couch, his arm flung above his head, his mouth open. The front door opened and Sam walked in her cheeks flushed with the excitement of the evening. 

“Hi.” Angela smiled from the corner of the couch she was curled up in. 

“You and Dad waited up.” Sam had known they would. 

“Of course.” Getting up Angela took the blanket she had been wrapped up in and placed it over Tony. 

“How long has he been out?” Sam watched, leaning against the door, smiling with a secret only she knew existed. 

“Couple of hours. Leave him there.” Angela held out her hand to Sam.

“Come on, I’ll help you get ready for bed and you can tell me all about your big night.” 

“If you ask me your evening looks like a much more interesting topic.” Sam grinned looping her arm through Angela’s as she observed the living room, taking in the palm trees, empty cookie plate and punch bowl. 

“I’ll tell you, if you tell me.” Angela giggled as they climbed the stairs.