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A Road that's Hidden [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

I always loved how they finished WTB?- Putting the fact aside that I hated the show come to an end at all- I loved the final scene and the way things came full circle.
However the ending always left me wondering... where do Tony and Angela go from here... I know I know it's been done before...but nevertheless i thought i'd put pen to paper (or in todays world... fingers to the keyboard:-)
As I am a short story writer all the chapters can be read as stand alone stories.

feedback is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: Usual rules apply- I own nothing and I am not in anyway associated with anyone from Who's the Boss. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Notes:



 „You got the job.“ Angela whispered looking into Tony’s eyes.  

“No kidding:” he replied before leaning in for another kiss.  

He had known he needed her. But finally standing here in his own home with her warm body snug in his arms, he was unprepared for the wave of emotional relief that hit him. The constant yearning for home, for his family, for her. The horrible sensation of being incomplete, the indescribable ache that had consumed him these past few months though unbearable hadn’t seemed to be quite so excruciating until her lips melded with his and their souls merged together. He had been numb, he could no longer deny it. Numb with the intense pain of living a  life without her. And now once again safely encircled by her love he was incapable of sustaining the barriers he had so carefully built. The agony he had forbidden himself to feel crashed over him. It felt good. Here in this moment, protected by her he finally let his past go.

 Moments seemed to stretch into hours. There was no one else. Just her. His Angela. The towel which was wrapped around her head fell to the ground and her hair spilled down onto her shoulders. It felt natural for him to tangle his fingers in the soft damp locks pulling her closer to him.

 ”Don’t ever push me away for my own good again.” He mumbled into her mouth.  

“I won’t.” She tightened her grip on him, the soft curves of her body flush against his muscular plains. He was surrounded by Angela, her feel, her smell, her aura. He felt as if their souls were fusing together, no longer knowing where he ended and she began. Pulling his head back slightly so he could see her, he cupped her face with both hands. 

”Don’t ever doubt that you aren’t enough for me.” He watched her expression as he let his words wash over her and seep into her soul. Her eyes gently closed, lashes against porcelain skin, lips swollen from the kisses they had just shared. She was entirely consumed by the moment and him. This was the part of her he didn’t get to see very often. The part she had carefully locked away from the world long ago. The Angela who didn’t think. The Angela who didn’t rationalize. The Angela who trusted her self enough to just feel and be. 

”I won’t.” she vowed in a hushed whisper leaning in again so that their foreheads were touching. Time stood still as they both allowed themselves to savour what they had over and over again denied needing. Each other. 

“I don’t care if I have to mow the lawn in central park as long as you are with me.” He chose his words carefully. His tone serious and entirely from the heart. She needed to know this. She needed to believe this.

”Three years ago you didn’t think that way.” Angela looked at him her brown eyes sparkling with tears. Did she really know this man standing in front of her?  

”You make me who I am, not some fancy job and apartment.” His hand stroked her cheek and pushed an errant strand of hair behind her ear. She looked young and vulnerable standing there- her arms wrapped around him, face devoid of make-up, hair damp and matted from her shower. Her voice was strained as the words she wanted to say caught in her throat.


”I love you.” He leaned in to capture her lips again.  Surprised when he felt her pull back from him slightly he saw her looking at him with an intensity that made him want to run from her and at the same time never let go. He waited. He knew she needed to do this in her own time. Finally the words bubbled to the surface and she allowed her inner self to be open up to him. An honour, he realized, she would only bestow on those worthy of her complete and utter trust. 

”I’m sorry.”  

He captured her lips in a second. Pouring himself into her. Desperately trying to heal the wounds they had inflicted on each other. Gently braking the kiss he placed his mouth next to her ear and as quietly as a warm summers breeze he murmured
”So am I. So desperately sorry that I ever hurt you. That I wasn’t man enough to take the chance and face the wind.”

He buried his head into her shoulder- and there they stood at the foot of the stairs- arms entwined, gently swaying to a tune that was theirs alone.

“Say it?”

“I love you.”



Chapter End Notes: