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Lying in the Kitchen [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: usual rules and regulations apply. I own zilch. I am not associated with WTB? and no copyright infringement is intended. I just like to dream up little stories.

Dear Reader- I watched Supermom Burnout the other evening and had an epiphany. Suddenly what I always thought to be a blooper became a secret message and an extremely interesting idea. I know this story is perhaps a little out of character. But I did try and keep as much within the story lines as we know it.

I hope you enjoy the idea and story.


Lying in the Kitchen




Tony watched as Angela sprinted from the kitchen, the door to the living room swinging forcefully behind her. Smiling devilishly to himself he removed the cassette from the player and shut the tape deck. He’d known she’d fall for it. After 5 years he knew her weakness like the back of his hand. Pink roses were his best bet at early parole if he ripped one of her blouses when washing. His double fudge walnut cake was the perfect bribe for when he wanted to borrow her jag. Popping “The Way We Were” into the machine after the kids were in bed brought her running and was guaranteed to have her curled up against him within 25minutes. And last but not least she’d listen to psycho-babble of any kind in attempt to work him and the rest of the world out.


He also knew that it had been a mean trick to play, but he needed to confess that he loved her. Somehow. Even if he made out that it wasn’t so. Because he did. He loved her. The emotional overload she caused him only seemed to increase until the pressure within him was so intense that it was either let it out or go insane.


Some days it only took one look from her and his normally buried emotions exploded from him. Without warning. Making him impulsive and reckless in his actions.
Other times he was able to catch himself before the path of no return. It was then that he made provisions to lessen the load he was carrying. Even if he was forced to conceal his true motives in messages so cryptic she couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell her. Even if he had to play juvenile games. Their relationship certainly made him creative. And on some level, he knew without a doubt that she heard him. After all, she understood.


Twirling the tape between his fingers Tony let his thoughts wander back to that night on the bench in Jamaica. The warm salty breeze caressing his skin, the soft sand between his toes, the explosion of stars on the midnight blue sky, the sweet taste of Angela’s lips, the sincerity with which she told him what he needed to hear.


The door slapped back open hitting against the wall and Angela stormed in, a blond thundercloud, finger pointing towards her headstrong opinionated housekeeper, ready to justify her actions. She stopped dead in her tracks hand falling to her side at the sight before her. There was Tony, exactly where she had left him rooted to the spot beside the tape deck. Except now he was holding an extremely interesting object. He was so deeply immersed in his daydream that he didn’t notice her presence till she coughed, poignantly. The sudden noise caused him to jump and slowly turn his head to look at her. The instant look of guilt that spread over his features was evidence enough for her to deduce what he’d done.


“Tony…” her voice was saccharine sweet. “What on earth is that you’re holding?” She smiled like the cat who had just caught the canary as she watched Tony pale, his olive complexion turning ashen grey with shock, then a mere moment later blush deep crimson as the blood rushed back to his face. Her gaze was piercing.
She knew. And she knew she knew.
She watched with great amusement as the felon at hand searched in vain for an excuse. He was hopeless at making up stories, she however had a natural talent for it and after so many years of teamwork, he always relied on her to do the lying whenever needs be. She grinned even wider at the knowledge that she had him cornered.


“Uhhh this?” He looked down at the object in question. “Well it’s a tape Angela.” He stated the obvious in a desperate attempt to buy himself a few precious seconds as he wracked his brain. All he needed was a lie. Something. Anything to get himself out of this mess. Angela would be able to come up with a plausible story without missing a blink. Surely he could do it too?


„Oh? A tape, huh? What’s on it?“ She started to inch towards him. Maintaining eye contact with the villain she rounded the table letting her fingers slide over the backs of the chairs as she approached him. She had all the time in the world. And he was not going to get away unscathed. Yes, this was definitely going something she’d make him remember for the rest of his life.


