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My Father, My Friend [ - ]
by OakHillsDrive
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My Father, My Friend
By Angela Robinson

The man who was,
the man who is
The best part of all
I've ever been.
He still is here,
Along with me
Guiding me through
This eternity.

Even though
I can't see his face
I can always feel
His warm embrace.
He taught me how
To laugh at life,
To cry at sorrow,
smile through strife.

My dearest hope
In our time apart
Is that he's happy
with the way
I've worn his heart.

My Father, my friend
A love without end.
Today I remember
As I do everyday
That your love
Has shown me the way.

So until that happy day
When we meet and hug,
I'll smile and laugh
and happily say
I love you Dad
in every way.