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A Quirk for Two [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

Answer to the habit challenge set by OakHillDrive (September 2008). I read her idea and this story basically flew out of my fingers.

Feedback is greatly appreciated- I am really hoping to improve with time.


Disclaimer: The usual legal mumbojumbo. Much to my dismay I own nothing. I am in no way affiliated with WTB? I just like to dream a little from time to time. No copyright infringement intended.

A Quirk for Two 


He’d been home from Iowa for three weeks. Three amazingly perfect weeks. It was almost as if they had never been separated. Never been so stupid as to think that one could survive without the other. She couldn’t believe how right everything felt. Life was wonderful. Life was complete.

Life was damn torture. Angela starred at her fiancé in disbelief. Not again. He can’t be doing it again. Every evening before going to bed the same idiotic ritual. Was she looking at 50 years of this?

At first she thought it was just a one off. Then she put it down as something that had to be done from time to time. Now she was convinced he’d gone bonkers.


„What are you doing?“ she tried to keep her voice light and unassuming, not that he would notice anyway. She could tell him she was running away with a 20 year old male model to live in a kibbutz and he wouldn’t react while doing that… that… routine… task… ritual… that… that… thing. Whatever it was. She had. And he hadn’t, except for the per functionary grunt he gave her whenever he wasn’t actually listening. Perhaps she should tell him she was pregnant.


„What?“ Tony barely looked up from the task at hand.


„What are you doing?“ This time she asked with more force, slowly but surely this was getting to her. Would she have to go through this every night? God. She hoped not. She might kill him before the actual wedding.


„Whaaaat?“ frustrated by the disturbance his Italian roots bubbled and burst out in a typical hand gesture and Italian-Brooklyn accent.


„Thaaaaat.” She countered, imitating him both in voice and mimic, “Why on earth are you doing that?“


“I… er… why?” He was just standing there now. Her question had caught him off-guard and now he felt slightly out of sync. He’d never thought much about it. It was just something that needed to be taken care of. Something he did. Why make such a fuss. It’s not like he was picking his nose. He was just… getting ready for bed.


“It’s weird.” Angela stated with a look that said, do I even know you at all?


“No it isn’t.” Talk about hypocritical. What about her pillow routine? If anything, now, that was strange. Who cares how he placed the pillows on that stupid seat? The next morning he’d have to arrange them back on the bed anyway. But no. Every night she made him line up the pillows in some fanciful order only she understood. And then to top it all off she had the audacity to call him weird?


“Yes it is!” Angela almost shouted sitting up in bed, wearing the top to his blue checked pyjamas, hair tied in two pigtails, back propped against the headrest, arms folded, mouth in set in a pout ready for a full blown fight. All of the annoyance he just experienced at being distracted from his chore melted away at the picture. It took all of Tony’s willpower not to burst out laughing there and then.


”No. It. Isn’t.” He punctuated each word.


“Tooonyyyyy.” Angela flayed her arms in sheer desperation.


“Angelaaaaa.” He imitated. He was enjoying teasing her now- wondering how far he could push her till she actually socked him. However Angela had other ideas and decided to change tactics.


“Come to bed.” In a split second her tone changed to a deep raspy voice- low, warm, inviting, irresistible. Almost.


“No.” He stated simply.


“Why not?” Angela’s eyes widened in shock. Of all possible answers she hadn’t actually thought that “No” was part of the equation.


“I’m not ready yet.”


“Fine.” She sighed resigned to her fate. “Have it your way.” And with that she picked up the book from her nightstand and opened it to where her bookmark was carefully placed.


“I don’t see why me doing this should upset you so much.”


“You don’t?” she answered not once looking up from the page she was supposed to be reading. “Well Mr Goodmop, you’re lucky I love you so much- because this is grounds for divorce.”


“Ha. Ha. Ha. I have one word for you.” Tony waited patiently for her to look up and take the bait. She did. Locking eyes he started to crawl up the bed slowly making his way towards her. Like a tiger on the prowl. His movements determined, sensual. Slowly the world around him started to disappear as Angela filled his every sense. The delicate smell of her shampoo wafting towards him, the eternally dark pools of her eyes gazing at him with an intense look of love, the feel of her soft bump under the duvet as the inside of his legs brushed against the outside of hers. He could swear he heard her heart miss a beat and then quicken it’s pace.

Perhaps it was time to change his ritual. Create a new habit so to speak. A quirk for two.

 “And what’s that?” Angela squeaked as she pulled the covers up to her chin. The book had long since fallen from her fingers. Carefully he removed the paperback from her lap and placed it back on her nightstand. He was on top of her now-his face inches from hers. His breath tickling her nose as he leaned in and in a triumphant whisper said “Pillows!” before catching her lips with his and reaching out to turn off the lamp.




Chapter End Notes:


Dissapointed that you didn't get to find out what the quirk was? Sorry, but some things should remain private... And I figured Tony and Angela deserve some privacy too;-P