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Alyssa Milano's in Charge [ - ]
by jasonc_wtbr
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Story Notes:
Author: Jason R. Rich
Source: Syracuse Herald-Journal
Date | Issue: 01/23/1988 | NA
Topic: Alyssa Milano
Submitted by: Listner

Alyssa Milano's in Charge

By Jason R. Rich

When most people hear the name Alyssa Milano, they think of the cute 15-year-old who plays Samantha Micelli on ABC-TV's "Who's the Boss?".

For her acting, Milano received a Youth in Film award for best young supporting actress on a TV series, after the show's first season.

"Doing the show is a lot of fun. Tony Danza is funny, and keeps us entertained during breaks. Everyone in the cast gets along really well."

TODAY, MILANO is not only a talented television actress, but she has also done fashion modeling, starred in motion pictures and has even worked on Broadway.

Milano is originally from Brooklyn but currently lives in Los Angeles. Her father is a sound and music coordinator, and her "mother is a fashion designer.

If you think Milano is one of the best-dressed young celebrities on television, it is because, "My mother has designed many of the outfits I wear, both on the show and in my daily life," she explains. "My mom has great taste in clothing."

BOTH OF HER parents are very supportive of Milano's acting career.

After making her acting debut (at the age of 8) in the Broadway show "Annie," her career continued with several more Broadway roles, followed by a co-starring role with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film "Commando."

He may play a tough guy in the movies, but in real life Arnold is a very friendly person," she says. When not working, Milano enjoys shopping for clothes and spending time with her parents and younger brother, Cory.

Because she is very concerned about health and fitness, three times a week Milano goes to the gym for an intense aerobic workout

"I enjoy doing aerobics, but I really don't likes ports," Milano says.

FOR THE PAST several months, '"My family and I have been looking forward to a vacation in Finland," Milano says.

She's been asked to tape an episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" there, and is going both to work and for a well-deserved break.

Not only does she work full-time on "Who's the Boss?", but Milano also has her schoolwork. "I'm not really good in math. However, it is my favorite subject," she says.

As for the future, Milano says: "I want to bean actress for the rest of my life. I also want to write and direct.'

"Even though she has several years before she has to choose a college, Milano is already looking at UCLA, and wants to study cinematography and psychology. Perhaps she'll write a television series or motion picture in which she co-stars with her best friend, Scott Grimes.

"THE BEST PART about having your friends in show business is that they understand when you have to "work and can't go out with them to a movie or something," she says.

Milano recently starred in the made-for-television movie "Crash Course," about a group of high school students taking a driver's education class.

Brian Bloom ("As the World Turns'") and Tina Yothers ("Family Ties") also appeared.