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Boss Fans 'Won't be Let Down' [ - ]
by jasonc_wtbr
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Story Notes:
Author: Heteringon L
Source: Herald Sun
Date | Issue: 07/29/1992 | NA
Topic: Who's the Boss? Finale
Submitted by: mich_l81

Boss Fans 'Won't be Let Down'

By Heteringon L 

WHO'S The Boss? is now in its final series and every fan is itching to find out whether Angela and Tony eventually tie the knot.

According to Judith Light, who played Angela Bowers for eight years in the popular sitcom, viewers will not be disappointed with the final episode.

"I don't want to take the surprise away from the viewers but I can assure you the audience won't be let down," Light told the Herald-Sun by phone from Los Angeles.

"It's a very romantic and heart-warming show, with a few unexpected turns of events." The sitcom, co-starring Tony Danza and Katherine Helmond, wound up in the USA in April. Light was sorry to see it finish, believing there was life left in the show about a high-powered advertising executive and her male house-keeper.

"The network thought the series had run its course and wanted to put on other programs," she said.

Contrary to rumors that have circulated through the years about off-set feuding between herself and Tony Danza, she said that relations between them have always been harmonious.

"We've always got on very well. He's the best. I'm hoping to see him next week," she enthused. "The cast was like a family, we loved each other." When Light first read the script for Who's The Boss?, its "cutting edge" quality appealed to her.

"When we shot the pilot in 1983, the issue of women being independent and on their own was really coming to the fore. The nuclear family doesn't just have to consist of blood relatives any more." Light also liked the fact that Tony and Angela were disparate people from vastly different backgrounds. Although they were sexually attracted to each other, Light was pleased that the couple never consummated their relationship.

"It was a case of opposites attracting and they appreciated what each other had to offer.

"If they had slept together, that sexual chemistry would have dissipated. It was much better to keep teasing the audience. Also, they were a very moral couple and not the kind to have an affair while the kids were in the house." An Emmy-award winning actress, Light is married to actor Robert Desiderio. While they have no children yet, they are devoted owners of two British short-hair cats.

Like Angela, Light is very ambitious and when she was in the show, received many letters from successful career women.

"Most of them said they empathised with Angela's situation and a few said they wished they had a house-keeper who looked like Tony!" In 1989, Light starred in the telemovie, The Ryan White Story about a famous AIDS case and she is now an active fund-raiser for various organisations established to help AIDS victims.

The final episode of Who's The Boss? will go to air early next year on
Channel Nine.