Tony cleared his tightening throat. “Stuff.” He paused for a minute to swallow. “Yeah. Stuff. For school. It’s um a language tape. Yeah a language tape for my French course.” His words tumbled out like raging mountain stream. She was inches away from him now- well within reach of both the tape and the deck.


“Stuff. For school. For your French course.” She repeated his words. Slowly. Deliberately. Mockingly serious. Silent laughter filled her when she realized just how much of a unit they had become over the years. He was completely lost without her help. It was no wonder people mistook them for married.
 “Well, why don’t we pop it in the deck. We can practice together while making dinner. I used to love French. It’ll be fun.” She reached out to take the tape from him. Quick as lightening he hid his hands behind his back. In vain he tried to create some space between them, by backing up towards the stove. However much to his distress she was not going anywhere. Each step he took she matched with one of her own.


“Uh. I can’t. It’s not working” He groaned as he hit into the stove with the backs of his legs. She had herded him into the corner. He was not enjoying himself. Didn’t she care how stressed he was? She knew how much he had to deal with. The household. The family. The kids. Mona. Her. School. His future. Their future. Their relationship. Their non-relationship. He had thought she understood. She had told him she understood. He sucked in a breath. She was enjoying this far to much.


“Not working. Here let me try.” He twisted slightly as she tried to reach behind him and retrieve the offending object.


“No. That’s ok. Um.” He paused again “I accidentally deleted the thing.” He felt like banging his head against the wall.


“Tony- tell me what’s on the tape.” Her hands had come to rest on his chest. Thumbs lightly stroking him through the material of his shirt.


“I just did.” Tony croaked out as she took the last step remaining and aligned her body flush with his.


“You wouldn’t lie to your boss would you?”


“Can I plead temporary insanity?”


“I seriously hope you won’t. Plead temporary I mean.”


“Would you settle for the 5th?”


“Let’s listen to the tape.”


“Lets not.”


“Why ever not Tony? You don’t have anything to hide do you?”


“How about if I opt for an unconvincing white lie and you choose to believe it for the greater good?”


“You know- if I was in this situation,” Angela’s eyes softened as she considered her next move “I’d look towards creating a diversion.”  She slowly moved her hands to rest on the outside of his biceps.


“Yeah?” Suddenly Tony didn’t mind this position as much as he thought he did. Angela pressed up against him, the smell of her shampoo, those beautiful dark eyes no longer laughing at his predicament but filled with a desire she reserved especially for him.


“Oh yeah.” She stated, nodding her head in solemn agreement. “Something to divert my boss’ attention… make her forget what I was doing.” Her voice was low and sultry.


Tony smiled, relaxing into the situation and letting himself be tugged by the magnetic pull of the moment. Placing his hands on her waist anchoring her body to his, he tilted his head slightly and mulled her words over “Something to take your mind off the content of the tape…” Leaning towards her he stopped a mere millimetre from his target. Eyes closed, lips barely brushing against each other he whispered

“How’s this?”


“Hey twirp- get out of my way!” The back door slammed as their two teenagers tumbled into the room. Instantly ripped out of the world they had created for each other, Tony and Angela simultaneously turned towards the ruckus.

“You are such a jerk.” Jonathon yelled in response to Sam’s verbal abuse.

Tony sighed and braced himself for the upcoming round of family feuding, the tape its contents and the ever-growing need between Angela and himself temporarily forgotten in the commotion.
Steeling a quick glance in his direction Angela smiled. She deftly reached over and clasped her fingers around the tape he was holding. His grip loosened and carefully removing her prize from him she discreetly slipped it into her pocket before joining him in scolding the two offenders of the peace.

He knew. She knew he knew. He knew she knew he knew. It was enough. For now.


“Hey Ang?” He turned to her, winked and grinned. “How ‘bout we cut our losses, get rid of this lot and start a fresh?”

Dead silence followed as two teenagers joined forced against the common enemy and left the room in disgust. She couldn’t help it. Life was wonderful. Her laughter erupting from deep within her as the door to the living room swung back and forth in their children’s wake.