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ABC ends 3 mainstays with triple grand finale [ - ]
by jasonc_wtbr
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Story Notes:
Author: Unknown
Source: USA Today
Date | Issue: 03/19/1992 | NA
Topic: Who's the Boss? Finale
Submitted by: mich_l81

ABC ends 3 mainstays with triple grand finale

By Unknown 

ABC will make it a night of goodbyes to three TV favorites on April 25.

Who's the Boss?, Growing Pains and MacGyver call it quits that night, in specials that are sure to be heavy on nostalgia.

Both Pains and Boss will be expanded to an hour that Saturday.
Boss, which made its debut in 1984 , closes after eight years with what producers promise will be a happy ending for housekeeper Tony (Tony Danza) and his boss-turned-lover Angela (Judith Light).

''We will deliver on this romance. Tony and Angela are headed down the road to marriage,'' says co-creator and executive producer Martin Cohan. ''But there's a major surprise in the end.''