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Love According to Jonathan [ - ]
by Snickers9889
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It was just an average day in the Bower/Micelli household, and everything seemed to be normal. They were all there in the dinnning room eating dinner, Tony had cooked, as usual and everyone was enjoying it that was until, little Jonathan opened his mouth.

"Mom, I've got a question."

"Sure, swetheart."

"Well, I don't know if I should ask it..."

"Hey, Jonathan," Tony began, "If you got a question, you can always ask."

Jonathan tossed the idea in his mind a little bit, and decided he didn't want to ask them in front of Sam and and his grandmother.

"Can we just talk after dinner?" Jonathan asked.

Tony looked at Angela, and Angela looked at Tony. Now they were worried, what was going on in that mind of his?

"Sure, Jonathan, we'll discuss it later."

"Ok..." Said Jonathan sadly.

He'd prepared himself for this, to ask them both this question, and he was afraid. He was terrified to ask them a question that seemed a little immature of him to ask. But, they never told him and Sam anything, and his grandma only knew because she prys in his mother's life.

After Dinner.....

Angela had sat Jonathan down and asked him what it was that he was so upset about. He responded with, "Tony has to be here too."

"Ok," said Angela, and she fetched Tony.

Now, all three of them were sitting down, in the living room and Tony and Angela waited for Jonathan to tell them what was bothering him.

"Sweetheart, what's bothering you? Is it school? Is it your friends? Your classmates? Your teachers?" Asked Angela with concern.

"It's you and Tony." He said.

Angela and Tony looked at eachother, then back at Jonathan.

"Buddy, what are me and your mom doin' to make you upset?" Asked Tony. After all, this child was as much his son as he was Angela's.

"You guys aren't making me upset. I was just wondering......."

"Yes?" Angela asked curiously.

"Are you guys in love?" Jonathan asked.

Tony looked at Angela, and Angela at Tony. How were they to answer a question, they themselves didn't know the answer to?