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A Mother's Embrace [ - ]
by busybee246
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Story Notes:

Hi all this is my first fanfic- so be nice:-)
It's sappy and probably completely out of character. Basically just some fluff that came to me when watching "Hit the Road Chad". I guess I always felt that despite Sam's independence and vivacious character she has a vulnerability to her that only Angela would get to see.
Feed back is greatly appreciated as long as it's constructive and gentle in it's critisism (I'm a bit of a sensitive soul) I'd really love to be able to improve.

Disclaimer: usual rules apply- nothing belongs to me- I'm just borrowing Angela and Sam for a few brief lines. No copyright infringement intended.

A Mothers Embrace 


Angela looked up at the light tap at her door. It opened slowly and a small pixie like face with soulful brown eyes poked itself around. “Hi Sweetheart, it’s late what are you still doing up?”
Sam entered the room and stood there awkwardly looking at the floor. “You wanna hop in with me?” Angela lifted the covers in invitation to the girl. Sam dashed over to the bed and automatically snuggled close, wrapping her arms around Angela in an almost death grip. “Woah Sam, that’s one hug.” Angela felt her ribs being crushed, but at the same time she didn’t think anything in the whole world could feel as good as that little girl pressed up against her. Wrapping her arm around the girl she asked “You wanna talk?” Sam shook her head a lonelyl tear escaping and running down her cheek as she buried her head in the space on Angela’s chest just above her heart.
“Let’s just snuggle then, ok?” Angela said as she wiped the tear from Sam’s soft cheek. Careful not to remove her arm from its protective embrace of the girl, Angela used her left hand to place the files she was reading on her bedside table. She then carefully removed her glasses, placed them on top of the documents and turned off the light.
“Let me lie down sweetheart.” Angela gently prompted. There buried in between the soft sheets and pillows with the gentle moonlight wafting through the window Angela stroked the hair of the girl she had long forgotten was not her own child. Sam’s quiet sobs breaking the silence of midnight. “Angela?” Sams voice was low and hesitant. “Am I a bad person for not missing my mother?” Angela remained silent allowing her embrace to portray her love for Sam. “I… I should remember her.”
“Sam?” Angela slowly let out a long breath
“I love her- she’s my mother. But lately, well, unless I have a photo of Mama in front of me I can’t picture her.” Sam played with the ribbon threaded through the duvet cover.  “I love her so much.” She repeated, a need to emphasize the fact overcoming her.- “but it seems like all of a sudden I have a new mom and I love her so much too. When I think of my Mom I smell you, I hear you, I see you and…” Sam felt breathless “when did that happen?” a tear rolled down Sam’s cheek.
“Samantha, we will never ever forget your Mom. She gave us a very precious gift. Because of her we have you and there is not a day goes by that I don’t think of think of the special woman who created you. I love you very much. But I never want you to think that I am replacing her roll in your life. Love comes in many different forms and it is ok to love and cherish. We have our relationship- and it is what it is – our relationship.” Angela didn’t think she ever felt as needed as in this particular moment.
“She was my Mama, you’re my Mom?” Sam’s eyes were closed, her voice low and soft as she lay there protected from the world. Sometimes a tough streetwise 14 year-old just needed to be a little girl in her mothers arms.
“That’s a lovely way of putting it Sweetheart.” “Angela?”
“Yes Sam?”
“You’ve never punished me before today.” The statement hung between them, heavy. Angela wondered what to do with it.
“No I hadn’t. I guess I forget that you aren’t my daughter too.” They both lapsed into a comfortable silence. It was late and despite the earnestness of the conversation sleep was invading the corners of their world.
“Angela?” Sam whispered.
“Yes Sam?”
“I think I wanted to find out how far I could go. I wanted to push your buttons. I didn’t know it but I think I needed to know you don’t see me any different from Jonathon.” Angela suddenly felt very awake.  Rolling on to her side so she could face Sam she took the girl’s hand in hers and looked her directly in the eye.
“Oh Baby, I don’t. I really don’t. Just don’t make me do it too often ok? I hated yelling at you.”  Sam could see the intensity and depth of sincerity in her friend’s eyes.
“Me too.” She replied. “Night Angela- I love you so much.”“I love you too. Hey Sam, lets have a girls day tomorrow, shopping, lunch, manicure, maybe a show”
“A mother-daughter day?” Sam asked.
“I’d love to, but Dad grounded me for the weekend for being rude to you.” Sam looked like a beaten puppy, it had been a hard day.
“Oh? Did he now?” Angela grinned at the girl. Reaching out to tuck a lone strand of hair behind Sam's ear she decided “I think since it was me you were rude to it should be me who decides how you’re punished and a mother-daughter day is exactly what you need. I’ll clear it with your Dad- I know exactly how to handle him.” Sam giggled, “He doesn’t stand a chance.”