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A Match Made on Geraldo [ - ]
by Anneli
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Story Notes:
Author: Monica Collins
Source: TV Guide Mazazine
Date | Issue: ??/??/1992 | NA
Topic: Tony & Angela
Submitted by: Anneli

A Match Made on Geraldo

By Monica Collins

Let’s say you’re a thirtysomething ad exec, divorced and a single mom. You live in a Connecticut town with your small son (who’s cheeky) and your oversexed mother (who’s a handful). You don’t know how to boil water. You have to hire domestic help.

So you retain Tony, a hunky live-in housekeeper, who moves in along with his daughter. His brownies are worthy of the Pillsbury Bake-Off. He turns your heart into spun sugar.

For eight years, you flirt with him, fight with him, make up with him, almost marry him. His problems are yours, your problems are his.

In real life, this domestic situation would be deemed decidedly odd– one of those curious arrangements that could rate a guest shot on Geraldo (*Male Maids and the Women Who Love Them*).

But because this is a TV sitcom, all the relationship rules have been suspended and extended and distended. And finally, on April 25, when ABC’s Who’s the Boss? ends after eight years, the unlikely pairing of Tony, the street-smart domestic, and Angela, his WASPish boss, will be resolved. The producers are guarding the contents of the hour-long finale like a state secret, but the betting money has the pair getting married.

One of the most interesting aspects of series TV is tracking how the characters’ relationships grow, evolve, expand, or contract over the years. Tony and Angela have been more interesting than most.

Even the actors playing them, Tony Danza and Judith Light, appeared ill-matched at first. He had a strong identity from the gritty Taxi ensemble. She came from the frothy world of soaps. Then Danza and Light just began clicking along a unique relationship track.

“We’ve been on a roller coaster for eight years,” admits Boss executive producer Martin Cohan.

Even Cheers hasn’t extended foreplay this long. After the first season, Tony and Angela kissed. Then they put a lid on their passion– for six years– until this year.

Why didn’t the producers marry off Angela and Tony early on? “During the third season we had a lot of people pressing us to do that,” says Cohan. “They said it was unnatural for these two healthy people to live under the same roof and not have something happen.”

The decision was made, however, to keep Tony and Angela apart; commitment might have killed the crackle.

But that didn’t stop the producers from having Tony and Angela unite in numerous fantasy sequences. One of the strangest was when Tony went under anesthetic and kept murmuring “Angela, I love you.”

“The fantasy episodes were the best kind of wish-fulfillment,” says Cohan. “You get to have your cake, but when you wake up it’s still in the refrigerator.”

Cakes, fantasies, male maids– Geraldo, are you listening?