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Sometimes I do [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:
Walk on the Boardwalk Challenge requested by Snickers9889 (March 08) 

I’ve never actually been to Atlantic City- so please excuse any errors that might occur due to my ignorance. All I have is a wild romantic fantasy of what the boardwalk must be like;-)


Diclaimer:  I don't own any of it (well except for the little story I created - that's mine). I am not assiated with anything from WTB and no copyright infringement is intended,

Sometimes I do 


They had automatically wandered away from the crowd, lights and noise entering a world created entirely for them. As they strolled hand in hand along the wooden planks they were both content to savour a brief moment of quiet togetherness. Neither had spoken in a long time, the only sound being the rhythmic whoosh of the ocean washing over the rocks beneath them and the occasional creak as a board adjusted to their step.. The warm salty breeze danced around them caressing their skin and playing with the wisps of hair on Angela’s neck, sporadically freeing a few more strands from the clip that she had used to secure it in place. Angela sighed, breaking the spell. 

“Do you think they miss us?” she whispered looking out onto the inky darkness of the ocean. 

“Who?” Tony asked from far away. His voice contented and dreamy as he let himself be consumed by the moment. 

“The kids.” 

“Of course they do.” He squeezed her hand in silent reassurance. 

“You don’t think they’d do anything too stupid do you?” She was worried. They had never left Sam and Jonathon on their own before. This weekend had been a mistake The kids were too young.

 “Like what?” Tony stopped walking and turned to look at her.

 “I don’t know. Have a wild party. Burn down the house. Kill each other.” Lines of worry were etched on her forehead. 

“If they do… I’ll strangle ‘em.” He smiled as he tenderly smoothed the lines away with his fingers. Reaching down to grab her other hand he lifted both hand to his lips for a comforting kiss. Loosing himself in the silent depths of her eyes he lowered their hands with deliberate care to rest securely against his heart. 

“When did they get so big?” She took a step closer to him to rest her head on his strong shoulder. Their clasped hands tightly caught between their two bodies. 

“I don’t know.” He murmured into her soft hair.

“Soon they won’t need us anymore.” “Don’t say that.” 

“Tony?” She closed her eyes as she mustered up enough courage to ask the next question. The question that was tugging at her very soul. The question she needed to ask.

 “Hmm?” He was lost in a world that existed entirely of her alone.  

“Do you ever think of… perhaps…” Her voice trailed off as she lost her nerve. Her heart beating rapidly, she had to fight to breathe. She wished she had never began. 

“Ang?” He knew what she was going to ask. He felt her heart racing against his fingers. And he sucked in a breathe as he realized his matched hers beat for beat. 

“I mean, would you want…” It was too hard. She buried her head in his shoulder, cuddling closer to him. “I’m sorry, forget I asked.” 

“Do I ever think of having more?” He took a step away in order to look at her, instantly regretting his decision. A feeling of loneliness surrounded him with the loss of contact. 

“Yeah.” He smiled as he watched her lower her eyes and a rosy blush creep through her cheeks lit only by the pale moonlight. Placing one finger under her chin he gently lifted her face and waited for her to connect with him again.  

“We have a beautiful family, Angela. A great son and beautiful daughter.” He caressed her cheek. 

“Oh.” Her eyes glistened as she fought to hide her emotions from him. She wasn’t sure if her tears were tears of happiness that he loved their family as much as she did. Or if they were that of disappointment, seeing as he was content to keep things the way they were. Perhaps they were a bit of both.He brushed the moisture away with his thumb and leaned in to place a soft kiss on her lips.

"Sometimes. Sometimes I think about it.” He whispered as he pulled back, not once breaking eye contact with her. 

“So do I..” Carefully reaching out he took her hand and interlinked their fingers. 

“Shall we continue our moonlit walk. Ms Bower?” 

“I’d love to Mr Micelli.” She smiled “I still need have a non-promise to fulfil.” 

“I sincerely hope so.”