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Le Famiglie Sono Eterna (Families are Forever) [ - ]
by OakHillsDrive
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Story Notes:

This story is dedicated to the best pals (readers) a gal could ever ask for. Most of all I’d like to give a special thanks to Pretty dynamic (Kathy) for being my cheerleader, JMAR (Judy) for being the Best Editor and Brainstormer in the world (thanks for the idea for chapter 23 & 24, the light bulb wouldn‘t have gone on without you), Rebekah (you know why), my husband who always knows the right words to say and most of all to my “Lenas” and “Mattys”  who never cease to inspire me with their stories, no one got to hear.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. A few of the  characters and plots points are mine.  I don't work for or know any of the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  ('Course that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to)  No copyright infringement is intended.)  I'm just borrowing them to entertain my good friends.

Author's Notes:
I've had a scene in my head for several months now.  I sat down Sunday night to turn it into a drabble and it got away from me.  Now, I think I'm in completely over my head, but hopefully when its done, you'll be glad it's more than 100 words.  (I realize that several of the words will be appear to be spelled wrong.  It's my attempt to show the characters speaking with an accent.  If it's distracting, I apologize.)


"Next."  A woman standing behind a counter quietly called. 

Lena, a beautiful brunette, who had been in a kind of daze, looked up noticing there was no one ahead of her in line.  She raised her pale slim hand and quickly approached the woman.

"Jes.  I am 'ere." Lena, answered as quietly as possible, in her thick Italian accent.  She looked up timidly, confused at the situation she now found herself in. "But, may I ask a questy-on?"

"Yes Ma'am, of course." The young clerk began typing something into a machine Lena had never seen before.

"Where is 'ere?" She said gazing hopefully at the clerk.

"Well, I guess you could say this is Heaven.  Honestly, this is Heaven's WRLO."


"I'm sorry. It's the Waiting Room for Loved Ones."

"Waitin' room?"

"Well, this is where you meet your loved ones, the ones who passed on before you.  Ma'am, may I have your name?"

Lena, who was still in a haze, whispered, "Lena Romano Michelli.  Does dis mean dat I am. . ."

"Yes, Ma'am.  I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you.  Is that spelled M-I-C-E-L-L-I?"


"I see you have a relative waiting for you for an immediate assignment.  If you go through the door to the right," she said pointing Lena in the right direction, "Joseph is waiting for you."


"Well, it's kind of hard to explain right now.  I guess you don't remember yet do you?"

"No.  I don't remem-bear a Josef?"

"Well just go through that door and he'll explain everything to you."

Lena looked around for the first time, trying to get her barrings.  The last thing she remembered was closing her eyes in her own bedroom.  Her husband, Matty, had been holding her hand.  What had happened?

"I'm dead?" She thought to herself as she continued walking towards the door.  She looked around at everything.  It looked like an office, but like no office she'd ever been to before.  There were filing cabinets and desks with flat boxes that had pictures and words flashing on them.  Even the furniture was all white or made of wood.  It was a beautiful building.  Everyone who walked past her smiled in their white clothing.  She arrived at the door and grabbed hold of the door knob, unsure of whether or not she wanted to open it.

"Hee-Haw!  Hellooo Lena!"  Yelled a round, red headed, red mustached gentleman who was getting up from the bench he'd been sitting on. 

Lena looked around and found that the office on the other side of the doorway had disappeared.  She was back in 1959, again.  She was now standing on her street, with the people she saw everyday buzzing around her and many of them walking right through herThe rotund man, now standing next to her, looked horribly out of place in her neighborhood.  Not only did his red hair make him more noticeable, but the robe, pajamas and slippers he wearing were bright white, in contrast to the gray, dusty, dirty streets of the city.

"Where have you been?  We've got to get moving.  Today is important."

"Escusee, signore.  We are familiga?"

"Lena, if we don't go help your husband, Matty, right now, we won't be."

He grabbed her hand and began to run as quickly as his jolly belly would allow.

"Signore, where are a we going?  If some ting is wrong with my Matty, maybe I could tell jou a faster way to get there," she said following him.  Concern was building up in her heart, wondering what could be causing her husband to be in such danger or pain.

"When we get to him, I need you to do whatever you can think of to help him calm down and listen to Robert."


"Just do whatever you can to help him calm down, Lena.  The Big Man will do the rest."


Stay Tuned for Chapter 2: Eternally in Your Debt