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Mona's Always Watching [ - ]
by Snickers9889
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(A/N: This fanfiction starts when Mona says that Angela dating Peter is really bothering Tony when Tony is waiting up for Angela.)

"Angela dating Peter is really bothering you."

He just looked at her.

Of course, it bothers me. She...she... "How can she do this to me?"He asked.

"How could you do it to her?"

He was just knocked back a little bit. 'How could I do it to her?' He was expecting an I don't know, a What do you mean, or even no response at all. When the question came out of his mouth, that isn't how he meant it, he meant 'How could she......' Nope. No luck. No escape. He meant it how he said it, and he said it how he meant it. The question stayed in his mind, for years on end, when she'd go out with someone else, and when she was considering Geoffery's proposal. But, today, the question came out, and he wanted to put it back in.

"I'm waiting for an answer." Mona said.

"I don't have one." He began,"But, I do have a question- Is what I've felt like for years, how she felt, when I....well...when..." He was at a loss for words.

"When you cheated on her?" Mona finished for him.

He nodded.

"No. She felt worse. Tony, you opened wounds that.... You fixed the wounds Michael made, by being her friend. You patched them up. Then, you ripped them open again." She said.

Mona really, didn't want to be so hard on Tony, but, someone had to, because his and Angela's relationship was drowning.

"I've become the man I've wanted to hurt all along. I'm as bad as Michael."

That night, Tony looked at the clock- 11:00. Where was she? She should've been back by now...... Why hasn't she come home yet? Was she still with Peter? Was she hurt? Was she upset? He paced the kitchen... waiting for himself to make an excuse, when Mona walked through the back door.

"What are you still doing up?" He asked.

"What are you doing?" She said with her eyebrows perked.

"Nothing." He said.

"Your waiting up for Angela." She stated simply.

"Listen, Mone, I gotta get out a here for a little bit. Can you watch the kids? They're asleep already, I just...."

Mona interrupted. "You need to clear your head?" It was more a statement than a question, but he just nodded.

"Go, get outta here, figure out what you want to do with my daughter." She winked, while he was on his way out.

Tony walked into the bar- He needed a drink. He didn't know what his problem was. What was he thinking?

"Hey, Tony." Said Joe, the bar tender. He was at the same bar Angela used to hide from him on her birthday. Well, not the one when they were drunk, and kissed, but, ahhh... you know the story.

"Hey, Joe."

"What can I get ya?" Joe asked.

"Nothin' Joe, I gotta drive my self home, so, I don't want anything- but a miracle."

"We all want those. Trouble in paradise?"

Tony sighed. "Yeah, Angela went out on another date with 'Peter' and... I've just been thinkin'..."

"Thinkin' what?"

"Do you think I should tell Angela how I feel?"

"I don't know Tony, you're walkin' on thin ice.... Ever since you...well...you know, with that... what's-her-face, Angela and you've seemed pretty distant."

"I know... But, do you thinl that there is anything I could do to make it up to her?"

"Tony.... I'm not and I refuse to tell you what'll make your girl happy. You need to figure that out your self."

Tony sat there, and began to think.